IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-08-12

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philiKONJ1m, could it happen that a recent version of the test runner doesn't show tracebacks of failures and errors anymore?00:07
philiKONRunning unit tests:00:07
philiKON  Running:00:07
philiKON  Ran 61 tests with 1 failures and 0 errors in 1.078 seconds.00:07
philiKONwhat's the failure?00:07
J1mIt shows tracebacks and errors for me00:11
benjiperhaps try running without the dots?00:11
philiKONbenji, tried taht already00:11
philiKONweird, i get the failures for other packages00:12
philiKONnot for
philiKONthis smells like a bad cleanup of stdout00:12
philiKON(i bet the tests mess with stdout)00:12
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philiKONyup, they do00:13
philiKONi can't even pdb it00:14
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J1mah, yeah00:28
J1mRealize that they create subprocesses.00:29
J1mThose tests are nasty00:29
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SmokeyDgood morning12:13
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febbHi all20:03
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philiKONsrichter, ayt?20:47
srichterphiliKON: yes20:59
philiKONnm, figured it out20:59
philiKONnext time you remove something, see if it's actually not used :)21:00
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roymquestion on authentication: I find that if I authenticate myself to the22:48
roymRotterdam skin, I can then view paths in my custom skin fine. However, if22:48
roymI do the reverse, I have to reauthenticate myself to the rotterdam skin.22:49
roymAny ideas as to why?22:49
philiKONno but sounds wild :)23:00
roymphiliKON: I am using a PAU.. any tips as to how one goes about debugging authentication issues?23:04
philiKONhmm, i wouldn't even know where to start with this one, no23:05
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floxroym: are u sure this is related to skin? it looks weird...23:58

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