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* flox has lost 3 hours because he forgot to use PersistentList00:46
benjiyep, if you put your hours in a PersistentList you won't loose them00:46
floxmy Principal Annotation was not persistent bec i did not use such PersistentList...00:47
floxit took me some time to figure out this  bug...00:48
benjiI think everyone has been bitten by that one flox, go forward and sin no more00:49
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benjiwhat do you mean by "decode"?05:15
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WebMavenAny SQLOS users/devs here?05:23
WebMavenIs anyone here at all?05:55
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xyldare Five questions valid here?  I'm wondering if the browser:resourceDirectory directive is _supposed_ to be recursive like in Zope3?06:19
xyldbecause as far as I have been able to ascertain, it isn't06:19
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xyldanyone here likely to be able to answer a Five question? philiKON maybe?08:37
xyldnot picking on anyone ;)08:39
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hackai kno more about computas than u all im da best hacker eva10:29
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einsgetcat try tal:content="request/yourname"12:19
SmokeyDgood morning12:45
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SmokeyDmaybe a little off topic, but does anybody know what this error means: SyntaxError: non-default argument follows default argument13:25
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SmokeyDdamn, I already get it, the arguments to a method defining default values should be listed after the other arguments :)13:27
SmokeyDvery stupid13:27
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SmokeyDhey, can anybody point me towards info about the formlib actions14:27
SmokeyDI don't really get how they work14:27
SmokeyDhow I can define a new action and use it in the form14:27
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SmokeyDhmm, I'm ad far as this with my understanding of actions:15:13
SmokeyDWhen a form is submitted first the __call__ function is called15:14
SmokeyDfom the __call__ funtion the self.update function is called15:14
SmokeyDthis calls the handleSubmit function with data and self.actions15:14
SmokeyDfor each action in self.actions it is checked it that action was submitted15:14
SmokeyDif there was an action submitted, that action is returned to update, together with errors generated by the validation15:16
SmokeyDis there are no erros, the success method of the action is called15:16
SmokeyDBut this is where I get stuck15:16
SmokeyDhow doe you know which function should be called15:16
SmokeyDhow do you register the actions. A saw an append(action) method on the Actions class and an Action class15:18
SmokeyDbut how do I create that Action, so I can add it to the Actions instance of the formclass15:18
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einsSmokeyD you can find a lot of examples in form.txt15:23
SmokeyDok, I was reading form.py15:23
SmokeyDbut I'll look at form.txt15:23
einshere I've pasted one:
SmokeyDok, it's that simple15:24
einsyou can use decorators as well15:24
SmokeyDwhat are those?15:25
SmokeyDsorry if it is a stupid question, but didn't run into them15:25
SmokeyDyet15:25 ;)15:26
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SmokeyDok, thanks. Didn't know it was a python thing15:30
batlogggood morning J1m :)15:54
batloggJ1m: do you have a sec to check my svn account?15:54
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batloggJ1m: ayt?18:08
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WebMavenAny SQLOS users/devs here?20:03
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WebMavenHi J1m.20:25
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WebMavenHow's it going?20:30
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WebMavenI'm starting with a new venture, and am advocating Zope3 as a platform. If this works out, I'll be able to ramp up my involvement with the project as well.20:32
philiKONhey WebMaven!20:33
WebMavenHey philiKON!20:33
WebMavenphiliKON: I'm gonna start contributing as a reviewer soon.20:33
philiKONma shlomkha?20:33
WebMavenI was fired a week ago. So am doing the startup thing this time around.20:34
philiKONthat sucks. but good for you with the startup. and good luck!20:35
WebMavenThanks! I'll be able to spend more time on the community now.20:37
WebMavenwhere's the best place to jump into the review process now?20:37
philiKONgot my priv msg?20:37
WebMavenAh, OK.20:38
WebMavenphiliKON: Have you had any exp with SQLOS?20:40
philiKONnot much20:40
philiKONplayed with it long time ago20:40
WebMavenTrying to play with it, still haven't got all the pre-requisites setup correctly.20:42
WebMavenI'm surprised so little activity surrounds it.20:43
batloggJ1m: there?20:45
J1mbatlogg: yes20:47
WebMavenJ1m, what public articles about Zope3 do you think are missing?20:47
batlogghey J1m, do you have a sec to take a look at my svn access?20:48
J1mWebMaven: don't know20:48
J1mbatlogg: did you send a contributor agreement?20:48
batloggJ1m: yes, i faxed it roughly a month ago20:49
batlogg+ one for schwendinger20:49
WebMavenJ1m: OK, then what kinds of docs are currently missing?20:49
J1mWebMaven: don't know20:49
J1mbatlogg: do you have an exact date?20:50
WebMavenJ1m: Hmm. OK.20:50
philiKONWebMaven, browser around zope3-users20:50
* batlogg looks20:50
philiKONWebMaven, i'm sure there are a few re-occurring questions :)20:50
J1mIt's probably my fault, but I need to look for an email from the person who gets the faxes20:50
J1mTell all your fiends to bug me more quickly when you don't get commit access after emailing or faxing an agreement. :)20:53
* benji martials his army of fiends to do his bidding20:54
batloggJ1m: i think it was july 5th or 6th. unfortunatly our secretary isn't here anymore and i can't find the originals20:57
benjiWebMaven: if you want to help expand this I'd be glad to accept contributions :)21:00
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WebMavenbenji: Noted.21:15
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J1mbatlogg: ayt?21:29
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batloggJ1m: i'm here21:48
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J1mbatlogg: you sent the wrong contributor agreement.21:49
batloggcan you point me to the right url?21:49
J1mI tried to send a note at the time but I couldn't make out your email.21:49
batloggJ1m: np :)21:50
batloggJ1m: this seems like an old agreement...21:52
srichterJ1m: is this not the old one?21:52
srichterJ1m: I thought we switched to the new ones already21:52
J1mNo, the new one is currently linked to ZF membership and ZF contributor membership is by invitation.21:53
J1mWe want to change that.21:53
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srichteroh, that sucks21:54
srichterJ1m: can I invite Jodok? :-)21:54
J1mJust use the old agreement.21:54
J1mwe don't have a process yet for inviting new members.21:55
srichterI see21:55
batloggthat means the zope solution provider stuff... isn't ready yet too?21:55
J1mIn September, I want us to work on the "zope development process", once people are back from vacations.21:56
J1mHuh?  This isn't connected to being a solution provider.21:56
batloggJ1m: o.k.21:56
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philiKONsrichter, what J1m means is that the ZF currently doesn't have a way of determining which community memebers to invite to become zope committers21:59
philiKONwe obviously can't invite just anyone21:59
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philiKONit'll have to be based on merit etc.21:59
srichterphiliKON: yeah, I understood22:00
srichterJ1m: I really want to do Zope dev process going too; Lovely Systems is willing to pay for some of the ZSCP site and process as well22:00
philiKONsrichter, you doing full time for them now?22:01
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srichterphiliKON: no, but a lot of my time is spent here22:04
philiKONso you back in europe?22:04
mcdoncphiliKON: the current process for determining committerness I think is pretty mechanical; if you fill out the form, you can get access, no?22:07
philiKONright. that's the old contributor form22:07
mcdonc(at least that's how i understood it to work)22:07
philiKONthat process was ok just for committerness22:07
philiKONbut now committer members also dilute the vote to the board22:07
philiKONor at least they can take part as active members of the ZF, which also includes voting22:08
philiKONso, being a committer member is more than just being a committer in the old days22:08
mcdoncdoes one need to be a committer member to be a committer?22:08
mcdonc(are they equivalent?)22:09
philiKONcurrently no. at least practically not22:09
philiKONsince there are committers that aren't members22:09
J1mmcdonc: yes, and that's broken.22:09
philiKONnot sure about the future22:09
J1mIt doesn't matter atm because we haven't moved the repo to the foundation22:09
J1mThe plan is to decouple being a committer from being a committer member.22:10
philiKONJ1m, so you want to decouple committer membership from committer status?22:10
philiKONdidn't know about this plan22:10
philiKONbut makes sense22:10
mcdonca case of too-permissive access control ;-)22:11
batloggJ1m: what's the fax number?22:14
* philiKON hidees22:17
benjiis it or
philiKONbatlogg, that's where you can send a scanned version too22:20
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batloggJ1m: faxed it to 7039950412 - that's the phone number on three agreements: batlogg, mschwendinger, opetznick22:22
batloggit's dinner / bed time, would be great if we can have access tomorrow.22:23
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J1mk, as soon as I get the faxes, I'll grant access22:25
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J1mbatlogg: ayt?22:59
batloggJ1m: yes22:59
J1msee my private message23:00
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