IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-07-08

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febbfebb hola05:38
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febbhi all07:25
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J1msrichter: ayt?14:47
J1mI'm surprised to see no reaction frm you on the reST issue.14:52
J1mAren't you the author of bugtracker and zwiki?14:53
J1mI'm actually rather dissapointed in the general lackof reaction to this issue.14:53
srichterhonestly I did not have time to follow too closely14:55
srichterI was traveling and doing heavy work for lovely systems14:55
srichterI read throught the thread this morning14:55
srichterand I agree with d2m to simply turn off external file inclusion in the ReST renderer14:55
srichterwhich I wanted to do later this week14:56
J1mBefore that, adequate tests need to be written.14:56
J1mThis problem was "fixed" last year without tests.14:56
J1mWhich is why we are in this disaster now for z2.14:56
srichterI see14:57
J1mOK, well, I'm planning to issue a warning about 3rd-party Zope 3 applications, including these 2.14:58
J1mI'm also going to move these 2 out of the Zope 3 tree.14:58
J1mI'm open to argument, but such argument would have to be backed up with energetic action.14:59
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srichterI am okay with moving them to zope.bugtracker and zope.zwiki packages in the root15:03
srichterremoving them from the repos would be disadvantageous, I think15:03
J1mI was planning to move them to their own projects.15:04
srichterok, that's cool with me15:07
d2mJ1m: haven't checked that but here is the first report on problems with the hotfix (from tim|mac in #zope)15:10
d2mthats one on the points why i yesterday asked for testing the hotfix with all zope releases15:11
J1mI can't make any sense out of that.15:11
J1mYes, I agree that someone should test the hotfix more widely.15:12
J1mI think that Tres and I have done enough at this point.15:12
J1mVery few of us (including you) seem to give a shit about this. which is very dissapointing.15:13
J1manyway, problem reports need more background than a traceback.15:13
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d2mJ1m: i'm sorry that you think about it that way, i feel this is a misunderstanding at best21:49
J1mHuh? What?21:49
J1mThink about "what" that way.21:49
d2mJ1m>Very few of us (including you) seem to give a shit about this. which is very dissapointing.21:50
J1mBy "including you" I meant that you did give a shit.21:51
J1mI was complementing you.21:51
J1mBut there are too few of us.21:51
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d2mJ1m: sorry, did'nt get this right obviously21:51
J1myou, me, tres, even andreas in his own way. :)21:51
d2mJ1m: i've spent a few hours to check with existing zope versions, i couldn't manage to include files with the 'raw' directive -- i think the old hotfix form last year is pretty strong21:52
J1mDis you test inclusion via DTML?21:53
J1mthe hotfix didn't address that.21:53
J1mThe old one that is.21:53
d2mnow, just tested with "restructuredText Document" -- will do it now21:54
J1mAlso, Plone used a different path so wasn't covered by the old hotfix.21:54
J1mI'm 97% sure that Tres' hammer fixes the existing holes, although I'm worried abour reloads.21:54
J1mBut I want tests and I want someone to take responsibility.21:55
J1mI don't want it to have to be you unless you actually care. :)21:55
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roymI have a nested site; is it possible to override @@index.html for a particular instance of ISite, and not affect the other instances?23:11
benjiroym: you could "slam" an interface on that particular site instance and register a new index.html view for it (which will be used instead of the other because it's more specific)23:18
roymbenji: thanks.23:19
rockyanyone know if zope.* contains some function for fetching the most appropriate path for any given package?23:28
benjirocky: what do you mean by "most appropriate path"?23:33
rockyas an example, if i feed it "" it'll give me /usr/local/src/zope/lib/python/zope/path23:34
rockyi mean i currently have ugly code that does __import__ stuff ... but i figured there might be existing tested code someplace23:35
benjioh, so you want to translate a string specifying the module into a path to the file to import, right?23:36
rockyi'm not sure what "to import" part means23:38
rockyi want...23:38
rocky>>> give_me_local_path('zope.component')23:39
benjirocky: I thought the imp module would help with that, but it doesn't seem to23:43
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benjirocky: here's some code that'll do it (needs tests):
benjioops, I missed the "i" in import with my copy-paste23:55

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