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mgedmintimte: List() is more suitable than Tuple() here, I'd say00:09
timteyes, right00:09
timtebut should this List() be in the utility class or is that inappropriate?00:11
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mgedminI don't know00:15
mgedminwhat's your application?00:15
mgedminyou can either have a local utility that stores some data persistently, or you can store data in a content object and have a global utility locate and use it00:16
timteI want to show rss feeds.00:16
timteAnd I thought it I'd store the feeds in a utility.00:17
timtebut the feed urls should be editable, so I need a schema00:18
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mgedminwhy utility?00:19
timteI thought that would be the right thing to do00:20
mgedminI think utilities are useful when you have something pluggable, when you have more than one kind of something and need one of those configured explicitly00:21
mgedminthings like SQL database connections00:22
timteI associate zope3 utilities with zope2 tools, they have APIs and store some data that are global for the site.00:22
mgedminI think what I'm trying to say is that if you have a global utility, you have difficulties storing data persistently00:22
mgedminand if you have a local utility, you have difficulties, period00:22
mgedminI wouldn't say zope3 is ready for through-the-web dynamic site building00:23
mgedminit is very good for filesystem-based application building00:23
timtehmm, how do you mean? I don't develop this through the web00:24
* mgedmin is not entirely sure what he means himself00:25
mgedminif I were going to build an rss reader with zope 300:26
timteyes...  :)00:26
mgedminI'd create a content object that stores a list of feeds00:26
mgedminwhere each feed has a name/title/url/icon/whatever00:26
mgedminI'd probably be inclined to make the content object a container that stores objects providing IFeed00:27
mgedminthen I'd write some views00:27
mgedminsome for editing the feed list00:27
mgedminand one for aggregating the feeds00:27
timteand when I want all feeds I use a utility that locates this object and returns all its feeds?00:28
mgedminwhere do you want these feeds?00:28
timtein the root of my site00:29
mgedminwhat comprises your site?00:29
mgedminfolders and page templates stored in the zodb?00:29
timtepage templates are on file system of course00:30
mgedminso your site is a custom application?00:30
mgedminwell, then00:30
mgedminsuppose your site provides IMySite00:30
mgedminyou could have an attribute rss_feeds = Attribute("a container of IRssFeed objects")00:31
mgedminand the index.html view on IMySite would know to use context/rss_feeds00:31
mgedminor, if you want to be more flexible, you could adapt IMySite to some interface like IRssFeedConfiguration00:31
mgedminor you could go down the local utility route00:32
mgedminmaybe it won't be painful00:32
mgedminthe z3 developers seem to have stopped redesigning that part00:32
timteif I want members to be able to choose feeds, how should their feed form know where to get the "all available feeds" from?00:34
timteok, this should probably work00:36
timtewhat is the problem using global utilities? wouldn't that be similar?00:37
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mgedmingetSite() will work only when you're rendering a request that traversed inside00:45
mgedminit's ok to assume that in a view registered for an interface specific to your app00:46
mgedminit is somewhat less ok to assume that in a global utility that could be called from any context00:46
mgedminotoh you can make the utility perform an interface check and fall back to some default, an empty list perhaps00:46
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mgedmindisclaimer: it is kind of the middle of the night, and I'm not sure I am able to think clearly enough to design applications I know little about00:47
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smokeydhey all. How can I pass data to a zpt page from the page class (the class declared in configure.zcml in a browser:page directive). I tried setting an extra attribute in self.context ( but I get a ForbinnenAttribute error. Is there another way to pass data to the tempate, or to set data in the context? Or is the only official way is to do it in the actual object of the context01:35
smokeydI hope this is still understandable :)01:36
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philiKONMJ, ayt?18:24
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