IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-08-14

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d2mi found - by chance - the new checkins, does not show them -- is the checkins list maintained by hand ?10:52
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philiKONd2m, yes10:55
philiKONd2m, somebody needs to approve batlogg etc.10:55
d2mphiliKON: i see10:56
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philiKONall: bugday: thursday or friday?15:02
* philiKON votes: thursday15:02
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srichterphiliKON: what's left to do?15:15
philiKONfix bugs?!?15:15
srichterI think Thursday would be better too15:15
srichterwe will have that day for community work anyways15:16
srichterphiliKON: how many bugs are open?15:16
philiKONumm. ask the issue tracker?15:17
philiKON5 or so in category 3.3 release15:17
philiKON20 or so in category critical15:17
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srichterphiliKON: what package demonstrates the new ZCML directive decalration style (the one with
srichterI thought I saw a checking that did not use the metadirectives, metaconfigure and meta.zcml pattern anymore15:22
srichterI thought it changed to and meta.zcml15:22
philiKONi tend to do and meta.zcml15:22
philiKONwhere has the schemas and handlers15:22
philiKONzope.component, zope.i18n,, etc.15:23
benjisame here, philiKON15:23
srichterok, did you start this in the core already too?15:23
philiKONzope.sendmail too15:23
srichtergot it; thanks!15:24
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agroszerhi, srichter15:36
philiKONTheuni, don't get excited too soon. read my other emails...15:36
philiKONthe one about how i oculdn't make the beta...15:37
srichterphiliKON: I can do the release if you want15:39
srichteragroszer: hi15:39
philiKONsrichter, that's not the point15:39
philiKON1. we still have packaging bugs15:39
philiKONwell, there's 2. :)15:39
philiKONthere's no 2. :)15:39
agroszersrichter: do you remember the ZODBdebugger i started at the swisssprint? ;-)15:39
srichteragroszer: yes15:40
srichteris there something cool to see?15:40
philiKONsrichter, the tarball i built from the current branch doesn't work15:40
agroszeryep, coming slowly :-)15:40
philiKONtests seem to pass -- on linux, but i oculdn't get instances to start15:40
agroszerbut, where to put it on the svn?15:40
srichteragroszer: anywhere you like15:41
TheuniphiliKON: ok with me. i'll check in another bugfix then15:41
philiKONagroszer, namespace.packagename15:41
srichteragroszer: probably the z3c namespace15:41
srichteragroszer: yep15:41
philiKONwhat does zodbdebugger do?15:41
srichterphiliKON: yeah, that comes with the release manager job15:41
agroszerphiliKON: you can browse through the ZODB15:42
philiKONsrichter, well, whoever made 3.3b1 didn't do enough...15:42
agroszerit's a wx based stand-alone app15:42
philiKONagroszer, shouldn't it be zodbbrowser then?15:42
philiKONi mean, where's the debugging?15:42
agroszergood point15:42
srichteryou could also call it introspection or inspection15:42
srichteryou can debug model bugs15:43
srichter(for example)15:43
philiKONwell, yeah...15:43
agroszercurrently it is just a regular objecttree+properties viewer15:43
philiKONi'd call it zodbbrowser15:43
agroszerbut it's plugin based15:43
philiKONbut it's your thing :)15:44
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agroszerso as Stephan had the idea, somebody could extend it to view the transactions15:44
srichteragroszer: can you see the transactions already?15:45
agroszerok guys, I'll call it z3c.zodbbrowser15:45
agroszersrichter: not yet :-(15:45
srichteragroszer: that's ok; I am still very excited15:45
agroszerI fiddled with the plugin 'system'15:46
srichterI think it will be a great educational tool too for beginners15:46
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srichterktwilight: and who are you? :-) (Welcome!)15:46
agroszeryeah, to see what is stored really and how15:46
philiKONi don't understand why this can't be a web view15:47
ktwilightjust a passerby :)15:47
philiKONwhy does this have to be wx?15:47
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srichterphiliKON: because its a ZODB tool and not a Zope tool15:47
srichterand I think wx is much more scalable for this thing15:47
philiKONuh huh15:47
agroszerusable, I'll say15:48
srichteryeah, as in tree view15:48
philiKONit's not like we don't have trees in zope :)15:48
agroszerok, I'll post an [ANN] to the lists as soon as something is there15:50
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Bernulfhi - small question about IContainer and so in zope 3. here is the code I have a SiteContainer which should hold other SiteContainer and Site's. I use a dotted String to ItemTypePrecondition because of cyclic dependecies. It works fine if i only define ISite to Precondition but i cant add ISiteContainer this way - so how to say siteContainer that he is able to hold instances of SiteContainer? :)15:59
srichterBernulf: pastebin did not work16:02
srichterktwilight: what's your name?16:02
Bernulfi added it to but somehow its very slow :(16:05
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Bernulfoh thank you! I also found this contrains.txt in - so this means that this __setitem__.precondition thing isn't needed16:18
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philiKONTheuni, don't forget CHANGES.txt entry on 3.3 branch16:38
Theuniah darn. thanks.16:39
philiKONTheuni, what about #574? is the branch ready?16:41
Theunialmost. j1m reviewed it and approved it with one minor issue (switching away from ztapi). i'll get that fixed today and merge it then.16:42
philiKONztapi sux16:42
philiKONonly 3 zope3.3-relevant bugs left then16:43
TheuniJ1m: after adding 3.3 as a severity in the collector, could you also add 3.4 so people can start assigning features to that?16:48
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J1mThere is already an entry for 3.4 alpha 116:54
philiKONah, found it16:55
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batloggJ1m: who's moderating the z3-checkins mailman? it seems like i'm (or the svn-script) is not allowed to post for batlogg17:22
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philiKONbatlogg, J1m does17:29
philiKONbatlogg, but you can also simply subscribe to the lists17:29
philiKONand set your mail delivery option to off17:29
philiKONthen you won't ge tthe emails but are allowed to post17:29
batloggphiliKON: thanks, that what i just did :)17:29
J1mI haven't seen moderatpr email in a while17:29
batlogg(after some thinking) :)17:29
J1mI wonder why17:29
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TheuniphiliKON: just a small note: i think "rejected" would have been the correct solution for that bug18:16
Theuni'wontfix' acknowledges a bug as reproducable but we won't fix it, whereas reject/invalid says the behaviour can't be reproduced.18:17
philiKONok. will fix18:17
philiKONTheuni, done. thanks for the suggestion18:18
Theunithanks too18:18
philiKONif only all bugs were like that18:19
philiKONat least were' down to 18 critical18:19
philiKONand 3 minus 1 for zope 3.318:19
philiKONerr, 4 minus 118:19
Theuni3 minus 1?18:19
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philiKONJ1m, Theuni, are you going to ploneconf?18:30
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philiKONi'm going to announce a bugday for thursdya now19:07
philiKONany objections in the next 10 seconds please19:07
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febbhi all20:39
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WebMavenDoes anyone have a use-case or requirements gathering system based on Zope?21:53
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mexiKONJ1m, you won't be surprised to hear this, but i thought i'd let you know:22:09
mexiKONi'm working on my book right now, the chapter on Sites22:09
mexiKONi'm actually deletiing more than half of the text22:09
mexiKONwithout any necessary replacement22:09
mexiKONtalk about simplification :)22:10
J1mThat's great22:18
J1mAlso, I'm not planning to go to the plone conf22:18
srichterbtw, I probably need to do the site/ZCML declaration work for work, so I might provide that soonish22:20
mexiKONsrichter, no SoC project?22:20
srichtermexiKON: no, Plone did not get many projects22:21
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philiKONJ1m, ZEO tests seem to pass now. but they run very slowly, cpu isn't even over 30% usage. is that normal?23:30
philiKONah, actually, now i get a time out23:30
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J1mphiliKON: yes, that is normal.23:39
philiKONJ1m, even the timeout error: ?23:40
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