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ignassrichter: ayt?14:47
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baijumcan anyone here make me a Zope3-dev collector 'supporter' ?15:22
d2mbaijum: ok, i'll so15:22
baijumd2m, thanks :)15:23
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guruzwhat is the best way to have a object being prevented from getting renamed or moved?16:34
mgedminregister an IObjectMovedEvent and raise an exception, so the transaction gets aborted?16:36
srichterdon't give the user access to that functionality16:36
srichterright, that's even better :-)16:36
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roymThis may sound trivial, but I am not sure how I would add a16:55
roymfavicon.ico to my root folder so that accesses of the form16:55
roymhttp://myhost/favicon.ico resolve correctly. Adding it as16:55
royma resource requires a syntax of /@@/favicon.ico, it seems.16:55
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srichterroym: I would search the code for favicon.ico and see what happens17:03
benjisrichter: I apparently have a gift for starting flame wars, if only I could make money from that somehow17:11
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srichterbenji: no problem; I am not mad, I just think I am right ;-)17:16
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benjiheh :)17:16
srichterobviously I care a lot about this issue too, otherwise I would not have taken the time to respond17:16
ignasis there a reason for not having <content_provider /> zcml directive, while having <viewlet_manager /> and <viewlet />17:24
srichterignas: because content providers are just a form of adapters17:26
srichterignas: though I would have nothing against such a directive17:26
ignasahh, I just saw that viewlet's are performing some special stuff in the directive17:26
ignasjust that it's easier to create a viewlet_manager than a simple content_provider17:27
srichterbenji: wow, this flamewar of yours is taking off nicely17:29
benjijust call me "firestarter"17:29
srichterbenji: you just gotta tell me your receipe; I guess a lot of ethanol and oxygen17:30
benjiactually, srichter, I prefer thermite17:31
srichterhe he17:32
benjithermite video:
volvoxthere are some nice neodymium videos, also..17:38
srichterbenji: I know you would like that17:40
benjiwho's that?17:40
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roymsrichter: searching thru trunk sources yields no hits on favicon.ico. The only way I can think of now is to create a directory named favicon.ico and have its default view serve out the image. Surely, there must be an easier way (I fon't want to have to serve this out of apache either).17:58
mgedminwhy not?  apache is good for you18:00
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roymmgedmin: :)18:04
mgedminstevea once said that he would never expose a zope directly over http, because it didn't have some safety features that apache had (sanitizing urls, etc)18:05
roymDidn't realize you were serious - that is a good point... in a test setup, I would like to do things w/just Zope is all I meant.18:06
roymBy the way, SchoolTool has a resource decl. for favicon.ico. that looks like:  <resource name="favicon.ico" file="resources/favicon.ico" ...>18:07
roymWill this work without the "@@" prefix?18:07
SteveAI would never expose a zope directly over http, because it doesn't have some of the protections that the apache developers have taken so much care over, sanitizing urls etc.18:10
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roymSteveA, mgedmin: thanks... that would help w/my javascript issues as well. Currently, I cannot serve out many of the dojo/mochikit files as even resources are interpreted by the TAL parser if they have the .html suffix18:20
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mgedminiirc schooltool has a view named favicon.ico18:26
mgedmineither that, or it has a <meta> element that tells firefox where to find the favicon18:26
ignas<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="http://localhost:7080/@@/favicon.ico" />18:35
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febbhi all20:25
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projekt01benji, ayt?21:02
projekt01I need a batching library, do you know if tehre is one somewhere?21:02
projekt01Does zc allready have a btach lib or should we implement and add one to z3c?21:04
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benjisorry, projekt01... reading21:12
benjiprojekt01: there is no good batching library right now, zc.table has plug points for it (and I /think/ we open sourced a batcher for it)21:14
benjiI'd really like to see a well designed batcher21:14
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projekt01benji, thanks, I think we will add a batching lib in the next iteration and use the bugtracker batch for the first prototype21:19
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