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febbhi all04:31
febbanyone alive here ?04:31
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SmokeyDnot really febb04:35
SmokeyDand I'm going to sleep as well :)04:35
SmokeyDBut if I wasn't I wouldn't be much help to you probably anyway04:35
febbwell, thanks for answering... I just wanted to know if someone here will be going to the Zope3 training in Copenhagen next October ?04:36
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baijumfew months back I had written this example app:
baijumbut now in 3.3 I cannot add Ticket objects.11:34
baijumit is working fine in 3.211:34
baijum"   The page that you are trying to access is not available"11:34
baijumthe url is http://localhost:8080/++skin++tuto/Collector/@@+/AddTicket.html11:34
baijumany pointers?11:34
baijumif I remove the container constraint from interface I can add this object to top container11:34
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SmokeyDHi all, how can I test if an object implements an certain interface?11:37
baijumuse verifyClass, from zope.interface.verify import verifyClass11:41
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SmokeyDhi, how can I test if a class implements an interface?11:54
mcdoncSmokeyD: as opposed to testing if an instance of the class provides the interface you mean?12:08
SmokeyDnouri, that is what I mean. But I found it <interface>.providedBy(<instance>)12:10
SmokeyDsorry, meant mcdonc, not nouri12:11
SmokeyDFound it in richter's book12:11
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SmokeyDhi, is it possible to define a local utility in the actual code (for in unit tests) instead of through the zmi?12:35
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floxSMokeyD: yes12:50
flox (this is done when you start zope for the first time: the Site Manager is automatically created and some local utilities are registered)12:51
floxi guess there's some method within '' package12:51
SmokeyDyeah, but I want to use it in unit tests12:52
SmokeyDso you don't actually start zope itself12:52
SmokeyDor should I start the
SmokeyDBut then all the things I would do to the objects would be stored in the ZODB12:54
SmokeyDand I don't want to do that12:54
floxthis doctest should be relevant.... /++apidoc++/Code/zope/app/component/README.txt12:55
SmokeyDok thanks12:58
SmokeyDI wouldn't have looked there12:58
SmokeyDI was looking for debug and test packages12:59
floxsince they need to do test for Local Component Architecture... this is the good place to find it ;-)12:59
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SmokeyDWhere should I look for solving adapter errors?13:37
SmokeyDwhen I do self.root=setup.buildSampleFolderTree()13:37
SmokeyD        self.root_sm = setup.createSiteManager(self.root)13:37
SmokeyDI get TypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0xa6f00eec>, <InterfaceClass>)13:37
SmokeyDThis comes straight from the ++apidoc++ though13:37
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floxSMokeyD: you do these commands in the interactive Python shell?14:02
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SmokeyDnope, in a unit test suite14:08
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SmokeyDOk, let's redo the question :)14:13
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SmokeyDWith unittests, do you normally create the site root, objects, etc in the setUp method?14:13
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SmokeyDOr do you use the debugger with the normal ZODB and use these objects/siteroot/etc14:14
SmokeyDor do you make a copy of the database and use that with the debugger?14:14
SmokeyDthe first option takes a lot of code in the setUp since you have to recreate stuff in the code that is normally stored in the ZODB (local utilities, folders, contained objects, etc)14:15
SmokeyDthe second option is dangerous since it can bork the ZODB when you modify the objects from the ZODB (or are objects loaded from ZODB through the not stored in the ZODB when modified?)14:16
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SmokeyDHmm, it seems that the package doesn't even exist anymore (it is mentioned in Richters book from 2005)14:20
mgedminit was probably moved14:21
mgedmineh, I see in my Z3 checkout14:22
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SmokeyDmgedmin, nopt in zope3.2.115:44
SmokeyDjust a quicky, the field is meant to add other objects as properties to objects?15:44
SmokeyDsorry, zope.schema.Object I mean15:45
SmokeyDok, thnx15:45
SmokeyDbut I don't suppose you can use expressions to set default values in a schema defining it (since the object is not instantiated yet when you open an add form, so does not have a context and stuff)15:47
SmokeyDsomething like default=__parent__.getCurrentPeriod()15:47
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einsSubdino you are wrong. result = context.yourquery() will definately return a resultset16:11
mgedminSmokeyD: nope16:17
mgedminbut if you use an Object field, then you must use a custom ObjectWidget, and you specify a factory ... I think16:17
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SmokeyDok thanks mgedmin. I think I'm going to store the object separately in the ZODB in the hierarchy and just reference it from the other object16:55
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SmokeyDhey, is it possible to redirect someone in zope to another page? I guess it's simple, but I have no clue where to look in the ++apidoc++ or source19:15
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pcarduneSmokeyD: depending on what you mean by redirect, you can always use request.response.redirect on any request object19:17
SmokeyDok,, I just want to put them to the url of the __parent__ object19:18
pcardunethen in the view that is doing the redirecting you might try something like return self.request.redirect(zapi.absoluteURL(self.context.__parent__, self.request))19:20
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pcardunealthough I think it is now bad practice to use zapi19:20
pcarduneyou just have to hunt out where the absoluteURL function is defined19:21
SmokeyDok thanks19:22
SmokeyDThat helps a lot19:22
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benjipcardune and SmokeyD: absoluteURL is in zope.traversing.browser20:13
SmokeyDok, it is in zapi as well.20:14
SmokeyDBut I guess I should use zope.traversing.browser20:14
febbhi all20:14
febbhi philiKON   como estas?20:14
SmokeyDhi febb20:14
febbhi SmokeyD  how are you today ?20:15
SmokeyDNo se si philiKON esta20:15
SmokeyDno le he viste desde mucho tiempo20:15
febb;)   ah. ok, gracias..  I wanted to ask him a few things....20:15
febbsmokeyd where are you from ?20:15
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SmokeyDbut I've spent sopme time in central and south america20:16
SmokeyDwhere are you from20:16
febboh, great.   been to Mexico ?  I am from Mexico City., Mexico20:16
SmokeyDCool. A friend of mine as well. But haven't further north then Guatemala20:16
SmokeyDI was in Honduras for half a year two months ago20:16
febbworking there ?20:17
SmokeyDstudies, internship actually20:17
SmokeyDI want to go working there though, some somwhere else in Latin America20:17
febbI see...  how do  you like it, latinamerica, i mean ?20:17
SmokeyDlet's take this off topic ;)20:17
febbsure  ;)20:18
febbso, SmokeyD are you   involved with Zope3 ?20:20
pcardunedoes anyone know where I might find good resources for understanding zpkg?20:21
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febbanyone here will be attending to the Zope3 training in Copenhage in October ?20:34
febb(besides the teacher, of course)20:35
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febbhi romanofski.20:36
romanofskihey febb20:36
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SmokeyDfebb, see my personal messages20:58
SmokeyDandrew_m, no I'm not involved with zope20:58
SmokeyDI wish I was that good20:58
SmokeyDbut I'm off again20:58
SmokeyDfebb I mean, not andrew_m20:58
andrew_mhi and cu SmokeyD20:59
SmokeyDhi andrew_m21:06
SmokeyDI'm indeed off again21:06
SmokeyDBut I'm making progress21:06
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andrew_mok.. good to hear!21:06
SmokeyDI've figured Zope out as far as I need it and the basis is there21:06
SmokeyDso now the functionality will come21:06
andrew_mcu SmokeyD21:08
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