IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-08-10

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MJadaption question:14:15
MJI have a generic interface IFoo14:15
MJand a specific interface IBar(IFoo)14:15
MJI also have IFooSpam an IBarSpam(IFooSpam) interfaces (the latter being specific)14:16
MJand I have adapters: FooSpamAdapter and BarSpamAdapter14:16
MJthe first adapts IFoo to IFooSpam, the latter IBar to IBarSpam14:17
MJNow, I want to adapt an object implementing IFoo to IFooSpam14:17
MJBut, when that code is handed an IBar implementing object, I want to get back the more specific adapter14:17
MJso: if IFoo.implementedBy(obj): IFooSpam(obj)14:18
MJand that should give me BarSpam for objects implementing IBar.14:18
MJPossible? Currently I'll get the FooSpam adapter14:18
SteveAif you ask for IFooSpam(obj)14:23
SteveAthen the machinery will favour you getting an IFooSpam adapter rather than an IBarSpam adapter14:23
SteveAif that is also available14:23
SteveAbeacause it is what you asked for14:23
SteveAotherwise, it would be gratuitously giving you a more specialized thing than you asked for14:24
MJYes, but there may be an arbitrary number of specifics14:24
MJSo, I want to know if there are more specific adapters14:24
MJI can't get a list here.14:24
* MJ will have to rethink this, it seems.14:24
MJThe adapter's interface is later on used to determine form widgets.14:25
SteveAmaybe you can use subscription adapters here14:26
SteveAI really have no idea why you want what you want14:26
MJThe trick is to use a base to IFoo14:27
MJAnd not register an adapter for that14:27
MJTo give context: we have dynamic fields (not unlike a TTW schema)14:27
MJAnd IFoo is a specific IField interface14:28
MJAsking for IField works.14:28
MJI then get the most specific.14:28
MJThanks for duckheading, Steve14:30
SteveAyou still won't necessarily get the most specific14:36
SteveAyou'll get the least specific one that matches what you asked for14:36
MJNope, I get the most specific14:39
MJSo, IFoo is really IFoo(IBaz)14:39
MJErm, in my case not14:40
MJIts IFooSpam(IBazSpam)14:40
MJNo adapters are registered for IBazSpam14:40
MJAsking for IBazSpam(object) gets me the most specific adapter14:41
MJ(so FooSpam for IFoo and and BarSpam for IBar)14:41
SteveAit just happens to get you the most specific adapter that you have registered14:43
SteveAbecause you have not registered a more specific adapter yet14:43
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SteveAif you go and register a more specific adapter14:44
SteveAthen you'll no longer get the most specific adapter14:44
SteveAmaybe i'm being pedantic, but it sounds like a fragile system14:44
SteveAbecause you're relying on having full control of all adapters registered14:44
SteveAif indeed you do want the most specific adapter14:44
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MJDunno, it seems to work fine now14:55
MJI have multiple such adapters14:55
MJAnd so far each and every one gets the correct adapter (most specific)14:55
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baijumhi all15:06
baijumhow can I add a TextIndex through program (not using ZMI)15:08
baijumI manged to add catalog and intid like this:
baijumin the 'add' method, I want to add TextIndex15:10
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baijumHmm..I should use 'from import TextIndex' instead of 'from zope.index.text.textindex import TextIndex'15:33
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BernulfHello! I never thought that filling some data in a choice is so annoying ;) Well i have a class which implements ITerm and a class which implements IVocabulary and a definition which have one choice. When i try to show the editor i get a component lookup error because container tries to get a adapter for my vocabulary? the relevant code which the error is here where is my error? do i use this vocabulary16:57
Bernulfthing the wrong way?16:57
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TheuniBernulf: general remark: try switching to use sources instead of vocabularies17:17
Theunithey are a bit simpler to use17:18
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SteveATheuni: do you know of any docs on sources?17:24
SteveAwe were thinking of switching to them for launchpad17:24
Theuninot that i know of17:25
Theunii should probably write one17:25
Theuniand also i'm currently working on another simplification for standard cases17:25
Theuniany doctests?17:26
* mgedmin sometimes dreams about creating a Zope Documentation Project: a README.txt in every zope.* package17:26
Theunitry, i got a hint that there might be something about the interaction17:26
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Bernulfhm I'm new to zope (use it since a week :) ) I don't know what you mean with sources but no problem, I use now this SimpleVocabulary thing its ok for my needs :)17:45
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SmokeyDhey all, I'm making a custom widget. It is displayed in the form, but all tal: tags are just literally displayed in the HTML page instead of interpreting them. I have no clue why.19:10
SmokeyDThe code is on
SmokeyDit is very small19:10
SmokeyDI was just starting19:11
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SmokeyDandrew_m, you've got an idea?19:14
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andrew_mhi SmokeyD19:16
SmokeyDhi andrew19:16
andrew_mSmokeyD: i think it is: <div xmlns:tal="">19:16
andrew_mnot 'namespace'19:16
SmokeyDwhat do you mean? I should not declare the namespace?19:17
SmokeyDor i made a typo19:17
SmokeyDbecause then srichter also made it in his book ;)19:17
andrew_mhmm.. or maybe it changed since the book was written19:18
srichterI don't think it changed19:18
SmokeyDOw wait, I didn't read right :) I re-read it 4 times if I made a typo, but richter indeed used "namespaces" not "namespace"19:19
SmokeyDmy bad19:19
andrew_moke :) all clear19:19
SmokeyDok, I get an invalid tal syntax error now, so at least the tal tags are interpreted19:20
SmokeyDthat's better19:20
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SmokeyDhey, is it possible, when I add an object to a container object, to access the container object19:44
SmokeyDfrom the add form19:44
SmokeyD(a formlib form)19:44
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rockySmokeyD: myobj.__parent__ ?19:46
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batloggJ1m: hi19:52
batloggJ1m: srichter told me that we can fix svn access together19:52
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TheuniSmokeyD: that can be difficult. if you call the form in the context of the container, then "context" will be the container20:06
TheuniSmokeyD: however, you should consider making your form view class provide a method to do what you want :)20:06
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batloggJ1m: ayt?20:56
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SmokeyDHow do I determine what the context will be21:06
SmokeyDnormally it is the containing class indeed21:06
SmokeyDbut not with forms21:06
SmokeyDor can I determine the context with the for="some.interface" in the zcml configure21:06
SmokeyDwhere you normally register the form for IAdding21:07
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SmokeyDI need to access a method of the container object in which I add the object21:11
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SmokeyDandrew_m, you've got an idea?21:14
febbHola  all !21:14
SmokeyDhola febb21:14
febbHola SmokeyD  how are you today ?21:15
andrew_mSmokeyD: i think it's the for="some.interface".. but i've never used formlib to be honest21:15
andrew_mcould be different21:15
SmokeyDok, I;ll try it21:15
SmokeyDestoy bien, y usted?21:15
febbSmokey   muy bien gracias ... coordinando mi asistencia al curso de Zope3.21:16
SmokeyDcool. En Mexico? Muy bient21:17
SmokeyDme gusta participar21:17
SmokeyDespecialmente en Mexico21:17
febbno !... ire al curso de Zope3 en Copenhagen  en Octubre próximo.21:19
SmokeyDok, en Copenhagen, cool21:19
febb(wonder if its disrespectul for us to be taling inspenish here.... i apologize :)    )21:19
SmokeyDYeah you're right21:19
febbSmokeyD will you be there ?21:19
SmokeyDBut I like talking spanish21:19
SmokeyDI didn't know about it febb21:20
febbwe can talk in spanish anytime you want.... i just guess people here do not welcome that very much  ;)21:20
febbok,  actually philiKON would be the teacher.    thats why i was looking for him yesterday.21:20
febbhe WILL be the teacher.21:20
SmokeyDyeah, Iim reading the site. Interesting21:21
febbalso, I am trying to organize a couple of days of to travel around, after the course..... trying to find out where to go and how not to spend that much...its so expensive all now.21:22
febbin Europe. I mean.21:22
SmokeyDYeah, definitely21:23
SmokeyDWell, you could come to the Netherlands21:23
SmokeyDMy door is open21:23
febbOh, thanks I appreciate that.   Maybe we could have a beer if we end up in the NL.    I am trying to arrange all the trip now....21:25
SmokeyDyeah sure21:25
SmokeyDwould be nice21:25
SmokeyDyou can always stay at my place. I'm living together with 5 other student, so it's not luxurious, but there's always room21:26
SmokeyDoof, but I won't be coming to the course21:26
febbI was looking today for transportation from Copenhage to Amsterdam.   Eurailpass is very expensive for just a few days, so, I was looking at  moving by bus. do you think thats a good idea.?21:26
SmokeyDUnless somebody will pay the course fee21:26
febbThanks for the offer. I appreciate it.21:26
febbI am already doing that (paying the course), so...there is not much left for the tourism part !  ;)21:27
SmokeyDHmm, it's indeed cheaper to take the long distance european busses21:27
SmokeyDyeah, I can imagine21:27
SmokeyDthe buscompany is eurolines21:27
febblong distance european buses: mmm.... you know of a web site for those? to  check itineraries, etc.21:28
SmokeyDthey've got a website with schedules and prices21:28
febblet me google around for that.21:28
febbI am on their site now.  Thanks this is valuable now !!  :)21:29
philiKONeurolines is ok21:29
philiKONtrains are still nicer, though21:29
febbhi  philiKON   como estas ?       as you can see I am still on this.... it's all your fault !21:30
philiKONhehe :)21:30
febbjust kidding   eh!?21:30
febbyeah, trains are very nice.. I used to travel a lot by train around 15 years ago in Europe, but now itsa a fortune what yo u have to pay in Euros for a couple of days travel.21:31
febbusing Eurailpass.21:31
SmokeyDIn germany you have a weekend ticket for the trains21:33
SmokeyDit's cheap, but also slow since tou can't use the faster trains21:33
SmokeyDit's called the wochenende ticket21:33
febbphiliKON whenever you have a chance,  could you please ask again Sasha to send me an email .... i copied you, btw.21:33
febbwochende ticket... let me google on that also.   :)21:34
febbYou guys should start your own online travel advisor service !   :)21:34
SmokeyDbut philiKON, do you gave an idea how I could access the containing object from an addform class for an object that I am adding to the container object?21:34
SmokeyDwochenende febb, not wochende21:35
febbopps, sorry.  typing finger error.21:35
philiKONdont' get the wochenende ticket21:35
philiKONyou won't get far21:35
philiKONas you can only use regional trains21:35
philiKONthe ones that stop at every milk can21:35
philiKONfebb, saw the email. sasha will answer21:35
philiKONSmokeyD, the addform is a view for the adding view which is a view for the container21:36
philiKONso, context.context should do it21:36
febbphiliKON  thanks.   I need to move fast on all booking, payments, etc.  lots of stuff have to be in sync.21:36
SmokeyDok, that way. I was already trying, but didn't think about it that way21:36
febbSmokey thanks for the URL,  looking at it now.21:37
SmokeyDbut philiKON is right21:37
SmokeyDit is slow21:37
SmokeyDI've used them often enough21:37
SmokeyDand I like it21:37
SmokeyDbut you don't want to be in a hurry with them21:37
SmokeyDthe wochenende ticket I mean21:38
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SmokeyDphiliKON, the context.context is an < object at 0xa576d1cc> object21:39
SmokeyDnot the actual container21:39
philiKONthen context.context.context :)21:39
SmokeyDI'll keep on trying21:39
febbThere are no direct flights to Copenhagen from MExico city, so we need to stop somewhere else. and, after the course, we'll move from that stop to visit around it....21:40
philiKONyou can fly KLM and use amsterdam as a hub21:40
febbthat could be Amsterdam, Frankfurt,  Paris or Madrid... go figure.21:40
philiKONright :)21:40
SmokeyDbut febb, you could also look at easyjet and ryanair21:40
SmokeyDthey are seriously cheap as well21:40
philiKONSmokeyD, doesn't make much sense21:40
philiKONSmokeyD, he's flying intercontinental21:41
febbyes, the prob is that most flights are completely full now.  There is some event in Copenhage those days that makes all flights and hotels full.21:41
philiKONthey'll give him the connecting flight much cheaper21:41
febbas of now I got booked Continental airlines   MEX-Newark USA-CPH   which really sucks....21:41
SmokeyDyeah that's true philiKON21:42
febbI am on waiting list  MEX-Amsterdam-CPH   and MEX-CDG-CPH  and MEX-MAD-CPH21:42
edgordonthis is only barely appropriate to the room, but is there anyone that is familiar w/ FiveSQLOS that would let me pick their brain about some configuration issues i am having?21:43
febbedgordon  well  my travel adventures are completely innapropriate to this room, so, I'd say, do not worry.21:44
edgordonfigured you might have earned that right21:44
edgordoni am just working on a module, and i can get everything to work in zope 3, but under Five selects give me a permission error when trying to iterate through the results.21:46
SmokeyDwell, it's not like it's enormously busy here, so some off topic talk won't hurt21:47
edgordonsqlos has the excellent sip app to get you going, but i haven't found much in the way of FiveSQLOS implementations21:48
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floxi hv a persistency problem, wih PrincipalAnnotation21:52
floxi runn zope in debug mode, through 'bin\debugzope'21:56
floxhere is my problem
*** Aiste has quit IRC21:57
floxi don't understand why the PrincipalAnnotation is not preserved when i restart Zope21:57
*** stub has quit IRC21:57
floxi hv this issue when i run Zope normally, too21:58
febbSmokeyD  thanks for your understanding and supprt  :) (about the offtopics)....22:03
SmokeyDsure, I like it:)22:04
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regebroHi all!22:06
regebroHow do you use gettexts plural support under Zope3?22:06
regebroAll I can find is a reference that it doesn't work, and that it will be added. :)22:06
regebroPhillp J Eby said he would add it... Three years ago. :)22:07
srichterregebro: it is not implemented22:08
regebroOK, thanks. I'll just have to go with the ugly "minute(s)" hack. Barf.22:09
srichterwell, please add it!!! :-)22:09
regebroYeah, if I get time I will.22:09
regebroBut that would arrive in Zope 2.11 and I need it today. :)22:10
febbwell, lunch time now, time to go..... I will be back later on.   have a good nite all my Eurpoean friends if I don't see you online again today.22:10
regebroI prefer to display the duration as "3:45" but oh no, the customer prompltly have to have it a "3 hours, 45 minutes". :/22:11
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mgedmina coworker makes fun of me because I prefer "3 hours, 45 minutes" to "3:45"22:18
mgedminI mean, with 3:45 how do I know it is not three minutes, forty-five seconds?22:18
regebroWell, sure, in general. But this is in a calendar. Who ever books meetings that that 3 minutes 45 seconds? :-)22:19
regebroYou can't even to that! :)22:19
regebroWouldn't be a problem if plurality was implemented. Then it would look OK, and you could just translate X hours, Y minutes with X:Y if you wanted to. :)22:21
regebro(And why is my mapping ignored. Grrr.)22:22
* regebro is tired and cranky22:22
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rockyi prefer writing it as 3.75hrs  :)22:23
regebroPfah. You are decimal damaged. :)22:23
regebroBase 60 is a nice base. :)22:24
mgedminrisky, someone might interpret 3.25hrs as 3:25 instead of 3:1522:24
rockymgedmin: that's their problem... 3.25hrs clearly has a decimal :)22:25
rockyerrr... 3.75hrs22:25
* mgedmin sometimes thinks 3:50 is half-past-three22:25
rockytime needs to be metricized ;)22:25
mgedminlet's all use kiloseconds22:25
floxwhat i do wrong?22:27
mgedminflox: you mentioned that you did this with bin/debuzope, right?22:31
mgedmindid you remember to import transaction; transaction.commit() ?22:31
floxi hv to do that?22:31
floxbefore to close server ?22:32
mgedminonly if you want your changes to be saved22:32
floxmgedmin: ok, now this example work22:33
mgedminusually the publisher commits the transaction after every (successful) request; if you use debugzope, you have to do it yourself22:33
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floxmgedmin: i hv a real case, similar to this one that  does not work22:33
floxthrough browser22:34
floxi hv to check again.... see yo uwithin 30 min maybe22:34
floxthank you, mgedmin22:34
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*** rocky is now known as rocky|awa23:09
*** rocky|awa is now known as rocky|away23:09
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eldafarAnyone here know anything about copyright stuff?23:15
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benjieldafar: two things; (1) don't ask to ask, just ask, (2) no one in here is an IP lawyer, but I'm sure wel all have strong opinions :)23:26
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