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hazmatis there a standard way to introspect the interfaces of instances of a class from the class?02:43
hazmatthere doesn't seem to be a utility func for it in z.i .. and the alternative is mucking with the internals ala klass.__provides__._implements02:44
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scherandgood morning10:05
scherandeins: you were so kind to help me starting to understand zalchemy (and sqlalchemy) yesterday, so i tried to "download" (checkout) zalchemy from svn using "svn co" (and similar) commands. that did not work (301 Moved ( do you know where i can get zalchemy from?10:14
einsscherand the correct address is svn://
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scherandeins: ups, thank you, this works just fine.10:22
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Mosasaurwhich zope 3 version on windows xp? 3.2.1 has no installer yet?11:14
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diefenbachHi, is there a way to show/hide fields/widgets dependend on  certain conditions via zope.schema or something like that?13:01
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mgedmindoes anyone understand how the collector search works?16:30
mgedminI try to search for "'NoneType' object is not callable", I get back 79 results that have nothing to do with what I search for16:31
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benjimgedmin: for your collector search did you select all (or most) of the items in the "Status" list? (that's what I always forget to do)16:42
mgedminactually I was thinking about the goBack() truncation issue16:43
mgedminI do not think now this one was reported before16:43
benjiI followed up that I have seen that behavior before, but don't recall clearly where and why16:44
mgedminI'm trying to write a test case for it now16:44
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mgedminif I add browser.handleErrors = False before that getLink().click() line, then I get a ForbiddenAttribute error16:45
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benjimgedmin: once we have that test case, I think we can make the error a bit nicer16:51
mgedminthe test case is not cooperating :/16:51
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mgedminI've got a breakpoint17:07
mgedmin(Pdb) p response17:07
mgedmin<response_seek_wrapper at -0x4aa4a954 whose wrapped object = <HTTPError at -1253582772 whose fp = <response_seek_wrapper at -0x4ab4bc74 whose wrapped object = <addinfourl at -1253965972 whose fp = <socket._fileobject object at 0xb58d8f44>>>>>17:07
mgedminmy head is swimming17:07
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benjimgedmin: is that response object the one created by Zope or by Mechanize? (or are you working on something else?)17:14
mgedminhm, Browser.set_response is called twice by that statement, and the second time response is17:14
mgedmin(Pdb) p response17:14
mgedmin<response_seek_wrapper at -0x4a9b6d14 whose wrapped object = <HTTPError at -1253768308 whose fp = <response_seek_wrapper at -0x4ab76e34 whose wrapped object = <addinfourl at -1253225172 whose fp = None>>>>17:14
mgedminaddinfourl whose fp = None17:14
mgedminthat's the culprit17:14
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benjiright, at some point it needs a file, but because an error occurred, there is no file17:15
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benjiI wonder if we can identify that case and provide a better error message in testbrowser without having to change mechanize17:15
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mgedminI do not understand what is going on17:16
mgedminit seems as if _mech_open called self.set_response successfully17:16
mgedminthen did 'raise error'17:17
mgedminand then, somehow, I'm back in _mech_open.set_response which now fails17:17
mgedminand pdb's stack trace indicates that I'm somewhere in the middle as opposed to being at the bottom17:17
benjiperhaps I can look at it, did you find a good way to reproduce the problem?17:19
mgedminthat's the problem, I didn't17:19
benjiperhaps just a view that raises an exception when called, then it?17:20
mgedminI tried that17:21
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benjiniemeyer: I saw your latest release of editmoin, and was wondering how it compares to external editor (i.e., do they work the same way/differently)17:46
niemeyerbenji: Greetings17:50
niemeyerbenji: editmoin works the most hackish way you can imagine..17:51
benjiheh :)17:51
niemeyerbenji: It was really a hack for myself that ended up being used by others in the company because it was cool and then released because more people liked it.17:51
niemeyerbenji: The code is doing HTML parsing using regular expressions.17:52
niemeyerbenji: External editor is hopefully using XMLRPC17:52
benjido you have a small client-side app associated with a MIME type that get's run which triggers the correct editor?17:53
niemeyerbenji: Even then, editmoin works since a few years now.. with every succeeding moin release, and don't expect anything from the running wiki besides what it has to offer in any case.17:53
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niemeyerbenji: Certainly not due to good design though, as I explained. It works just because I use it myself a lot and keep it working.17:53
benjilove is the only antidote to bit rot :)17:53
niemeyerbenji: It runs the system's $EDITOR17:54
benjihow do you get the editor to execute?17:54
benjiso there's a small client-side app that calls os.system?17:55
niemeyerbenji: Well, editmoin *is* the client app17:56
niemeyerbenji: It requires no server-side changes or plugins.17:56
benjiright...  so how does editmoin get invoked?  the user?17:57
niemeyerbenji: Well, when you want to see it running, you run it (!?)17:57
benjiand the user enters a URL into editmoin which launches their editor?17:58
niemeyerbenji: Have you seen
benjinope, I'll take a look; thanks!17:58
benjithanks, niemeyer, that answers my questions!18:00
niemeyerbenji: Cool!18:00
niemeyerbenji: ExternalEdit requires server-side support, so that's a difference already.18:00
benjiright, I was wondering how they were the same/different, now I know :)18:01
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SmokeyDHi, how do I create a context and request for unittests?18:20
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mgedminit depends on what you are testing18:21
SmokeyDI want to instantiate a self written edit form class, but it requires a context and a request. How do I simulate these?18:21
mgedminuse zope.publisher.browser.TestRequest18:21
SmokeyDI won't actually use the request and the context for the test.18:22
SmokeyDOk thanks18:22
mgedminthen just pass Nones18:22
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SmokeyDIt wont choke on that?18:22
mgedminI do not know18:22
mgedmintry it18:22
mgedminif it does, then use TestRequest and whatever context is appropriate for your form18:23
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pcardunewhat's the equivalent of a siteroot for zope3?18:42
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floxpcardune: i guess it is a Folder18:44
floxthen u have action "Make a site"18:45
pcardunedo site managers keep track of the base url then?18:45
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floxAFAIK, yes, it keep track of site url18:52
floxpcardune: somewhere within zope.traverse18:52
floxsomething like zope.traversing.api.getRoot18:53
floxpcardune: maybe i am worng18:59
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* mgedmin wants frozendict... and a pony20:39
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febbhi all !21:22
febbhi  philiKON     how are you today ?21:22
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MJI have a non-persistent utility21:38
MJAnd during a request, that utility wants to access the root object21:38
MJIs there any way I can access that?21:38
MJI don't see an API to ask for the root object without access to a persistent object21:39
MJ(or anything that is ILocatable with the __parent__ chain ending at the root object)21:39
MJI basically need to store some persistent configuration21:39
MJAnd my utility wants to access that configuration21:39
mgedminone EVIL way would be getInteraction().participations[0].publication.getApplication(getInteraction().participations[0])21:40
mgedmindo you have the request object?21:41
mgedmin(passed as an argument to some utility method perhaps?)21:41
mgedminor you could play with getSite()21:41
TresEquisyou could grab the connection associated to your thread, which would be about as evil, but on a different axis21:42
mgedminor you could design a clean way for global non-persistent utilities to access the database, and then implement it21:42
mgedminmany people ask for that21:42
mgedminwell, two or three have asked for it21:42
TresEquisyup, getSite is the "clean" way to do mine21:42
MJNo request object21:42
MJTresEquis: That only works if there has been any traversal21:42
MJTresEquis: No traversal here: all views are on the ++etc++process space21:43
MJ(not really, my own version of the same setup)21:43
TresEquisThat does the root traversal21:43
MJgetSite fails21:43
MJI didn't actually test that...21:43
MJI used getSiteManager21:44
TresEquishaving the "control panel" munge persistent date is WAAAAY more evil than the hackery we're talking about21:44
MJThat fails...21:44
TresEquisjust write to the damn filesystem21:44
mgedminotoh there's /++etc++process/ZODBControl.html21:44
TresEquisor open a "private" filestorage21:44
mgedminit gets the database somehow21:44
MJTresEquis: I fear I'll have to go the private storage way...21:45
MJThat'd be cleaner.21:45
MJmgedmin: the zodbcontrol has access to a request (it is a view)21:46
mgedminoh, right21:46
MJmgedmin: and the request has the publication, which has the database...21:46
* mgedmin is about to suggest the utility do an http request to localhost21:47
* mgedmin needs some rest21:47
* MJ sniggers. Yeah right.21:48
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MJWell I'll be damned21:52
MJgetSite returns *a* folder21:52
MJThe lookup still fails tho21:52
MJThat looks like my fault tho21:53
* MJ slaps head: context can't be positional21:55
MJAnyways: zope.components.hooks.getSite does the trick21:56
MJBecause the root object has always been traversed.21:56
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