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SmokeyDhey, when you submit a form, is a new instance created of the form class?08:31
SmokeyDor is the instance of the form class used which was created when you first requested the form?08:34
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SmokeyDphiliKON, when I submit a form, is a new instance created of the form class or is the instance used that was created with the first request for the form?09:38
philiKONviews are always recreated09:38
SmokeyDIt looks like the latter09:38
philiKONthey're adapters09:38
philiKONevery time you adapt, you create09:38
SmokeyDok, so you create a new instance09:39
SmokeyDevery time09:39
SmokeyDwouldn't it be easier with forms to reuse the same instance09:39
philiKONhttp has no state. how would you keep the instance?09:39
SmokeyDthat way you could save data in the instance, instead of passing it as a hidden for field09:39
SmokeyDyeah that's true09:39
SmokeyDthroug a session?09:40
SmokeyDI don't know if zope has anything like sessions like in PHP\09:40
philiKONsure it does09:40
philiKONsessions aren't PHP's idea09:40
philiKONstill, too much overhead09:41
philiKONTheuni, ping09:41
SmokeyDhmm, ok, but now I have to create hidden form fields for the temp[orary data that I want to keep09:41
SmokeyDwell, I need to get data in order to render the form. But the data to retrieve depends on some state variable. Now I have to pass that varialbe in the form, which means I have to first execute the for action, then retrieve the data,m and then render the form09:42
SmokeyDwhich is changing the whole order forms are normally executed09:43
philiKONi don't understand, but that's because my mind is currently on other thigns... sorry09:43
SmokeyDnormally you first create the form fields, but before creating the I need data from an sql database, which depends again on that state variable, so I need to process the submitted data before I can create my form fields09:44
SmokeyDsince the state variable might be passed as a hidden field by the form09:45
SmokeyDor I could first create the form fields with default data, then process the submitted data, and if the state variable was passed in the form, recreate the form fields with new data09:47
SmokeyD"  but that's because my mind is currently on other thigns... sorry" <didn't read that part, sorry09:49
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SmokeyDhey, question. I'm going to use the zope sessions. But about the overhead, where is the overhead heaviest, on the creation and maintaining of the session, or the storing and retrieving of an individual variable?12:26
SmokeyDIn other words, once I use the session, is it little more overhead with each variable I store in it, or does the overhead increase a lot with each extra variable stored in it12:26
* SmokeyD enjoys Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzg - Dream A Little Dream Of Me (03:09) ()12:31
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philiKONTheuni, ping14:08
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philiKONflox|away, ping14:49
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philiKONflox, can you make a changes.txt entry for your change on the 3.3 branch?14:50
philiKONthe one about issue 38314:50
philiKONreading issue 383 transcript, it looks like it isn't fixed yet, just circumvented with proper documentation ,right?14:51
floxit depends14:51
floxi think the doc fix is enough..14:51
philiKONwe should discuss this thursday14:51
philiKONflox, perhaps you can write a follow up to 383, asking whether this issue can be closed now14:52
floxif u always give the host, there's no bug14:52
philiKONwoudl also be a good idea to mention your changes14:52
philiKONflox, true, but sometimes you just don't care about specifying the host.14:52
floxbut if u miss the hostname or the ip, it behave differently on *nix and windows14:52
philiKONi guess specifying means all hosts?14:52
philiKONright, that's still a bug though14:53
philiKONif it's ok to say "address 8080", then it shoudl behave correctly14:53
philiKONon both platforms14:53
philiKONthinknig about this now, we can't close 383 just yet14:53
floxno, we can't.14:53
floxbut it is lower importance14:53
philiKONbut perhaps you can still write a follow up mentioning your changes14:53
floxok, i'll do14:53
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J1mfaassen: ayt?16:01
faassenJ1m: sorry about that, now I am16:07
faassenJ1m: setting up the skype, a moment16:07
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floxthanks, benji16:18
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floxhi benji, philiKON20:37
floxabout #383, we hv to do something, we cannot let without any comment?20:37
floxi agree we cannot change behaviour for non-Windows platforms20:38
floxso, we should bind to all interfaces by default20:38
floxis there any problem if we keep 'address' for next releases?20:39
philiKONflox, that's not the point20:39
philiKONaddress 8080  shoudl work too20:39
floxthis way the use know the right syntax if he need to bind differently20:40
philiKONwell, ok, let's separate this20:41
philiKONthere's a *bug*20:41
philiKONa software bug20:41
philiKONthat's what 383 is a bout20:41
philiKONyou're suggestion in addition to that to enhance the documentation of zope.conf20:41
philiKONby stating a more epxlicit example20:41
philiKONthat's ok20:41
philiKONbut not enough to fix 38320:41
floxphiliKON: i agree 'address 8080' should work. But it is better to give comment about the issue in zope.conf, so the new user is not lost20:41
philiKONye syes yes20:42
philiKONbut fix 383 first :)20:42
floxi've not enough knowledge for that... :-(20:42
philiKONthat's what you think20:42
philiKONyou'd be surprised20:42
floxi appreciate your support :-)20:43
floxi'll change the fix, and the CHANGES.TXT, to tell 'Workaround' instead of 'Fixed'20:44
philiKONi would back the whole revision out until we come up with a solution20:44
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floxphiliKON: better to revert this '' patch completely?20:46
philiKONthat's what i think20:47
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floxnot fair for windows user, they have no clue how to map to all network interfaces...20:48
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floxi will change on Thursday. i will try to look at the core bug on ZConfig, too20:51
philiKONflox, i'm not syaing it should be reverted permanently20:53
philiKONbut simply documenting over bugs isn't the solution either20:54
philiKONfix + docs is a better combo20:54
floxi agree we keep #383 opened, bec not fixed.20:54
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floxping philiKON21:41
floxwhat is default startup message, when HTTP server is started?21:41
floxwhen config is 'address 8080' or similar21:42
floxu hav a box on Linux with default config, where u can try and tell me?21:42
floxon Windows i hav:21:43
flox"2006-08-15T20:28:38 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:333 Server started."21:43
flox(for example)21:43
philiKON2006-08-15T19:05:54 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:8080 Server started.21:43
philiKONis what i have21:43
floxeven if ur server biind to any ineterface ????21:43
philiKONlemme check21:43
floxstrange thing21:43
philiKON  type HTTP21:44
philiKON  address 808021:44
floxok, i think this is a bug21:44
floxit should give you on which interface it is running....21:45
floxon your case, it should be ''21:45
floxu don't think so?21:45
floxphiliKON: we are free to change ''? the bug #383 is within this package....21:46
floxi go to hav dinner, i try to make a fix, after21:46
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