IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-08-07

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scherandhello zope3-dev: does anybody know the sqlos package?11:53
scherandi would be glad if someone could give me a hand with configuring it...11:56
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* eins thinks zalchemy is a bit better choice12:09
scherandeins: zalchemy better than sqlos, you mean?12:19
einswe are going to move from our own O-R mapper to sqlalchemy12:24
scherandis there a short explanation why? ;)12:24
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einsit seems to be much more powerfull, it tries to be true O-R mapper. it also has good documentation with many examples:)12:27
scherandi like the last point!12:28
einsyeah, and there are plenty of use cases in documentation of O-R mapping12:29
einsafter easy going through documentation you understand this is what you need;)12:29
scherandthank you, i will have a look at it12:32
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SmokeyDeins, I'm using sqlalchemy in combination with Zope3 as well. My question is though, what are important reasons to use zalchemy and not native sqlalchemy?14:05
SmokeyDI've only heard about the existence of zalchemy yesterday14:06
SmokeyDand I am still deciding if I want to spend the time of going over to zalchemy14:06
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einsSmokeyD if you want to *integrate* sqlalchemy into zope3 you have to write something like zalchemy, which you probably already did;)14:12
SmokeyD:) I've got a separate database module which uses sqlalchemy. It is not located in the ZODB. Other modules just call functions in this module14:13
SmokeyDAll the sqlalchemy code is located in this module14:13
einsso you didn't write your own container and namechooser and didn't integrate sqlalchemy transactions to zope3 transaction machinery?14:15
SmokeyDI let the database module manage it14:16
SmokeyD's own sessions14:16
einswrong approach14:16
einsif you want to have a true O-R mapper you do want it to be as transparent as possible14:17
SmokeyDWell, it actually is. I did in a way define containers and stuff. I've got some Zope objects which have methods to get data. These methods call the methods of the database module. So the zope objects only interface with other zope objects14:18
einsyou want to have a look at zalchemy:) you should try it and see the right approach:)14:19
SmokeyDok, I will. The problem is that my code works now, and I'm not that keen on changing it again :)14:20
scherandeins: is there a zalchemy page (with tutorials)? a am unable to find something "useful".14:20
SmokeyDThanks for the info14:20
einsyou have to sublass NameChooser and Persistent, Contained14:21
SmokeyDscherand, usually the sourcecode/unit tests are quite informative14:21
SmokeyDand also the ++apidoc++ (don't know if it is in there though)14:21
einsscherand afaik - no14:21
einsbut there is readme14:21
einsscherand I can send you some semi-working demo of zalchemy if you need it14:25
scherandeins: if you don't mind... that would be great. but i will look at the readme and tests (again) anyway.14:27
scherandeins: as i am a irc-newbie: how do i give you my email? no-paste? put it in here?14:27
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einsi'm putting here some files from whole project, so keep in mind it won't work out of the box14:31
einsbut it may help you:)14:31
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einsyou will probably be interested in mcontainer package14:32
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scherandeins: thank you!14:36
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floxeins: thanks, i am interesting too14:57
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SmokeyDeins, mind If I take a look as well15:03
SmokeyDat your code I mean15:03
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scherandeins: can i ask you something about your zalchemy-demo-code?15:08
scherandwell, more about the concept, actually15:08
einsgo ahead;)15:14
scheranddo i understand correctly that you have a mcontainer - ehm - object(?) that acts as a container (folder) for m objects? and the m objects themselves are the "sql-objects"...15:15
einsm objects are table rows15:17
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scherandyes, ok. so the "wiring" between sqlalchemy and zalchemy (= zope) happens in
einsand yes, mcontainer acts as a container and contains m objects :)15:18
einsscherand the wiring happens in mcontainer (you can see subclassing from SQLAlchemyContainer class) and in configure.zcml15:22
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scherandso i absolutely need a container that contains my zalchemy (or sqlalchemy) objects? i can not put them "anywhere"?15:35
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einsscherand you absolutely need a container that contains objects that will correspond some table rows15:36
einsand you can put these container anywhere15:37
einsyou can easily create container that contains other containers and so on15:38
einsyou can do with them everything you usually do with other z3 containers15:40
scherandok, thanks. i think i have to *really* look at it first :)15:51
scherandoh, but one more question in advance: do i need an integer "id" column in every table in order to use sqlalchemy (i think sqlobject needs this)?15:53
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einsscherand every table in a properly designated RDBMS database must have primary key15:58
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einsI don't know if sqlalchemy requires existence of primary keys :)15:59
scherandeins: primary key, yes. but does it have to be a "single field integer"?15:59
einsI haven't tried multi-column primary keys on sqlalchemy yet16:00
einsbut I'm almost sure sqlalchemy supports them16:01
scherandok, thank you!16:01
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scherandcan anyone tell me where i can get zalchemy from? i tried svn (svn co but this gives an error (svn: PROPFIND of '/z3c.zalchemy/trunk': 301 Moved ( then i googled for a .tar or similar, but no luck...18:09
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SteveAhi tres18:50
TresEquishow're things?18:56
SteveApretty cool18:57
SteveAwhat brings you to the zope3 channel?18:57
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TresEquisI'm on the channel whenever I'm on IRC, which isn't as often as I would like ;)19:02
TresEquisBTW, major kudos for dapper -- I've been extremely pleased with it19:03
TresEquisJust installed it on a pair of laptops for my wife and son :)19:03
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SteveATresEquis: nice to hear you're having success with dapper.21:08
SteveAI'll pass it along to the distro team21:08
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dobeeprojekt01: meet us at #lovely21:32
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