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roymflox: I am not really sure if it has to do with cookies or what... I00:04
roymhave a site A within the top level folder, and a PAU configured for00:04
roymsite A. The userid I am coming in as is not a PAU user, but a top00:04
roymlevel user (ie: configured in zcml).00:04
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roymit is accesses to /A/* that I see issues with (ie: reauthentication).00:05
floxi see:00:07
floxfirst u authenticate to /++skin++MySkin/A/@@index.html00:07
floxthen u visit /++skin++Rotterdam/A/@@index.html00:07
roymyes, exactly.00:07
floxand u have to authenticate again.00:07
roymyes - but not if I use the opposite sequence (ie: Rotterdam first).00:08
floxboth URL use same ip address, and same port, i assume00:08
floxi try this scenario on my  box...00:09
roymit could be a lack of understanding on my part, but MySkin inherits from Rotterdam.00:09
floxon my side, no such problem...00:11
floxdo use IP address or host name, to access ur server?00:11
roymit is a hostname (on my local network).00:12
roymwhy - would that make a difference?00:12
floxif ur browser authenticate on ur hostname, u are not authenticated for the IP address00:12
floxand the sam, the other way00:12
roymah, so one must not mix IP and hostnames00:13
roymhow does one debug authentication failures?00:13
floxlook at your code, if u mix ip and hostname00:13
roymit would be nice if there was some level of tracing as to why a plugin refused a login/password.00:13
floxhard to figure  out...00:14
roymok - will double check, but I am pretty sure I am consistent in my usage of hostname.00:14
floxtry to reach the server with IP adress00:14
floxand test ur bug, when u call only IP address in browser00:15
roymok - let me try that now.00:15
floxur server is behind Apache? or tandalone?00:15
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roymit is standalone (twisted).00:17
roymI have the same issues w/using an IP address - ie: have to reauth.00:17
roymSo what you're saying is that if one authenticates to a given skin, then that holds across all skings.00:18
roymwhen you tried it, did you login as a top level user into a PAU enabled site?00:19
floxAFAIK ur authentication should not change if u change from one skin to another00:20
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floxroym: i hv not done exactly ur use case.00:21
roymok - thanks for looking.. I will start w/pdb traces in the auth code to see what's going on.00:21
floxi try again, wait00:21
floxu use a ZCML user to do ur test, right?00:22
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roymyes - it is zcml user trying to get to a lower level site with its own PAU users.00:23
roym(sort of like a site admin).00:23
roymflox - If I turn on Unauthorized exceptions tracing, it tells me things like:00:24
roymUnauthorized: (< object at 0xa45813ec>, 'browserDefault', 'zope.ManageContent')00:25
roymI have never explicitly specified a 'browserDefault' anywhere in my zcml.00:25
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floxroym: on my instance, it does not work at all....00:27
floxi cannot authenticate with ZCML user on my sub-site00:28
floxif my sub-site use PAU, with Session-Credentials00:28
roymhave you moved the plugins to the right?00:29
floxi use zope 3.300:29
roymcredentials:basic-auth and session credentials00:29
floxyes, my PAU works good for Session Credentials, with my users00:29
floxbut if PAU is registered, i cannot authenticate with ZCML user...00:29
roymthat confuses me - wouldn't you expect that your zcml user should be able to visit sites below?00:30
floxmy ZCML user is just useful for development00:31
floxwait, i change my configuration00:31
floxbec i registered 2 PAU, one for root '/' and another for '/sub-site/'00:32
roymso are you able to visit the sub-site now?00:33
floxnow i hav only 1 ZCML user, and 1 PAU on the '/sub-site/' that store another user00:34
floxand when i visit /++skin++MySkin/A/ i cannot login with the ZCML user00:34
roymyou have to grant the zcml user rights to your site...00:35
floxthe ZCML user is zope.Manager...00:35
floxhe already has right to acces, i assume00:36
roymyeah - that should be plenty.00:36
flox1 question, which Zope version?00:36
floxand u use 'Session credentials' or 'Basic HTTP Auth'00:37
roymI use both 'Session credentials' or 'Basic HTTP Auth'00:37
roymand have the latest from trunk.00:37
roymsorry s/or/and/00:37
roymit is svn r69408 or later00:38
floxok, mine is the 3.3beta-100:38
roymooops - snv r6904900:38
floxi see that something is fixed on authentication for the trunk...00:39
floxmy version does not have the fix00:39
flox      - Fixed issue 663, adding basic auth and session-credential plugins didn't work.00:39
roymthat would explain it.00:40
roymI have found that getting authentication working w/a PAU to be very hard - on the plus side, I now have a better understanding of how this works, though obviously have a ways to go.00:40
flox /doc/CHANGES.TXT00:40
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floxi wish that next beta release come soon...00:41
floxor i will check from trunk, to upgrade our server, maybe00:41
roymmaybe then, you can try my use case.. thanks for helping.00:41
* flox is supporting philiKON idea to have another beta this week00:42
philiKONtomorrow :)00:42
floxgood news...00:42
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philiKONit's ok, we forgive you14:48
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MJFor anyone using Wing to develop Zope3 projects:18:38
philiKONMJ, approved your posting18:40
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philiKONhi zagy18:42
philiKONyou here for some z3 bugsquashing?18:42
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