IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-07-07

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oferwphiliKON: how things going?02:05
efge_TresEquis: still looking for how to find when something was deleted in svn? I thought I already wrote about this02:06
efge_basically, svn log -v then some grep/awk02:06
TresEquisThat is *not* a solution -- I'll never remember it02:31
TresEquisThe tool should offer that fetaure02:31
TresEquisHell, *CVS* does (by examining the "attic")02:31
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mexiKONTheuni, ping17:19
mexiKONTheuni, you added a functional test to zope.publisher17:19
mexiKONdon't do that :)17:19
mexiKONa) it makes zope.publisher dependent on zope.app17:20
mexiKONb) you didn't put it in ftests, so zope.bpuslisher tests won't work in zope 2.x anymore17:20
mexiKONTheuni, anyways, i fixed it now17:20
Theunican you show me the changeset?17:20
mexiKONftest wasn't needed at all17:20
mexiKONdunno the rev right now17:21
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Theuniah, i think that was this refactoring for using adapters, right?17:24
* Theuni complains about the heat and waits for the thunderstorm17:26
mexiKONTheuni, next time, add an ftest to somewhere17:26 would've been a good place17:26
mexiKONthen again, this test isn't really worthy to be an ftest17:26
Theunican't remember right now what was needed that i switched it to an ftest17:27
mexiKONyou wanted zcml to be read :)17:27
Theunifor me that's a good sign i want an ftest ;)17:27
mexiKONexcept that the zcml you wanted to be read is trivially done in a python test setup as well17:27
mexiKONwell, my point is that reading zcml isn't always necessary :)17:28
Theuniare you reading the _real_ zcml now or only a stub created for the test? :)17:28
Theuniit's worthwhile to have the real setup that is in the zcmls to be tested too17:28
* MJ wanders where the rename button on container views has gone...17:29
mexiKONTheuni, true. but your test isn't an ftest17:30
mexiKONhaving the real zcml be loaded will be done by an ftest17:30
mexiKONthere *are* xmlrpc ftests in
TheuniMJ: so what are you doing there now?17:31
MJThere is an extra interface now17:31
mexiKONno, it has always existes17:31
mexiKONit says that the container wants to choose its own names17:32
mexiKONhence you don't get the rename button17:32
mexiKONbecause you don't get to choose names anymore17:32
MJSo that part changed somewhere between my update some 4-5 weeks ago and now..17:33
MJNo, something else is wrong..17:38
* MJ has to dig around and kick some colleagues it seems.17:38
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* MJ lost the ability to add the defined new types so something else is borked too17:41
MJProb was that a colleage has created a new top-level container and neglected to tell me about it..17:43
MJSo pasting wasn't possible on my old content.17:43
MJAnd everything was børked to Valhalla17:44
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MJHmmm, still can't rename within the new hierarchy.17:46
MJIContainerNamesContainer is not defined (I misread the code at first)17:50
* MJ finds the cause and bashes said colleague17:55
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henri_with formlib can i override the handleSubmit(actions...) with my own handler?18:19
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* rocky hasn't looked specifically at handleSubmit() but just about everything else is overridable in formlib18:38
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henri_rocky: thanks! i'll just create my own method and see what happens18:42
J1msrichter: ayt?18:44
srichterJ1m: yeah; you want a release, right? :-)18:46
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J1mNo, I want to what packages provide TTW reST support.18:55
J1md2m pointed out that zwiki does.18:55
J1mAre there any others?18:55
J1ms/want to what/wanted to know what/18:56
srichteroh, right ZWiki does, Uwe's Bebop code does and my messageboard does too18:58
srichteroh, and apidoc of course18:58
J1mdoes apidoc allow people to enter reST TTW?18:59
J1mHow about the bug tracker?18:59
srichtermmh, I have to check but I would assume that too19:01
J1mdoes apidoc allow people to enter reST TTW?19:01
srichteryes, it is also used in bugtracker19:02
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J1msrichter: ayt?20:36
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slinkPis it just me, or does the 3.2 testrunner no longer look in directories named "ftests" ?  even with the -f or --all options?21:32
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baldtrolquick question...  for zc/z3c namespace products, what's the svn path?  the web view points to a place that shows "moved" if you svn co against it23:35
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