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pcarduneDoes anyone know where I might find the multiadapter implementation used with the "page" directive?00:23
pcarduneflox: I guess I was looking in the right place, but not looking hard enough00:37
floxlook at the meta.zcml, i guess00:37
floxor browser/meta.zcml00:37
pcarduneaha, this is very interesting.  Thanks flox00:38
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xenru|clonehi there!03:39
xenru|cloneI found that moved to zope.rdb03:39
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xenruI hope this is Ok, and I can update psycopgda03:42
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SmokeyDhi all good morning13:07
SmokeyDor whatever it is at your places :)13:07
SmokeyDWhen I want to get a widget to be hidden in a form, where should I set this. On the schema field, form field or the widget itself13:08
SmokeyDI saw that IInputWidget has an attribute "visible"13:08
SmokeyDBut I don't see any attribute in IFormField that I could set,13:11
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SmokeyDOk, I didn't figure out my last question (gave up on it for now, don't need it yet), but here's another one:16:38
SmokeyDHow do I access the data submitted in a form inheriting from  forms.EditFormBase?16:39
SmokeyDI can access the fields and stuff, but where is the actual value, filled in in the input field by the user?16:39
dobeeSmokeyD:  you have to define method as an action, this method will be called with the action and a data dictionary16:50
dobeethe data dictionary contains the values16:51
SmokeyDyeah, I did that already. But how do I gat an actual value from the data dictionary16:51
SmokeyDok, i'll check. Thanks.16:53
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SmokeyDdobee, I really don't get it. The data dictionary, what is it? The update() function in zope.formlib.form.FormBase defines data={}18:41
SmokeyDit passes it on to the actions18:41
SmokeyDand in the edit action in EditFormBase it is passed to applyChanges18:42
SmokeyDthere it is called with data.get(name, form_field)18:42
SmokeyDif I do this in my own form I get just the formfield back18:43
SmokeyDI'm trying to create my own form on the fly by not using a schema but creating my own Fields form a database and creating formfields from them18:44
SmokeyDthe database is mysql, which I approach through sqlalchemy18:44
SmokeyDWhat I've got is on
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dobeeSmokeyD: still there?20:26
dobeeSmokeyD: take a look at this for sqlalchemy in zope3
dobeeSmokeyD: afaik the fields must exist at class level in order to let formlib extract the data from the request20:29
dobeethe form_fields attribute20:30
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SmokeyDthanks dobee, I'll look at it. I didn't know this existed :)23:03
dobeeSmokeyD:  but you have to write your interfaces anyway, i think this is always a must in zope323:04
SmokeyDIsn't it possible to create the interfaceon the fly?23:05
SmokeyDJust create schema fields and make the formvielfs from them?23:05
SmokeyDHmm, typing isn't my strong point:)23:06
dobeeyou can create schema fields for forms which do not exist on the context23:07
dobeewhat means on the fly? you need a class attribute form_fields23:09
SmokeyDyeah of course.23:10
SmokeyDWhat I mean is this:23:10
SmokeyDNormally you create an schema where you define all attributes to be edited by the form23:11
SmokeyDyou create the form_fields from this interface/schema23:11
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SmokeyDI want to create the form_fields not by reading an interface but by creating the fields directly in the form class by instantiating zope.schema fields, and creating the form fields from them23:12
dobeethis should work23:14
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dobeelike in the form.txt examples23:15
dobee    >>> class MyForm(form.EditForm):23:15
dobee    ...     form_fields = form.Fields(23:15
dobee    ...         schema.TextLine(__name__='name', title=u"Who?"),23:15
dobee    ...         IDescriptive['title'],23:15
dobee    ...         )23:15
dobee    ...     actions = ()23:15
SmokeyDok, I missed it in there. Sorry23:16
SmokeyDBut that is indeed my idea23:16
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SmokeyDWhere does this come from:23:48
SmokeyDfrom zope.lifecycleevent import ObjectModifiedEvent23:48
SmokeyDif I include this in my form, I get the error no module named lifecycleevent23:49
SmokeyDIt's an event (don't know to much about them, just that they exists and I never used them yet)23:49
SmokeyDbut that's all I know23:49
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SmokeyDI guess I'm just looking at a newer source than my own Zope3 version23:53
SmokeyDIn my the event is still called
dobeeSmokeyD: this is zope 3.323:54
SmokeyDyup I found out :) I was using the source to look through the source23:54
SmokeyDit is easier than doing it on my own machine23:54
SmokeyDthis is the disadvantage though :)23:54
SmokeyDI'll take the right source :)\23:55
dobeeyou can use
SmokeyDYeah, I found it23:57

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