IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-05-10

oferwmabye even later tonight00:00
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efrerichoferw: I know the problem with a lot of messages. You have to work with Zope 3. And then you understand messages and can translate them.00:04
oferwefrerich: yes I did the simple values and will try to test it, this is the only way...00:05
oferwand it is still a lot of work all this tranlsation00:05
oferwnot possible to do it in one day00:05
efrerichoh yes00:05
oferwor two days00:05
oferwso every weekend a bit more ;-)00:05
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oferwI just like to see it after the translation is over00:06
efrerichenjoy the translation!00:06
oferwit is very nice to see the hebrew working in the system00:06
oferwefrerich: no, I enjoy after it when I see it working00:06
efrerichthat's right00:07
srichteroferw: it will be very interesting to have some feedback from right-to-left languages00:07
oferwsrichter: I will install z3 tonight or tommorow and you will have first feedback00:08
oferwI am also very intersted to see it working00:08
srichterI wonder whether our i18n support should reach to resources too00:08
srichterso that you can change style sheets and images based on your language00:08
oferwsrichter: with plone we did many hours to fix the css for right to left00:09
oferwthere is css just for right to left00:09
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oferwefrerich: I uploaded the file but it wrote that it takes time00:15
oferwTranslation files waiting to be imported  1  → 75  of 14439 results00:15
efrerichoferw: I mean that is not a problem. srichter will tell us when he will build release beta 2. I assume it takes a day to get all translations imported, downloaded and put them in the Zope repository.00:21
oferwefrerich: when is the plan for next release?00:21
efrerichAs I said srichter will tell us.00:21
srichterI think we will not have another beta for a week00:22
srichtermaybe 10 days00:22
srichterwe really need a bug day first00:22
srichterif nobody fixes bugs, there is no reason for a release00:22
oferwand I need translatation day00:22
oferwyou can do hebrew version release00:23
srichterbtw, I don't mind having a translation beta release00:23
efrerichsrichter: I said on the I18n-list the translations for the stable release should be ready at May 27th00:24
efrerichsrichter: so if there are changes in the pot-file I need this pot-file for launchpad at May 24th :-)00:29
srichterI think the chance is slim that this will happen00:33
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efrerichsrichter: zope.formlib has its own i18n-domain 'zope.formlib'. agroszer and I discussed to change this to 'zope'. But this I assume is not possible because the 'zope'-messages go into
efrerichsrichter: So I assume I have to create a new project in launchpad for zope.formlib.00:48
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efrerichsrichter: So the translations for zope.formlib are not ready in May.00:50
srichterefrerich: ok00:50
srichterwe really have to think about this issue a lot00:50
oferwsrichter: I want to publish article about z3 here in hebrew00:51
oferwwith the next release00:51
oferwalready talked with the magazine editor and he is waiting for it00:51
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oferwthe only problem is that I still don't know too much about z3 to write full article00:51
oferwmabye we can do kind of interview with developers?00:52
srichterthat would be great!00:52
srichterI planned to do this for a long time00:52
oferwso I will write the qustions and send you by email?00:52
srichterto do interviews with people using Zope 3 in production00:52
oferwso later we can publish it in hebrew and english00:53
oferwI want to show what z3 for people who don't know anything about it00:53
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oferwsrichter: how many qustions you had in mine?00:59
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srichteroferw: I dunno; check out some other interviews, like the ones from KDE01:11
oferwok i did long time ago interview about plone with reflab01:12
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oferwefrerich: here?23:37
oferwefrerich: I have z3 working but not sure how to test the hebrew file23:38
philiKONoferw, copy the hebrew zope.po file to checkout/of/Zope3/src/zope/app/locales/he/LC_MESSAGES23:39
philiKONcompile it to with:23:39
philiKONmsgfmt -o zope.po23:39
philiKON(of course, i meant, not
philiKONthen, restart zope :)23:39
oferwnot sure i understand but i will give it a try23:40
oferwI installed it on windows beacuse had problems on the linux23:41
philiKONaha. well, you need zope 3.323:41
philiKONbecause you probably translated the zope 3.3 version23:41
philiKONof course, you can try it on zope 3.223:41
oferwso what to do23:41
philiKONshould still work for the most part23:41
philiKONyou need gettext23:41
oferwI still see one value in hebre23:42
oferwnext to the location - it write one value in hebrew23:42
philiKON1. get gettext23:42
philiKON2. compile the zope.po catalog to with this command:23:43
philiKON    msgfmt -o zope.po23:43
philiKON3. copy zope.po and to c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\zope\app\locales\he\LC_MESSAGES23:43
philiKON(i think that this is the correct path)23:43
philiKON4. restart zope23:43
oferwphiliKON: thank23:44
oferwI am downloading get text23:44
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philiKONzope should compile the gettext catalogs automatically when starting up, really. I hope somebody does this eventually. PTS has had this functionality for years now...23:45
oferwthere are few version to get text which one of them to download or this is no metter?23:47
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philiKONoferw, just get a windows version23:48
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oferwphiliKON: installed the software23:56
oferwwhat dir I need to be when writing msgfmt -o zope.po23:56
oferwnow the name of the hebrew file is he.po23:57
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