IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-09-13

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xenruphiliKON: hi00:20
xenrusaw your email, thx00:20
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philiKONthe fact that principals are allowed to do what their groups are allowed to do is a policy decision, right?01:20
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febbhi philiKON,  how are you ?03:09
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einshi all08:17
febbhi eins08:18
einsmorning febb ;)08:20
febbguess that's good morning for you also, right ?   are you in Lithuania ?08:21
einsyup, Lithuania;) it's early morning here, 8am08:24
febbhere its just half hour  past midnight.08:28
einswhere it's "here"?:)08:35
febbhere is Mexico City, Mexico.08:39
einsuhh, far far away;)08:40
febbyou bet we are far away.... but so "close" through this thing, anyway  :)     So, are you a Zope3 developer ?08:41
einsnot developing z3 in any way;) simply our company is using z3 for its projects08:45
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baijumthis file is not accessible for anonymous yet:
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* philiKON fixes09:31
philiKONbaijum, fixed09:31
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einshi philiKON09:38
einshow do I attach two files in issue collector?09:38
einsromanofski hi09:39
romanofskihey eins :)09:40
einsnever mind philiKON, I've figured that out myself;)09:43
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baijum_now only release critical bugs accepted in 3.3 branch ?09:45
philiKONthere aren't any release critical bugs atm though09:46
philiKONunless you found one :)09:46
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einshmm somebody could fix that since it's a trivial one09:48
baijum_eins: it can go to 3.3.1 release, I think09:49
baijum_not in 3.3.009:49
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philiKONeins, hey eins, could you perhaps create a unified diff?10:02
philiKONdiff -u10:02
philiKONit's easier to read10:02
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einssure philiKON ;)10:08
einsphiliKON did that;) thanks10:13
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baijumthis command doesn't create Makefile, also not shows any error (see there is typo in 'prefix') ./configure --with-python=/megadisk/zopy/bin/python2.4 --preifx=/megadisk/zopy/z33c110:50
* baijum wonder whether this is a "release critical"10:51
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baijumphiliKON, ping11:38
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philiKONbaijum, pong11:38
baijumcan you try this: ./configure --wrongarg11:38
baijumin 3.3c111:38
baijumsee this,
philiKONi wonder why > @2 doesn't work11:40
philiKONthat should output to stderr, right?11:40
baijumI am new to bash programming11:40
baijumif I apply that patch it shows notice and usage11:40
* baijum just asked this in #bash channel, but no reply yet11:41
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jhauserit's 2>11:52
baijumjhauser: an example?11:54
jhauser? I think the std error redirection is 2>11:54
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baijumcan you update configure in 3.3c1 and see whether that shows error?11:56
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baijum3.2.1 also has the same problem, I think11:57
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* philiKON tries12:06
baijumphiliKON, this patch
philiKONbatch is such a sucky scripting lang12:06
baijumphiliKON, if it's ok, where to commit it?12:07
philiKONbaijum, i would suggest you open a collector issue first and upload the patch there12:08
philiKONthen you can fix the bug in zpkttools12:08
philiKONbut don't include the new zpkgtools in the zope 3 branches yet12:08
philiKONwe're in release candidate mode12:09
philiKONyou can then write a comment to the issue and say you fixed it in zpkgtools, but not in zope yet12:09
philiKONthen jim or whoever can decide12:10
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baijumphiliKON, done12:35
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philiKONhey benji15:21
benjihi, philiKON15:21
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tlotzeA question re formlib:15:39
tlotzeThe action decorator creates a new list of actions for a class if the class (itself, not taking into account its bases) doesn't have one.15:40
tlotzeThis means actions are not inherited by subclasses, but trashed instead.15:40
philiKONthe @action decorator can't work in any other way15:41
philiKONbecause at the time it is executed, the class doesn't exist yet15:41
tlotzeI know that.15:41
philiKONin fact, it probably uses the _getframe(1) hack to put the actions thing in there15:41
philiKONok :)15:41
* philiKON lets tlotze finish the question15:41
tlotzeSo is it wanted behaviour, or just a hard bug to fix?15:41
tlotzeI mean, is it really impossible by doing even nastier things than looking at the caller locals to find out about the base?15:42
philiKONwell, there would be ways to do it with a decorator and still support inherited actions, i guess15:42
tlotzeAnswering this myself would probably mean to dig into the Python source, so I thought I'd ask first.15:43
philiKONoff of the top of my head:15:43
tlotzeAnd would such a fix be wanted?15:43
philiKONthat's the question15:43
philiKONthere should be a way to get rid of actions from the super class15:43
philiKONbut it seems rather implicit the way it's currently done15:43
tlotzeI guess the default is to add to the base actions.15:44
philiKONfixing this behaviour might also open a can of worms15:44
philiKONi've already written apps that rely on that behaviour15:44
tlotzeDecorators in the same class add to the same set of actions, after all, instead of stepping on each others' toes.15:44
tlotzeTrashing the base actions should be explicit IMO.15:44
philiKONi would bring this up on the list15:44
philiKONsmarter people than me should worry about that15:45
philiKONall i know is that there are apps to break15:45
tlotzeWhich one? zope3-dev? Or a more specific one?15:45
philiKONincl. some of mine ;)15:45
philiKONyeah, zope3-dev15:45
philiKONperhaps we can add a hook that lets you explicitly keep actions from the base class15:45
philiKONclass FooForm(BaseForm):15:46
tlotzeSo until there's a decision, we should accept the current behaviour as wanted, right?15:46
philiKON    keepactionsfrom(BaseForm)15:46
philiKONwell, "wanted" is such a strong word ;)15:46
tlotzeThat's better than the current state.15:46
tlotzeStrong... actually fixing things is a strong action ;o=15:46
philiKONtlotze, are you coming to bonn?15:47
tlotzeleaving from Halle in 15 minutes15:47
philiKONlooking forward to meetin gyou again15:47
tlotzeme too15:47
* philiKON is leaving freiburg tomorrow morning, 5:5215:47
philiKONand i won't even miss the keynote15:47
* philiKON hugs new ice trains15:47
tlotzeThat's a tight schedule...15:47
tlotzeSo Freiburg is actually connected to the rest of the world in any notable way? *duck15:48
philiKONice to frankfurt, then to bonn15:48
tlotzeI see15:48
philiKONyeah, freiburg is on the basel<->berlin track15:48
philiKONso, we get an ice every hour15:49
philiKONi was stunned how well the connection to western germany is15:49
tlotzeAll I've noticed so far is that it's a pain to get there from Halle.15:49
philiKONfreiburg -> frankfurt airport 2 hours flat15:49
philiKONfreiburg -> bonn/siegburg less than 3 hours15:49
philiKONhmm. i might have to change trains in mannheim instead of frankfurt15:50
* philiKON checks15:50
philiKONoh. not even have to change trains15:50
tlotzeA good thing at that time of day.15:50
philiKONtlotze, so, you're doing lots of z3 dev nowadays, eh?15:51
tlotzeRecently, yes.15:51
tlotzeFor appropriate values of "recently"...15:52
tlotzeWe'd been working on that app I'm working on now from the beginning of the year or so.15:52
tlotzeBut with considerable breaks.15:53
philiKONkannste mir morgen ja mal erzaehlen ;)15:53
tlotzeOh, BTW, today I run the thing against the 3.3.0 RC1. No problems.15:53
philiKONwe hope to have 3.3.0 final next week15:54
philiKONit's good that you guys are testing against the new releases15:54
tlotzeYes, I read the recent threads on zope3-dev this morning on the train... and decided to just give it a try :o)15:55
philiKONwhat wer eyou developing with earlier? ozpe 3.2?15:55
philiKONthat's good to hear15:55
tlotzeWe moved to 3.3 a couple of weeks ago, and today I upgraded from that state of the branch to the RC.15:56
tlotzeTending to the deprecation warnings produced a couple of sighs of relief. The skin stuff is much nicer now, for instance.15:57
philiKONheh, i'm glad to hear that15:57
philiKONi did that simplification :)15:57
tlotzeah, great work - thanks :o)15:58
tlotzeJust a pity that there are some warning left which originate from within Zope...15:58
philiKONthat shouldn't happen15:59
philiKONwhat's the warning15:59
tlotze/home/thomas/Zope/Zope3-branch-3.3/src/zope/configuration/ DeprecationWarning: has moved to zope.annotation. Import of will become unsupported in Zope 3.515:59
tlotzefor example15:59
tlotzeOr do I misinterpret something?15:59
philiKONno, that's in your zcml15:59
philiKONyes :)15:59
philiKONgrep for
tlotzeHm, that does occur in my zcml. damn16:00
tlotzeBut then at least allow me to complain about the warning not being clear enough ;o)16:00
philiKONyes, it's a pity16:01
tlotzeI mean ,not the text16:01
philiKONbut hard to improve16:01
philiKONbecause zcml just imports stuff for you16:01
philiKONso it looks like zcml is importing it16:01
philiKONperhaps zcml could enhance warnings with a filename + line conetxt somehow16:01
philiKON(custom warning writer)16:01
tlotzewould be an idea16:02
tlotzeHow much work would that be?16:02
* tlotze takes notes on things to look at on the train...16:03
philiKONi don't even know hwether it'd be feasible16:03
philiKONar eally really simple "fix" would be:16:03
philiKONbefore zcml does the __import__, it replaces the warning handler with one that prints the warning + the current zcml file + line info16:04
philiKONafter the __import__ statement it puts back the old one16:04
philiKONbut that's more of a hack...16:04
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tlotzeI'll take a look, maybe I see something....16:05
tlotzeWell, seems like we're going to leave for the meeting.16:08
tlotzeCU philiKON & the rest16:08
philiKONsee ya16:09
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ignas /@@/ view for resources is in the view namespace or is it in some separate namespace ?18:11
philiKONignas, /@@/ denotes a view with the name ''18:12
philiKON(empty string)18:12
philiKONit's a "regular" browser view registered for ISite18:12
philiKONthat fetches resources when it's traversed over18:12
ignasi see so if i will add my own custom traverser in the 'view' namespace i should handle an empty view if i want resources to work18:13
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philiKONignas, uh, yeah, guess so18:13
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mgedminuh, I cannot access
mgedminI get a "Insufficient Privileges" page20:07
mgedminI wanted to add a comment that that bug is known and fixed in
srichtermgedmin: same here20:09
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mgedminwho has admin privileges on the collector? J1m?20:13
d2msrichter, mgedmin: i see you have both logged in but you are bot not in LDAP user caches20:13
d2mmaybe logout and login again ?20:13
mgedminother issues work, #708 gives me "insufficient privs"20:14
d2mmgedmin: i see you are authenticated in LDAP caches now20:14
d2mmgedmin: maby someone changed the secuttty settings ?20:14
mgedminI'd suspect a browser cache, it takes too long to get that error message for this explanation to be plausible20:15
d2mmgedmin: you cannot upload a file, just comment on taht issue20:15
mgedminI cannot even *view* that issue20:16
mgedminit has an attachment (, maybe that's what makes it different from the other issues that I can view?20:16
d2mmgedmin: rigt, cannt be viewed as anonymous :(20:17
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d2mok, someone (who?) appearently changed the security settings on
J1mNot me20:24
J1mI wish all objects had a history tab even if the history didn't allow time travel.20:25
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J1md2m, if this is important, I could go to a Zope prompt and get the transaction history for that object.20:26
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d2mJ1m: can you open this ?
d2mAccess to 'id' of (File at /zopeorg/Collectors/Zope3-dev/708/form.txt.diff) denied20:43
J1mNo, that was not found or expired20:45
d2mwait a sec20:46
J1mi got it20:46
J1mright, so it is an unauthorized error.20:46
J1mI can access that issue20:47
J1mYou can't?20:47
d2mno, anonymous access is denied20:48
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J1mHm, seems to be just that issue.20:49
d2mmaybe we just rename that attachment file ?20:50
J1mAlthough, I suppose it could affect other issues with attachments.20:51
J1mIs there something off about the attachement name?20:51
J1mHm, does seem to have custom settings for that file.20:52
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d2mi see it too, i'll change the security settings for the file20:53
J1mI just did, but it didn't seem to help.20:53
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febbhi all20:57
J1md2m, I don't know.20:58
J1mIt's tempting to download the file and reattach it.21:00
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J1mRemoving the file makes the issue display21:01
J1mI reattached the file21:04
J1mIt seems to be working now21:04
d2mworks ok now -- maybe 'eins' changed the local roles of that object too21:05
d2mthanks for you help21:06
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