IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-07-09

* benji wonders if rocky fell asleep00:20
rockywhoops, no, lol00:20
rockyi'm here00:20
rockythats the same sort of thing i already did00:20
benjigreat minds think alike00:21
rockyi just figured since so many zcml directives and whatnot take packages as params that this code had already been written someplace ;)00:21
benjiit probably is, but I didn't find it in 2 minutes of searching; I didn't look in the schema field for package names, that would be a good spot00:22
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roymIs there a way to dump/view changes made via the ZMI to grants for a site? The intent is to store this and replay when re-creating the site...01:12
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rockyhm, i wish python had class decorators so i could do @schema.provide(ISomeInterface) or something for a class and have it auto-setup fields based on an interface20:19
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whitrocky: use metaclasses20:56
rockyseems like overkill20:56
whitthey are effectively class decorators ;)20:56
whitnot really20:56
whitonly because you don't have syntactic sugar20:57
rockywell, a metaclass is a class decorator if you consider a class to be an object decorator ;)20:57
whitI guess the execution time might be wrong20:58
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baldtrolhi all23:22
baldtroldunno if anyone is around currently, but i've recently built a patch for the soap publisher, bringing it up to date for 3.2's request api, and up to ZSI's 2.0 api23:25
baldtrolwhere/how can i submit that patch?23:25
baldtrolall the original product's tests pass, the changes are contained entirely in the module, external functionality is merely migrated.23:26
roymfolks, if I am using the Session Credentials plugin in a PAU, how would I force a logout - ie: do I expire a cookie? any sample code that I can look at?23:32
roymah - never mind: I see there is a plugin.logout() defined on the session creds plugin.23:36
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