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projekt01Does somebody know where I can find gawel?00:42
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benjiprojekt01: is gawel a person or a thing?01:05
benji(there is a person currently logged into freenode with that nick)01:06
projekt01Benji, a person, he started to write a imagelib or z3c.01:08
benjiI don't know him. :(01:10
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projekt01he was sometimes on this channel01:10
projekt01benji, did you find something about the z.a.module - adapter registry - import problem?01:12
benjinope, I haven't had time to look at it (and probably won't :(, very, very busy)01:13
projekt01Or are you implementing PythonScript for webbrowser right now ;-)01:14
projekt01no problem01:14
benjiwhat little "discressionary programming" I'm doing is work on the real-browser-backend to testbrowser01:15
projekt01I saw the branch, sounds interesting01:16
benjiI think so, I just hope I can finish it before browsers go out of style01:21
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fcorreaHi srs, I was wondering the best scenario on how to use and adapter. For example, looking at some components that provide relationship (shoolbell, zc.relationship, etc) I want to provide an adapter for the Choice field to use it as a relationship field for example. Can anyone help me with this adapter thing, because I am not quite sure if the best way to implement this, is the way I am thinking03:04
fcorreaShould I build the RelationshipField witch implements the IChoice field as an adapter and just use that? That simple?03:06 a class that implements the relationship API(whatever it is) and adapts it to the Choice field?03:08
fcorreaYep, I am confused03:08
fcorrea....and also crazy since I am talking alone here03:09
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mgedminfcorrea, what did you expect in the middle of the night?03:17
mgedminoh, he left already03:17
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smokeydhi all. If I call __dict__ on a FOlder object, I get "ForbiddenAttribute" How do I see which attributes and methods the object implements?16:12
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srichtersmokeyd: look at the interfaces for example16:21
srichtersmokeyd: also: from import removeSecurityProxy16:21
srichternaked = removeSecurityProxy(folder)16:22
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smokeydyeah the first one I know, the second I didn't THe problem is I added my own functions to some objects and want to see if the're there in the context and the like. So they're not in the interfaces yet (will be of course, but I'm just testing for now)16:25
smokeydthanks for the second one though :) I'll look at it16:25
mgedminyou will not find class method names in __dict__ of an object16:26
smokeydoh, ok. Is there a property that does return them? Or a method from object or something?16:27
smokeydok thanks16:29
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smokeydcan anybody point me towards an example of a class that inherits from
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smokeydI want to make my own view, but don't know exactly what __call__ should return. If there's an example somewhere in the zope sourcode or somwhere else, that would be usefull17:06
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MJWay OT: my car has been scratched up by a vandal18:30
MJand the police want an estimate on the repair costs18:31
MJanyone want to try and come up with an estimate to have it fixed?18:31
* MJ sighs. Second time..18:31
The|unihow large is the scratch?18:32
MJAnd there are about 718:32
MJOne bad one on the bumper (plastic)18:33
The|unilets say 1.5k euros?18:33
MJone about a meter in length on the roof.18:33
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MJThey had fun :(18:33
The|unisounds like it18:33
The|uniwhat did you do to them?18:33
MJThanks, that was about my estimate18:33
MJPark in Rotterdam...18:33
MJHave a fancy car?18:33
MJToyota Prius Hybrid.18:33
The|unime? not really. i bumped into one lately :(18:33
MJNo, an aswer to 'what did I do'.. :)18:34
The|uniah alright18:34
MJAnd you bumped your car into a fancy one?18:34
The|uniguy from the office below us18:34
The|unia new sports car he just bought like two days ago18:34
The|uniour backyard is small and has lots of stuff sitting around there18:35
The|unihis sports car was so low i couldn't even see it through the window in the back18:35
MJWas his parked?18:35
* MJ has parking sensors.18:35
The|uniwell. one out of three of our cars has that.18:35
The|unii had one of the other two.18:35
MJThose have saved me from many a sportscar and other low obstacles..18:36
* The|uni just extended the link checker with major new features18:36
MJCool :)18:36
The|unijupp. i really like sensors18:36
The|uniyou can now change links from the overview lists without visiting the documents18:36
The|unii'll add search'n'replace on the links soon18:36
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MJHey peeps21:47
MJI want the HTTPRequest object to start emitting events when the virtual host info is altered21:48
MJBut that would add a dependency from zope.publisher on zope.event21:48
MJShould I make the event optional (try: from zope import event\nexcept ImportError: class FakeEvent: def notify(self, event): pass\nevent=FakeEvent()\n)21:49
MJor just add the not care?21:50
* MJ decides not to care; indirectly zope.publisher already depends on zope.event.21:51
philiKONMJ, make it depend on zope.event, i'd say21:55
philiKONMJ, i have secret plans to do that anyways ;)21:55
MJOkidoki :)21:57
MJI'll not finish this tonight; code is done but tests are not.21:57
MJTomorrow perhaps, wife permitting.21:57
philiKONMJ, basically, i think the publication should be a lot more event-y anyways21:58
philiKONinstead of class-y21:58
philiKON(to use SteveA's words)21:58
philiKONevery time you see  publication.doSomething in zope.publisher, it should really be21:58
MJThat would be helpful21:59
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timteif I want to save some settings on each member, should I store that in a global utility?22:40
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timteZope 3 is easier than I thought.23:34
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timteLet's say I have a utility that provides a list of books. If I want that list to be editable from the web, should the utility have that list of books as Tuple(..., value_type=TextLine()) or should the schema be in another class?23:49
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