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einshey romanofski08:49
romanofskihey eins - how are you?08:51
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einsfighting with terrible heat08:52
eins+35C here :(08:52
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romanofskiI started early in the morning to get early to the beach - we're expecting aroun 32 here as well09:00
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einsromanofski lucky you;)09:15
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romanofskieins: :))09:24
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d2mzwiki has been move out of the trunk to zope.zwiki -- how can i install and update a svn checkout of zope.zwiki together with the trunk ?12:37
philiKONd2m, huh?12:39
philiKONbtw, it moved again to zwiki12:40
d2mphiliKON: from my svn log: "D  src/zwiki"12:40
philiKONjust install zwiki in your pythonpath12:40
philiKONe.g. INSTANCE/lib/python12:40
d2mbut the zwiki folder is still there btw (is this a problem with the checkout ?)12:40
d2mphiliKON: ok, understood12:40
philiKONyeah, the dir sometimes stays12:41
philiKONdue to .pyc files12:41
d2mi see, its contents is just .pyc and folders12:41
d2mdod't know that, thanks12:41
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grahamHow do I create an add form for a schema containing a list of Objects?14:53
grahamDo I need to write a widget for Object?14:53
grahamAre there any examples of this anywhere?14:54
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philiKONgraham, there's ObjectWidget15:14
philiKONyou'll just have to configure it so that it knows which kind of class to instantiate15:14
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grahamMy object widget works now; I found an example at
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grahamIt says you also need to write an object widget dispatcher, and shows how15:42
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baldtrolhi all...  i've created a patch for the soap plugin, moving it to the ZSI2.0 api, and upgrading the publisher model to zope3.2's setResult (instead of _body, or setBody).17:54
baldtrolthe tests pass and such, and it's working for me, but i didn't create the package, and i'd like someone else to look over it...17:55
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philiKONbaldtrol, what's the package called and where is it from?18:33
baldtrolit's just the soap package, .svn/entries says svn://
philiKONare you a zope committer?18:36
baldtrolish.  i was granted access, but i've never used it18:36
philiKONsounds like a good opportunity :)18:37
baldtroli agree ;)18:37
baldtroli was thinking the same, but i was wondering if anyone would mind looking at it before i did.  and i've read the svn guidelines, so i know zope3 commits to trunk, but i wasn't sure if i should just do so, or if i should tell the original package creator first18:37
philiKONbaldtrol, here's what i suggest:18:38
philiKONcreate a branch18:38
philiKONcheck in your changes to that branch18:38
philiKONtell the original author (seems to be fred drake) abotu your branch18:38
philiKONthen they can look at it and you can merge it if they're ok with it18:38
baldtroli will be an submission ninja18:39
baldtrolan?  a.18:39
baldtroloh, btw, i got stuck on other things, so i haven't looked at the todo bit yet.  that should happen later today.18:40
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oferwphiliKON: end of the football... what you say about the winning team?20:54
philiKONtoo bad it wasn't france :)20:54
oferwthey talkig all the time on tv about zidan and what he did20:55
philiKONyeah, weird, eh?20:55
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oferwneed to know when the go out20:56
oferwpeople need to know20:56
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oferwso the city is empty now?21:01
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SteveAJ1m: I'd like to get you to look at an odd traceback from the CA, to see if it means anything to you.21:41
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J1mThat is vaguely familiar. :)21:48
SteveAdoes it point to a bug in the client code, or something odd in the CA code?21:48
J1mI think it's a bug in the ca code that is exposed by an edge case.21:49
J1mI sort of thought I'd fixed it a while ago.21:49
J1mWhat version of Z3 is this?21:49
SteveAthis came from an isolated OOPS report from launchpad21:49
J1mah, hm21:49
SteveAnot particularly repeatable21:50
mgedminI saw something like this once21:50
mgedminin a functional test run21:50
SteveAwe're using a fairly recent zope in launchpad.  not sure exactly what the svn revision number is21:51
mgedminiirc the cause turned out to be a locally defined view class registered in one of the previous tests21:51
* J1m checks out the 3.2 branch21:53
SteveAas far as I can see, for the case I posted, it isn't a temporary class of any kind21:54
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J1mThe code at that line number look slike it has some bug fixes.21:55
J1mIt's odd that it's getting that error.21:55
J1mIt looks like I'm being overly paranoid.21:56
J1mIs there are off threading going on here?21:56
SteveAtry that question again :-)21:56
J1mis there any odd uses of threads involved?21:57
J1mare there21:57
SteveAit should be pretty standard -- four or so application threads, zserver in front, a mail delivery thread21:57
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SteveAa few thread locals here and there for things like the interaction.  normal stuff.21:58
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J1mI don't know.21:58
J1mI don't know why we're raising a key error there,21:59
* SteveA looks at the zope3 code21:59
J1mI tyink you could just get rid of that else clause.21:59
SteveAthere will be a funky sqlobject metaclass in there22:06
SteveA    def clean(self):22:06
SteveA        for base in self.__bases__:22:06
SteveA            base.unsubscribe(self)22:06
SteveAbut that's the surrogate's bases.22:07
SteveAum or is it22:07
SteveAi'm confused22:07
SteveAbut, it is possible that there's an sqlobject cache issue22:09
SteveAthe object in question uses alsoProvides on the object being initialized from database data22:09
SteveAso, that's a clue as to what might be going on22:10
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