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smokeydany ideas why a module containing an sqlobject.activemapper representation of some tables works perfectly in irb, but when I start zope and only import the same database module, I get an error at startup already. Can't find any foreign key relationship between ke1 and key302:01
smokeydkey1 and key3 don't even have a relationsip defined02:01
smokeydsorry I mean sqlalchemy.activemapper02:02
smokeydnot sqlobject02:02
smokeydand irb is idle ofcourse02:02
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hazmatwrong channel02:03
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smokeydno, it's the combination of sqlalchemy and zope, that's not the wrong channel is it?02:06
smokeyddata is on
smokeyddamn, nevermind02:21
smokeydI found it02:21
smokeydI first loaded an older database implementation from another zope module that was loaded first02:21
smokeydtherefore the one that gave a problem didn't work properly anymore02:22
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projekt01good morning11:33
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roymHi all, I'm trying to use mochikit in z3 - I created a15:22
roymresourceDirectory and am serving out mochikit via urls of the form15:22
roymcontext/++resource++MyResources/mochikit/... works fine for js files,15:22
roymbut when I try to run the mochikit demos (.html files), the TAL parser15:22
roymchokes. I didn't realize that .html files served from a resource15:22
roymdirectory were actually subject to TAL parsing - how can I turn that15:22
roymbehavior off?15:22
benjiroym: I'm not sure, but I don't think resourceDirectory interprets TAL in HTML15:25
benjican you pastebin the error?15:26
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ignassomeone could invite lisppaste ( to #zope3-dev ...15:31
philiKONbenji, who's the listadmin of zope-announce, do you know?15:31
benjino idea, philiKON15:31
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roymbenji: has the mochikit "TAL" errors.15:37
* philiKON finds pagetemplateresource...15:40
roymbenji: btw, dojo failed similarly.15:40
benjiyep, roym: DirectoryResource has a list of special factories it uses depending on file extension15:41
benjithat doesn't seem very smart... let me see if there is a way to turn it off15:41
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roymgreat, thanks!15:43
benjiroym: with just a "resource" directive, it'll use a file resource by default, unless you use template=foo.html, "resourceDirectory" guesses that .html (and .zpt, and .pt) should be PageTemplateResources15:46
benjiand I don't see a way to make it stop :(15:46
benjithe resourceDirectory directive needs some work in this area, I'm a bit surprised it hasn't bitten more people (I guess most people only serve well formed HTML through it)15:46
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roymbenji: is there an alternate way to serve out a directory (a la apache) in z3?15:59
roym(z2 had LocalFileSystem)15:59
roymer - has.16:00
benjiyou can use a "resource" directive per file, that's kind of annoying, but will give you the controll you need16:00
roymproblem is mochikit.js then looks for other files in its environs.16:01
benjior... we use zc.resourcelibrary to integrate Mochikit into our apps, so I know that works16:01
benjiis it just the demo that has malformed HTML, or other bits of Mochikit too?16:01
roymjust the demo is all I have looked at via z3.16:02
roymah - let me have  a look at zc.resourcelibrary. I am using (the very useful) zc.table already.16:02
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philiKONhi J1m. do you know who's maintaining zope-announce?16:50
J1mI do.16:54
J1mIs there a pending announcement?16:54
philiKONJ1m, thanks :)16:59
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J1mWe probably need someone else to monitor zope-announce.17:00
J1mAny volunteers? :)17:01
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* rocky wonders if anyone would volunteer to help him move from one town in newfoundland to another ... *grin*17:01
benjiif you provide air fare from the U.S., I'll help17:02
rockybenji: if i could do that i could just pay people here to move me :)17:02
J1mwell, I'm gonna take a few days off again next week.  I assume there won't be any announcements that can't wait.17:02
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philiKONJ1m, is there a lot of spam?17:04
philiKONJ1m, i'll be happy to *help* monitoring it17:04
J1mk, I'll make you a moderator.17:05
philiKON(can't promise that i'll have time for it every day)17:05
TheuniJ1m:  i can jump in too17:06
TheuniphiliKON:  we'll just write lots of funny messages and publish them =)17:06
benjiheh :)17:07
* benji appreciates a good maniacal laugh17:07
philiKONbenji, Theuni's your man for that :)17:08
Theuninow wait, ... !17:09
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oferwphiliKON: I am looking now on launchpad
oferwTranslations for Zope 3.3 (Feature freeze on 2006-05-01)17:29
oferwwhen is the next version?17:29
philiKONZope 3.3 isn't released yet17:30
philiKON(only feature freeze)17:30
philiKONtranslations aren't real features, though17:30
philiKONso, we can still include your translation in the final release17:30
philiKONfor 3.3.1, if necessary17:30
oferwanyway I am working on it now17:30
benjiyeah, I don't see a problem updating translations during feature freeze17:31
oferwbut again working local and not on launchpad17:31
philiKONoferw, sure, no problem17:31
philiKONjust load them up to launchpad after you're done17:32
philiKONerich will then sync17:32
oferwI want to see first hebrew z3 project one day17:32
oferwhow to translate this value
oferwand what this means Realm17:37
philiKONoferw, i suggest you consult a technical dictionary for all the technical terms17:49
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oferwphiliKON: this is very good idea18:04
oferwphiliKON: you do know any good one online?18:05
philiKONonly for german ;)18:05
oferwno it will not help me this time :)18:07
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MJDamn damn damn19:31
MJdamn damn19:31
MJSession cookies are set before virtualhosting gets applied19:31
* MJ curses19:31
MJSo the cookiepath is all offbase..19:32
MJDamn damn damn19:32
* Theuni throws a half-empty bottle of water to MJ19:33
MJI have a path like /++skin++skinname/object/++vh++http:server:port/++19:33
MJAnd the session cookie is set with a /++skin++skinname path19:33
MJBecause the session cookie is calculated during traversal over the '/object' segment, before the ++vh++ view is applied.19:34
MJAnd I see the solution now too..19:34
Theuniyou're welcome19:34
* MJ moves the skin segment after the /object segment19:34
* MJ throws the bottle back at Theuni19:34
rockyif i want an adapter lookup to fail (ie when querying it returns None) is there a proper exception i need to raise in the adapter constructor ?19:35
Theunii wanted to get the refund back19:35
Theunirocky:  you might try ComponentLookupError19:35
Theuniat least you19:35
nouriI think TypeError might do the trick19:35
nouriI read something about __conform__19:36
MJthat doesn't work either..19:36
MJunless I *start* the server...19:36
* MJ goes and hides himself19:36
* Theuni raises a new wall in front of mj.19:36
MJstill no go19:37
philiKONrocky, let the constructor return None19:38
philiKONwhen the adapter factory returns None, the comoppnent architecture will treat this as a failed adapter lookup19:38
rockyhaving a constructor that returns None really flies in the face of all my java training ;)19:38
philiKONwell, __init__ can't return anything19:38
MJPath is still the damn same19:38
philiKONwe're not saying it's a constructor19:38
philiKONjust a factory19:38
philiKONdef adaptToSomething(context):19:38
philiKON  try:19:38
philiKON    something19:39
* MJ hacks in a '/'..19:39
philiKON   except SomethingProbablydidn'tgoright19:39
philiKON    return None19:39
nouriI thinah None19:39
nouri... ah None19:39
philiKONnouri, __conform__ is something different19:39
nouriI see19:39
philiKON__conform__ lets objects decide themselves how to be adapted19:39
MJThat, of course, works.19:39
nouriit can't raise TypeError or something else?19:39
philiKONnouri, no19:40
nouriphiliKON: aha19:40
philiKONclass AnObject(object):19:40
philiKON    def __conform__(self, interface):19:40
philiKON        if interface is ISized: return SizedAdapter(self)19:41
philiKONthat way ,when you do ISized(AnObject), __conform__ will be called and then the object decides itself that it wants to reutrn SizedAdapter(self)19:41
philiKONof course, it can also "transform" itself19:41
philiKONclass AnObject(object):19:41
philiKON    def __conform__(self, interface):19:41
philiKON        if interface is ISized:19:41
philiKON            self.size = 519:41
philiKON            alsoProvides(self, ISized)19:42
philiKON            return self19:42
nourilooks nasty, the object knowing about how it can be adapted; that's not very configurable anymore :)19:43
nouriBut I'm sure there are use cases19:43
philiKONright. that's why we have it but don't use it :)19:43
nouriit's good to know that adapter factories can return None though19:44
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febbHi all !19:58
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roymbenji: if you're still there, using zc.resource failed to work w/mochikit (ie: TAL compilation errors where it should just bring the raw contents over). I guess the underlying issue is still the same - should I file a collector issue for this?22:37
benjiI think so, it's not a bug, but a mis-feature (I'm not joking :), you should be able to disable the interpretation22:38
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benjiand for reference, you /can/ use MochiKit with resource library (we do), but that particular demo file is malformed, so it won't work22:38
roymyes, I guess it only has issue w/html files  and the .js stuff is "un-interpreted"?22:39
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febbhello again philiKON23:17
philiKONhola febb23:18
* philiKON off again23:18
febbque tal estuvo tu cena (dinner) ?  :)23:19
philiKONyo se que significa cena ;)23:19
febbwe'll be hit if we continue in spanish  ;)23:19
febbgreat !23:19
philiKONfuimos a un lugar medieval23:20
febbsuena divertido eso.   un castillo ? o un calabozo ?23:20
philiKONtenian burros y cabras en la casa23:20
philiKONmas como una granja23:21
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philiKONanyways, gotta go again :). just checked my mails ;)23:21
febbgreat.... talk to you later.   I have new questions about the training in Copenhage....  hope we can talk later again, ok?23:22
philiKONfebb, or write me via email23:23
febbgreat.. note taken.  ;)   I will for sure.   you need anything from Mexico, to take to the course ?  some Mexican food cans maybe ?23:23
philiKONwell, some tacos from the street would be nice :)23:25
febbcool... i'll see what I can do...   will be hard to keep 'em fresh aboard a Boing 747, but... who knows....23:26
febbBoeing, that is.23:26
philiKONcon salsa piquante, claro que si23:27
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