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j1m_alecm, could you ask your question more concisely?00:39
j1m_I don't have time to read the thread above.00:39
j1m_d2m, that is a new feature00:41
alecmj1m_: The basic question was: Is there a reason the getAdapters((obj,), Interface) only returns one adapter with a given name (it's unclear how it chooses the preferred one) even when multiple adapters implementing Interface are available (and none is obviously more specific than another)?00:42
j1m_It picks one adapter by name by design.00:42
j1m_It should pick the adapter that you would have gotten by calling getAdapter and passing that name.00:42
j1m_The adapter with the closest match is the first one found when searching the specification-resolution order of the specification provided by the object being adapted.00:44
alecmSo if I have interfaces I1(Interface), I2(I1) and I3(I1), and I provide adapters for an object to I2 and I3, when I look up all adapters for I1 I'll get a seemingly random adapter rather than the full list of available adapters00:44
j1m_no, you'll get neither.00:45
j1m_oh too I1 and I2?00:45
j1m_oh to I1 and I2?00:46
j1m_right, in that case, you get a more or less arbitrary one.00:46
j1m_The adapter system can't tell which is better.00:46
alecmseems strange to me that I don't get all of them, since it is getAdapters() after all.  But I guess when you want this kind of pattern your adapters to the super-interfaces must be named.00:48
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senraHi, some help from zope-devvers... after registering my .ssh/ida_dsa contents to, I can do cvs chekouts ok (with authentication), but svn checkouts keep asking for my passphrase ? Any clues ?04:29
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efrerichagroszer: yesterday you ask 'any volunteers to check to win32-test-release?'11:01
agroszerefrerich: yep11:01
efrerichI can test it in the afternoon (14:30 GMT or so)11:01
agroszerI'm just getting the 3.3.0b111:02
agroszerinstaller should be ready until then11:03
efrerichleaving now11:10
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einsis there a way to create "hierarchically" depending widgets on each other. E.g. I have widget a, which renders a list. If I select one element from that list, input form reloads with widget b containing values, constrained by value selected in widget a.13:00
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einswhat do I do?13:01
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volvoxeins, i don't think there are dynamic widgets in zope at the moment13:55
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volvoxit is surely possible to customize one13:55
volvoxwhat you're going to customize also depends on whether you need ajax or not13:56
volvoxi guess you could also use the tree widget, which is the one top-left in the ZMI13:57
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einsvolvox I don't need ajax14:34
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einsI'm trying to implement my own "dynamic" widget which would retrieve its values depending on what is chosen in "previous" combo14:36
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einshowever it will only be a workaround, not a solution14:54
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pindongahi. can anyone tell me what the equivalent for portal_metadata in zope3 is? ( I want to rewrite a product that used portal_metadata)16:01
srichterwhat is portal_metadata?16:04
agroszerhi, srichter16:04
srichteragroszer: hi16:05
srichteragroszer: do you think you could cut a Windows release for the beta?16:05
agroszerdone that already :-)16:05
agroszerefrerich said that he'll test it16:05
srichterif you don't have access to upload it, send me an E-mail16:06
pindongasrichter... I am sorry... I meant portal_memberdata (from cmf)16:06
srichteror even better:16:06
agroszerdo you think that we should wait until efrerich checks it?16:06
rocky|new-babysrichter: two sets of pics to throw at you ...  my new baby -->  and i finally got the snow sprint pics online -->
srichterj1m_: could you give agroszer manage access to the Zope 3 Products folder on, so he can upload Windows releases?16:07
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srichterpindonga: I do not know what portal_memberdata is or does16:07
srichterrocky|new-baby: looking at them now ... :-)16:07
agroszeryeah, srichter, about pictures: have you the pictures of the swiss sprint online?16:08
rocky|new-babypindonga: to my knowledge there is no equivalent of portal_memberdata in z3 ... z3 mostly uses its own equivalent of z2 acl_users for such things16:08
srichterno, I am still totally overwhelmed by things to do16:09
pindongaok... I thought it was more popular (my mistake). Basically its just a tool that comes with cmf to allow to extend the members attributes. That way you can add some custom attributes to the member objects.16:10
pindongarocky: how would you replace the memberdata part of a zope2 product then?16:10
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srichterIn Zope 3 you can do this by listening to IPRincipalCreated events16:11
srichterthe homefolder implementation is an example of how to do this16:11
agroszersrichter: me too, kind of... spent 1.5 weeks only with learning for the exam16:11
pindongaalright. I will look into that example, then. Do you know if I can backport this to zope2 through five too?16:12
agroszer(j1m_: agroszer = adamg on
srichteragroszer: are you done now; all set? :-)16:12
srichterpindonga: this will only work if you use our authentication module; I am not sure wether the PAS ported to Zope 2 does the same sort of things16:13
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agroszerI did it on 2nd may, 4.7 total-average-endresult16:14
pindongaok. I should then ask the zope2 guys if its possible to listen for IPrincipalCreated events using five, right?16:14
srichteragroszer: what is the schale in hungary?16:14
regebropindonga: It's possible to listen for them-16:15
srichterpindonga: you have to ask them whether they create principals on the fly and create an event upon creation16:15
regebroBut nothing emits them, so you have no particular joy about it. :P16:15
agroszersrichter: 1=try again, 5=best16:15
pindongaok. than you16:15
srichteragroszer: congrats then! :-)16:16
regebropindonga: But that's of course only a problem if you want to write an application that runs under both Zope2 and Zope3, unmodified. And you can't do that yet anyway. :)16:16
pindonganouri, but what I was thinking is to develop a zope3 app and then adapt it to zope2 using five16:17
pindongawouln't that work either?16:17
agroszersrichter: back to the release, should I wait for efrerich to check it, or simply upload it? with maybe a remark that it's a bit experimental16:18
srichteragroszer: just upload it; this way it is exposed to more people16:20
agroszeryou are the release-manager :-)16:20
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regebropindonga: Yes, it would work. But the word is "adapt". User-handling would need to become adapted, for example.16:25
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efrerichagroszer: I'm back16:33
agroszerefrerich: how can I pass it to you? it's around 8mb16:34
srichterbenji: can you give agroszer manage rights in the folder ?16:35
efrerichif you uploaded it as srichter said I would download it from the product page16:35
pindongaregebro: ok.. that would be no problem I think.. then I could write my zope3 product, and then write a zope2 product that works with five, and adapts the zope3 product to zope2 (or viceversa, I dont quite know)16:37
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efrerichagroszer: or can you send it via IRC16:39
agroszerwait a sec, if Stephan can catch somebody from zc16:40
srichterthey seem to be all out...16:40
srichterj1m_: are you there?16:40
srichterd2m: do you have the right permissions to make agroszer a manager of the Zope 3 products folder?16:41
agroszerok, then through irc16:43
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agroszerseems that it requires private messages...16:46
agroszerand I'm not yet registered for that16:46
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efrerichagroszer: ok16:49
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efrerichagroszer: maybe you send me the file per mail17:01
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agroszerefrerich: check your mail17:03
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agroszerefrerich: check your mailbox17:04
efrerichagroszer: thx17:08
efrerichagroszer: file got17:12
efrerichinstallation complete17:20
agroszerlook at this:17:21
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agroszerafter the build procedure there are some tests described17:21
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efrerichagroszer: yes, I'll test17:29
efrerichnow I can say: instance created, Zope 3 is running17:29
agroszercool, thx17:29
agroszerI think it'll work, but I didn't compile it with the big VStudio200517:30
efrerichsrichter: in the README.txt it should be runzope.bat not runzope17:30
agroszerso at MS you never know17:30
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srichterefrerich: feel free to correct it17:32
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efrerichagroszer: The runtime version is 'Development/Unknown'17:41
agroszerok, I'll look for it17:42
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efrerichagroszer: Now I remember an issue with formlib. It has an own domain and we17:52
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efrerichshould ask on dev if the domain should be zope. Now there are only translations into German17:53
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agroszerwould you ask, please17:55
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efrerichagroszer: I stopped the server, put a little application into the instance, and started the server again.18:05
efrerichEverything is ok.18:05
* agroszer is happy18:06
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efrerich(and I get my first deprecation warning).18:09
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efrerichagroszer: I don't find in the distribution18:25
agroszerI think it's a test.bat18:25
agroszerin the instance/bin, maybe?18:26
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efrerichbut I assume this is only for the packages in the instance18:28
efrerichThere I get 'Total: 0 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors' :-)18:29
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agroszerhuh, I don't remember...18:29
agroszerwhat about "bin\test.bat -vv --testzope"18:29
efrerichbtw the weatherreport told me we would have rain, maybe thunderstorm18:29
agroszerunplug everything :-)18:30
efrerichbut we have a sunny day - so I must go to the garden watering18:30
efrerichI think your distribution is ok and should be uploaded18:31
agroszerthen I'll wait for somebody to grant the permissions18:32
efrerichsrichter: I can change README.txt in svn18:32
efrerichsrichter: but I assume you have to do something with
efrerichleaving now18:34
srichteryeah, I will do that18:34
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j1m_srichter, looking for me?18:47
srichterj1m_: yeah, agroszer needs amange access to Products/Zope3, so he can upload Windows releases18:48
j1m_MacYET, are you visiting the States?18:49
agroszermoin, Mac18:49
MacYETj1m_: /me looks at the look, it's possibly afternoon :)18:50
MacYETat the clock18:50
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volvoxin an nextURL() method, how do I get a hold on the parent container object?   self.context is the Adding view.. should I override add() too, and get a reference to the parent or is there a cleaner way?19:20
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alecmvolvox: self.context.context ?19:35
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volvoxexactly, thanks, better than __parent__!   The URL is right now, but It raises TypeError(_insufficientContext) when calling index...19:40
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srichterbenji: is it possible to ask the SetIndex to select by a missing value?20:42
benjino idea, srichter20:43
srichtermmh, who wrote zc.catalog.index?20:43
benjidon't know, but Gary knows a lot about it20:44
srichteris Gary around?20:44
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benjihe's in a meeting at the moment, I'll IM him and ask him to get on IRC when he has a chance20:48
benjihmm, except that he's not on IM either20:48
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srichterok, thanks20:49
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j1m_srichter, agroszer should be a manager for Products/Zope3 now21:14
agroszerthanx, j1m21:15
agroszerj1m_: seems like nothing changed21:17
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benjisrichter, Gary says that SetIndex can do a "None" query if you use an ExtentCatalog (it's described in setindex.txt)21:29
srichterok, that's what I thought21:30
srichterthis is no more efficient than what Martijn does in in hurry.query.Not21:30
agroszersrichter: what's the difference on between a manager and not manager mode?21:31
agroszerwhat's the link/button name to upload?21:32
srichteragroszer: hold on21:34
srichteragroszer: click on "Folder Contents"21:35
srichteragroszer: in the list that will appear click on "3.3.0b1"21:35
srichteragroszer: Change the dropdown that has "Select" in it to "software Release File"21:36
srichteragroszer: Click on "Add new item"21:36
agroszerthat's missing21:36
srichterok, so you do not have the right permissions21:36
j1m_the local roles screen is sooooooooo slow21:37
j1m_I think I have you the local role.21:37
j1m_I went on to something else before the screen came back so I don't know for sure.21:37
j1m_It might be simpler for now to send srichter  the exec and let him upload it. Sorry to say.21:38
j1m_OK, there he is.21:38
j1m_agroszer, your id is agroszer, right?21:38
agroszerno, it's "adamg"21:39
j1m_That would have been useful information. :(21:39
* j1m_ makes a big frown21:39
agroszerI typed that somewhere earlier21:40
agroszera lot earlier21:40
j1m_OK, now adamg is a manager too.21:43
agroszeryep, confirmed, thanx, sorry...21:44
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agroszersrichter: seems like it worked21:57
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efrerichsrichter: on '' is 3.3.0b1 missing22:41
srichterefrerich: not in my browser22:44
srichterprobably a caching problem22:44
srichteroh, I know why22:44
srichterI am logged in22:44
srichteradam forgot to publish the Windows file22:45
srichtertry again, I just published it22:45
srichterI can see it now22:46
srichterwithout being logged in22:46
efrerichyes - it is there!22:51
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oferwphiliKON: I have updated file for the Hebrew, there are values in the file that I am not sure how to translate23:48
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efrerichoferw: I send you a mail23:58
oferwefrerich: I am just now reading the fairy tail ;-)23:59
oferwfairy tale23:59
oferwso I will upload the file now and test it23:59

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