IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-07-11

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projekt01good morning11:34
philiKONhi projekt0111:35
projekt01hi philiKON, do you have a minute for me?11:35
projekt01I'm not sure but I think there is a bug in IntIDs util subscriber11:36
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projekt01In the  subscriber addIntIdSubscriber we use register(key)11:36
projekt01but the I guess it should be register(ob)11:36
projekt01because we do IKeyReference(ob) in the util later again.11:36
projekt01This ends in IKeyReference(IKeyRefernce(ob))11:37 line 15411:37 line 10911:38
projekt01utility.register(key) --> def register(self, ob):11:38
projekt01The test does test a ob in register(ob), the subscriber uses register(key)11:39
philiKONthis should still be fine11:39
SteveAJ1m: hi11:39
philiKONprojekt01, we pass an IKeyReference to intid.register11:39
projekt01The hole concept only works in combination with
philiKONprojekt01, key references are important11:40
philiKONprojekt01, where's your problem? the code seems fine the way it is...11:40
projekt01But why do we generate a KeyReference for a KeyREference in the register method of the util?11:40
philiKONwe don't11:40
projekt01sure we do11:40
philiKONwe adapt an IKeyReference ot IKeyReference11:40
projekt01see line 10911:41
philiKONwhich will yield the same object11:41
philiKONadapting an object that provides IFoo to IFoo will yield the object11:41
* SteveA privmsgs J1m 11:41
projekt01philiKON, uhhh, ich bin voll auf die Nase gefallen11:42
projekt01I used a KeyReference stub which didn't umplement IKeyReference this ends in generate a KeyReference for the sutb which was allready a (stub) KeyReference implementation11:43
projekt01philiKON, Thanks a lot11:44
philiKONprojekt01, np :)11:45
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ChrisWthere a five channel?11:45
philiKONChrisW, sorta. #z3-base11:45
ChrisW(I'm pretty sure ther is, I just always forget wher to find it...)11:45
ChrisWah, philiKON, excellent, you may be able to help ;-)11:45
* philiKON hides11:46
ChrisWin  Zope 2.9.3, does the locale get set up anywhere, or do I have to pull the same nasty tricks that Silva does?11:46
philiKONChrisW, you gotta do this:
ChrisWso, that'll be a "no" then ;-)11:48
philiKONgah, something ate the indention11:48
philiKONyes, it's a "no" :)11:48
ChrisWhow coem Zope 3 does this for you and gives you a hand request.locale?11:48
philiKONbecause zope 2's request doesn't :)11:48
philiKONi mean, if you wrap that code i gave you in a small nice function, it's not much of a hack11:49
philiKONit's just a bit more work, i agree11:49
philiKONproblem with zope 2 request is that we can't just let it grow request.locale11:49
ChrisWyeah, true11:49
philiKONbecause the zope 2 request also uses getattr protocol to get at form values11:49
ChrisWI remember seeing this discussion go past11:49
philiKONso, request.locale could be coming from request.form['locale']11:49
ChrisWit woudl; be nice if Five could grow this bit of code, though11:50
ChrisWas Martijn hints in the Silva code...11:50
philiKONi accept patches :)11:50
ChrisWwell, I've come round to the Zope 3 way of thinking on the translationdomain front a little11:50
ChrisWI gave up on the idea of auto-generating .mo files11:50
ChrisWthe gettext util provides lots of good feedback, warnings, error messages11:51
ChrisWand the way PTS generated the ZODB-based .mo was just plain evil...11:51
ChrisWBUT, I have got my own registerTranslations directive that lets you control whether or not test message catalogs are added, and lets you specify a file to which .pot for any missing msgids would be spat11:52
ChrisWI'm quite happy to merge both bits of functionality into the core at some stage if peopel want me too...11:52
ChrisWoh, and I'd appreciate some feedback on my ILanguageAvailablity ideas ;-)11:52
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ChrisWwhat I suggested made sense to me, so it must be right :-P11:53
ChrisWwell, Hanno had really good points11:53
ChrisWbut I still think TranslationDomains should implement ILanguageAvailabiltiy, but just for their domain11:53
ChrisWthen you regiseta global/local utlity which can really decide ;-)11:54
philiKONhanno should know, he's been thinking ahrd about these things lately :)11:54
ChrisWyes well, he hasn't replied :-P11:55
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baldtrolsrichter: do you know who admins the svn preshared keys?  i have committer access from a while back, and wanted to make a quick branch off the soap product to release my update to fdrake for perusal.  but i've put in my new keys (as of last night) and they seem not to have "taken"15:08
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eins^self it will give you '24', not 2416:20
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ChrisWany Five people here?19:29
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d2mi haven't seen any persistent classes that store persistent classes in its attributes (except from the usual suspects like PersistentDictionary|Mapping|List|...) -- is it not necessary or are there hidden problems with this approach ?20:32
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benjid2m: I don't see anything strange about having one persistent instance as an attribute of another20:36
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d2mbenji: ok20:37
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ChrisWLaptopwhat's the point of the TestMessageCatalog?23:35
ChrisWLaptopwhen and how does it ever get used?23:35
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