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ChrisWLaptopwow, noisy in here tonight :-(00:13
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rockynamed page template adapter question: if i introduce a local named page template adapter on my ISite, will it be used? :)00:37
J1m_It should be.00:40
ChrisWLaptophey Jim :-)00:40
J1m_I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't be.00:40
ChrisWLaptopis it just me or does the i18n stuff not give you a nice way to add a catch-all for missing message ids and domains?00:41
J1m_you can pass defaults.00:42
ChrisWLaptopI saw the stuff you added for missing domains, but I don't really get what adding a TestMessageCatalog to each TranslationDomain achieves :-S00:42
J1m_This is soley for testing.00:42
J1m_and I don't remember the details.00:42
rockyJ1m_: i'm just thinking of a quick fix for the cmf portal_skins can be customized on a per site basis problem ;)00:43
ChrisWLaptopokay, I'm looking to build something that helps you collect lists of msgids that still need to be translated00:43
J1m_ah, cool00:43
ChrisWLaptop(in cases where he normal tools can't find all the msgids, such as with ttw content)00:43
ChrisWLaptopbut it's feeling almost as painful as working with PTS ;-)00:43
mexiKONChrisWLaptop, testmessagecatalog might be related to the testlanguage00:45
hannoschChrisWLaptop: hi, my idea was to add a local utility for the domain you are interested in, which acts as a kind of proxy, it calls the next utility and depending on whether or not it gets a response it adds the id to the local domain or just hands back what it got...00:45
ChrisWLaptopand that's all for testing?00:45
J1m_You can tell from the name.00:46
ChrisWLaptopsurely it should be in a test folder then :-/00:46
ChrisWLaptopoh well00:46
ChrisWLaptophannosch: yeah, that sounds like what I'm writing00:46
ChrisWLaptopI pass a marker object as the default, so I can tell if I get the default back00:46
J1m_The test language is useful for recording tests with the test recorder and for manual testing.00:47
ChrisWLaptopI'm actually just implementing this as a different implementation of both ITranslationDomain and ILanguageAvailability00:47
ChrisWLaptopit's got a different piece of zcml, which lets you specify a path to spew .pot too00:48
ChrisWLaptop(for missing msgids for a given domain)00:48
ChrisWLaptopjust feels yucky having to copy and paste most of the translate method to get the semantics I'm after...00:49
hannoschChrisWLaptop: yep, but sounds not too complicated. Personally I would store the ids only on the local utility itself and rely on the catalog export features that are somewhere in IIRC00:49
ChrisWLaptopI wasn't aware of those00:50
ChrisWLaptopbut spewing .pot isn't too hard00:50
hannoschChrisWLaptop: there's already a persistent MessageCatalog implementation00:50
ChrisWLaptopand I'd like to copy my insane context builders from PTS is possible ;-)00:50
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ChrisWLaptopweird, no idea what happened there00:51
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ChrisWLaptopI'm nto after a persistent MessageCatalog implementation00:51
ChrisWLaptopjust something that spews .pot to add to the real .pot file00:52
hannoschChrisWLaptop: I just wouldn't do any automatic writing to a file as it will get hairy in a ZEO environment00:52
ChrisWLaptopwell, I don't think you should be generatin .pot in a zeo environment ;-)00:53
ChrisWLaptop(certainly a multi-client one)00:53
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hannoschright, by using just a persistent storage (translationdomain is there as well in it'll work in all cases00:54
ChrisWLaptopI guess someone else can adapt what I write :-)00:55
hannoschChrisWLaptop: is this available in some repo?00:55
ChrisWLaptopnot yet00:56
ChrisWLaptopsadly the customer deadline is too pressing, but I will try and release it "some time"00:56
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hannoschChrisWLaptop: I don't need release quality code, just code :)00:56
ChrisWLaptopyes, and I don't have time to make the repo accessible, that's the problem ;-)00:57
hannoschok, understood00:57
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oferwhannosch: did you thought about the tabs and main page i18n?01:03
oferwhannosch: I checked today 2.5 and this is very important to traslate the tabs as well (news, events...)01:04
hannoschoferw: not really, I concentrated on getting Plone to work with cmf2.1 and my summer of code project ;)01:04
oferwand I can not find if there is ticket on this issues already01:04
hannoschoferw: no tickets I know of, please create them, so I won't forget about it and have some reminder01:05
oferwok I will do it now01:06
oferwhannosch: to add screenshots or just text?01:06
hannoschoferw: text is sufficient, the problem is quite easy to describe (but not easy to fix :(01:07
oferwwhat the diffrance between the other plone parts and the tabs/main page?01:07
hannoschoferw: it's content vs. application ui and for the first we have LinguaPlone which does most of the job but not everything01:08
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einshi romanofski ;)08:29
romanofskihey eins :))08:32
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smokeydHi all, I've got a problem using sqlos 0.2.1 in zope3.2.1. I'm using it together with the mysqldbda database adapter version 1.0.011:33
smokeydwhen I start zope I get the error ImportError: Module mysqldbda.adapter has no global IMySQLZopeConnection in mysqldbda.adapter.IMySQLZopeConnection11:34
smokeydand indeed I can't find an IMySQLZopeConnection interface anywhere in the mysqldbda package11:35
smokeydI read through searching on google that I this means I should install a newer version of mysqldbda11:35
smokeydbut is there a newer version? I don't think so. I installed the one listed on
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ChrisWLaptophi all12:44
ChrisWLaptophmm, I have a component architecture question :-)12:44
ChrisWLaptopI want to have an ITwiddlerParser interface12:44
ChrisWLaptopseveral components will implement this12:44
ChrisWLaptoptwo things:12:44
ChrisWLaptop- what type of component should implement this interface?12:45
ChrisWLaptop- how do I ask the CA for a complete list of all components registered that implement that interface?12:45
ChrisWLaptop(I'd imagine different types of catalog index do the same thing?)12:45
SteveA1. any component you like can *provide* the interface.  a class or factory will *implement* the interface.  a component is something that provides interfaces, so that's it basically.12:57
SteveA2. the CA has two registries: adapters and utilities.  so, you'll want to look at the adapter registry API and utility registry API to see if it has a query mechanism.12:58
SteveAI don't think it has one quite like you want.12:58
ChrisWLaptopthat's pretty surprising12:59
ChrisWLaptopI would have thought this would come up with catalog indexes12:59
SteveAI don't see why it should.  The CA isn't about catloguing12:59
ChrisWLaptopwell no, but I'd imagine the question "show me what components implement interface x" would have come up in the sense of "show me all components that implement IWhateverTheIndexInterfacesIs"13:00
ChrisWLaptopyou can't register more than one utility for a particular interface, can you?13:01
SteveAyou don't register a utility for an interface13:01
SteveAyou register a utility providing an interface13:02
SteveAyou register an adapter for something providing something13:02
SteveAyou can register many utilities providing the same interface.  there are two ways to do this13:02
SteveA1. provide a named utility.  use different names13:02
SteveA2. provide utilities for interfaces extending some interface13:02
ChrisWLaptopokay, but then how do I get all the utilities providing a given interface?13:03
SteveAyou'll need to look at the utility registry, and see if there's an API for that13:04
SteveAif there's not one, maybe there should be.  so... collector issue / patch / etc.13:04
SteveAit's kinda surprising to me that you want to know all of the utilities like this though13:04
SteveAyou must be doing something rather uncommon13:05
ChrisWLaptopproviding a ui for picking from a list of parsers13:05
ChrisWLaptopit's not that uncommon ;-)13:05
ChrisWLaptopas I said, the catalog would be another obvious candidate ;-)13:05
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ChrisWLaptopmornin' Jim :-)13:14
jhauserChrisWLaptop: have you looked at menues?13:18
ChrisWLaptopjhauser: nope13:18
ChrisWLaptophow do they work?13:18
philiKONChrisWLaptop, read my book, chapter 1213:18
ChrisWLaptopas I said, I'm surprised no-one's answered this question when building catalog interfaces13:19
ChrisWLaptopphiliKON: my copy's at home13:19
jhauserI can surely not explain it easily13:19
ChrisWLaptopenlighten me from a high level :-)13:19
jhauseryou define a menu and register items for this menue13:19
ChrisWLaptopand menu items implement IMenuItem or some such?13:20
philiKONChrisWLaptop, menus are like actions in cmf13:20
philiKONa menu (an action category) can have menu items (actions)13:20
ChrisWLaptopphiliKON: is your chapter 12 about menus?13:20
philiKONit covers menus, yes13:21
ChrisWLaptopwell, I'm not specifically interested in menus ;-)13:21
philiKONok :)13:21
ChrisWLaptopbut I'll read it in case it helps13:21
ChrisWLaptopnow that you're here...13:21
ChrisWLaptopthis is actually for Twiddler, if you've seen ym templating talk13:21
ChrisWLaptopso, you can specify a parser, a renderer and some default filters13:21
ChrisWLaptopthe ui for that will be a drop-down, a drop-down and a multi-select, respectively13:22
ChrisWLaptopso, I have the idea that parsers would implement ITwiddlerParser, and so on13:22
philiKONnah, i missed your talk ;)13:23
philiKONwas sick, slept in13:23
ChrisWLaptopbut, it's now a question of how to register parsers, etc with the CA in such a way that I can ask it for a list of everything registered that implements ITwiddlerParser, if you see what I mean...13:23
ChrisWLaptopsick = hungover? ;-)13:23
philiKONno, actually sick13:23
ChrisWLaptopthey feel like utlities to me, but you can only register one utlitity associated with an interface, right?13:24
philiKONwell, no13:24
philiKONyou can register many utilities for 1 interface13:24
philiKONif they all get different names13:24
philiKONthe question is, how are these parsers differnet from each other?13:24
ChrisWLaptopbut then how do you get a list of all of 'em?13:24
ChrisWLaptophow are they different?13:25
philiKONz.c.getAllUtilitiesFor() IIRC13:25
ChrisWLaptopah, that might be just what I'm after...13:25
philiKONChrisWLaptop, well, how's one ITwidderParser different from another one?13:25
ChrisWLaptopokay, what significance do names have in all of this?13:25
philiKONChrisWLaptop, i correct myself, you want getUtilitiesFor13:25
philiKONChrisWLaptop, none, really :).13:25
ChrisWLaptophow are they different? well, how they process the source text into the twiddler dom13:25
philiKONChrisWLaptop, the zapi index in my book explains getUtilitiesFor. I think it returns an iterable of (name, utility)13:26
philiKONChrisWLaptop, aha.13:26
ChrisWLaptopso names have to be unique, right?13:26
philiKONthey're used to tell the different utilities apart13:26
ChrisWLaptopand you get a component error if they're not?13:26
philiKONzcml will barf at you13:26
philiKONname dutilities are a common theme in z313:27
philiKONtake translation domains13:27
ChrisWLaptophmm, this is actually pretty cute13:27
philiKONthere's more than 1 translation domain13:27
philiKONthey're distinguished by their names13:27
philiKONe.g. 'zope', 'plone', 'cps', etc.13:27
philiKONwe do the same thing with permissions13:27
philiKONpermissions are utilities for IPermission13:28
ChrisWLaptopI'm actually specifically thinking of the add/edit form for twiddlers in Zope 213:28
ChrisWLaptopso the dropdown could use getUtilitiesFor13:28
philiKONactually, it could even be nicer13:28
ChrisWLaptopand then the zodb instance could store the name as an attribute13:28
philiKONactually, you can use the UtilityNamesVocabulary13:28
ChrisWLaptopwtf is that? ;-)13:29
philiKON(if you're using automated edit forms)13:29
philiKONchoice fields in automated edit forms are populated from vocabularies13:29
philiKONvocabularies == bags of possible values for a choice field13:29
ChrisWLaptopcan I use them in Zope 2.9?13:29
ChrisWLaptopare there any good examples of automated add/edit forms for Zope 2.9?13:30
philiKONfive has tests of both form and formlib based ones13:30
ChrisWLaptopI don't want to see tests, I want to see an example product ;-)13:30
ChrisWLaptopthe add/edit form for a twiddler is basically a big text box, two dropdowns and a multi-select13:31
philiKONthe test is an example in itself. Browse Five.form.tests or Five.formlib.tests.13:31
philiKONof course, it'd be good to have read about automated forms in z3 in general :)13:31
philiKONwhich brings us again to my book ;)13:32
philiKONperhaps other people have some real world examples to look at13:32
philiKONactually, rocky just published 3 articles about formlib in zope 2 (actually, plone)13:32
ChrisWLaptopyeah, but you know I'm Plone allergic ;-)13:33
ChrisWLaptopis the newer of form and formlib covered in your book? I thought only the older of the two was>13:33
philiKONyeah, formlib isn't covered in my book (yet :))13:34
ChrisWLaptopwhatdya mean yet>13:34
ChrisWLaptophow'd I get a newer version of your book?13:35
philiKONsanta is working on a christmas present13:35
ChrisWLaptopyay! freebie I hope :-P13:35
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philiKONuh, no :)13:35
ChrisWLaptopwhere did Rocky publish these articles?13:35
philiKONtry planet.plone.org13:35
ChrisWLaptopyou must be making quite a good living off of your book ;-)13:35
ChrisWLaptopI've already said once how I'm plohn allergic ;-)13:36
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The|unii noticed martijns annotation factory15:23
The|unithis looks very much like a concept of persistent adapters!15:24
The|univery nice15:26
The|unihrn. except that i'm getting forbiddenattribute errors in the annotation code15:27
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mgedminperhaps you need to mark the adapter as trusted?16:03
* mgedmin guesses16:03
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baldtrolthis is less a question and more a statement, but zc.relationship is incredibly cool ;)17:26
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* mgedmin discovers it is not a good idea to sort titles that are actually Messages21:34
ChrisWoh? what happens?21:35
philiKONwell, you want to translate first, then sort :)21:35
ChrisWwell yeah ;-)21:37
ChrisWtranslation and l10n all sucks, we should all speak english in 7bit ascii...21:37
smokeydhey all, I've got a problem21:44
smokeydI've got two interfaces21:45
smokeydone inherits from IContainer21:45
smokeydand the other from IContained21:45
smokeydboth have a precondition, telling that the other of the two can be the only child/parent21:45
smokeydbut the problem is, both refer to eachother this way21:45
smokeydbut one get's declared in the .py file above the other21:46
smokeydso I always refer from one interface to another that does not yet exist21:46
ChrisWapply the assertion afte rboth classes are defined?21:47
ChrisW(zcml is your friend)21:47
smokeydok, in zcml21:47
smokeyddidn't think ofthat21:47
mgedmincan you actually specify containment constraints in zcml?21:48
* mgedmin did not know that21:48
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ChrisWyeah, think so21:49
ChrisWmgedmin: eh?21:49
ChrisWwell, you apply interfces in ZCML, I'm sure ther's an example in ZCML...21:49
ChrisWI bumped into this with Swishdot21:49
ChrisWdidn't want to make my code constrain how you lay out your code21:49
ChrisW"your code" -> your postings21:50
ChrisWhey Aiste :-)21:50
mgedminwell, yeah, if you define a separate IFooContained, you can apply it via zcml21:50
Aistehi ChrisW21:51
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smokeydhey ChrisW, you said I could set the restraints for an Interface after all interfaces are defined21:58
ChrisWcan't remember, sorry :-S21:59
ChrisWI may have resortefd to soemthing differnt...21:59
smokeydok thanks22:00
mgedminsmokeyd: the usual solution is to split one of the interfaces into two22:00
mgedminclass IFoo(Interface): pass22:01
mgedminclass IFooContainer(Interface): contains(IFoo)22:01
mgedminclass IFooContained(IFoo): containers(IFooContainer)22:01
smokeydok, that way22:01
mgedminif you want to be obscure you can redefine the IFoo interface instead of introducing IFooContained22:01
mgedminbut it is usually better not to be obscure ;)22:01
smokeydwell, the first way is more obious I guess22:02
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smokeydHey all, sorry to keep bothering you all. But got a strange error as soon as I want to visit the editform of an object (contained): ComponentLookupError((<zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Field object at 0xb4a0064c>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8090/blaat/dssfd/@@edit.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')22:32
grahamI got this yesterday; I think it was when my object didn't meet my interface22:35
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mgedminsmokeyd: the schema for your edit form has a Field22:39
mgedminthere are no widgets registered for Field22:40
mgedminall of the widgets are registered for subclasses of Field22:40
smokeydmgedmin: yes that's true.Thanks foor clearing that up, but the problem is that that schema defines a constraint for the ContainerType it can be in, and that should be defined through a field right?22:43
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mgedminsmokeyd: just tell the edit form to skip the __parent__ field22:44
mgedmindo you use zope.formlib?22:44
mgedmin(if not, then consider switching, because formlib is so nice!)22:44
mgedminif yes, then form_fields = form.Fields(IYourInterfaceHere).omit('__parent__')22:44
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