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WebMavenAre there any SQLOS users here?03:25
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SmokeyDhi people, I've got a small problem. I am building an app. I've defined my schemas and forms and views and stuff. I have also partially implemented the system (test version). Now I want to add a few extra attributes to one of the zope objects. I add them to the schema of the corresponding object, but now the edit form of that object (a formlib form) starts to complain when setting up the widgets that the attribute I just added to the sche16:07
SmokeyDma does not exist yet with this particular object16:07
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wiggyprobably need some generation magic to update your content16:08
SmokeyDI guess16:08
SmokeyDbut how to do that easiest16:08
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regebroSmokeyD: I think all you need is a default in the schema.16:14
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SmokeyDregebro: no it doesn't work. I think I had the problem before. Then it was easier to solve with just a hasattr(). Now the attribute gets it's value through a vocabulary16:17
regebroOK, so the default is only used when not having an object then. Ehum. That's a bit annoying.16:18
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SmokeyDindeed. I think I will override one of the formlib methods and catch AttributeError16:19
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wiggythat sounds like a workaround16:19
SmokeyDindeed, not a very clean one, but It will work for now16:19
SmokeyDThis is just a test version of the app16:20
SmokeyDanyway, so I will remove it in the final release16:20
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SmokeyDI solved my problem by overriding the setUpWidgets method of the edit form, and defining my own setUpEditWidgets instead of using formlib.form.setUpEditWidgets. My setUpEditWidgets is almost the same, except that it catches an attribute error at value=field.get(adapter) and sets the attribute on the adapter if it is not there yet17:56
SmokeyDThen another question17:57
SmokeyDit it possible to edit the __name__ attribute of a zope object after it is created?17:57
SmokeyDOr will that give trouble?17:57
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benjiSmokeyD: I don't know much about it, but I think you want to adapt (something, either the container or the item) to IContainerItemRenamer18:23
benjithan call its renameItem method18:23
SmokeyDok, thanks18:24
benjithere's also IObjectMover, just in case18:24
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mgedminfwiw IContainerItemRenamer is build on top of IObjectMover18:24
mgedminwell, not the interface18:25
mgedminbut the adapter that provides it18:25
benjiahh, ok18:25
SmokeyDok, thnks18:28
SmokeyDWell, I've run into another problem first :)18:28
SmokeyDWhen can you get ForbiddenAttribute Errors?18:29
SmokeyDI'm trying to display an edit form (formlib form)18:29
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SmokeyDbut setUpEditWidgets returns an ForbiddenAttribute error for one of the attributes18:29
SmokeyDthe attribute is defined in a schema from which the schema that describes the object for which the edit form is registered, inherits18:30
SmokeyDI've got a schema called IAddress. It contains a TextLine attribute called address18:31
SmokeyDIGroup inherits from IAddress, and class Group implements IGroup. If I call an editform on an instance of Group, I get the ForbiddenAttribute Error18:32
SmokeyDabout the address attribute18:32
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benjihow do you have the security set up on those objects?18:33
mnordgrensounds like you need to give permission on the IAddress in your class="Group"18:34
SmokeyDok, yeah, I think so too. Thanks18:37
mnordgreni do that all the time :)18:37
SmokeyDI don't see where I forgot it yet, but I think it should be something like that18:37
SmokeyDno permissions are listed in @@instrospector for the Group instance18:37
SmokeyDI forgot to define specify the Group class as a content object and within the content definition the permissions in the configure.xcml file18:40
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batloggJ1m: would you mind processing the contributor agreement of stsblacky?21:35
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J1mbatlogg: no, where is it?21:56
batloggwe faxed it yesterday to zc, J1m21:56
J1mk, I haven't gotten it yet.21:56
J1mI don't get the faxes directly.21:57
J1mok, we have it21:58
J1mI'll do it in a few minutes21:58
batloggo.k. :) let's try tomorrow22:03
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J1mbatlogg: done22:05
batloggJ1m: perfect. thanks!22:05
batloggJ1m: we'd like to become solution provider. are you the right person to handle that?22:06
J1mFill out the membership agreement:22:08
J1mand ....22:08
J1mLet's see:22:08
J1mYou submit them the same way you would submit a committer agreement:22:10
J1mThat is by mailing/faxing/emailing to the places mentioned in the committer agreement.22:10
J1mah, see:22:11
J1mwhich gives instructions.22:11
batloggo.k., so that process is up :)22:11
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wiggyis the openid.cryptutil module going to stay around?22:55
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benjiwiggy: what are you talking about? :)23:04
wiggythat should have gone to the next window :)23:05
benjiheh :)23:05
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rocky|awayquick question, if i have a bunch of widgets all registered for the same field, how does the logic know which widget to use by default?23:47
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* rocky is just getting into widgets and understanding that widgets are multi-adapters for the field and request23:47
benjirocky: I don't know for sure, but would guess that it uses the normal adapter precidence rules23:52
rockybenji: when the field interfaces being adapted are identical wouldn't that mean it's random? or alphabetical? or?23:52
benjiI don't think that question makes sense. :)23:53
benjiso the multi-adapter from (IFooField, IRequest) to ISomething is being looked up...23:53
benjiif you do that look up twice (for two different fields of the same type, say) it'll return the same result each time23:54
rockybut i guess i just don't know what that same something will be each time23:54
benjiif, OTOH, you register an adapter when there is already an adapter for that exact set of interfaces registered, the new one will override the other23:54
rockyoh? that i didn't realize23:55
benjithere can be only one </highlander>23:55
rockystill don't know which one wins tho23:57
rockyi mean which one is the overriding one23:57
rockythe last to zcml load i guess23:57
benjithe last one wins23:57
benjiactually, I /believe/ the ZCMl machinery adds another layer on top, so you can't register an adapter for the same interfaces twice, you have to use overrides for that (but I'm not sure)23:58
benjiit'd be easy enough to try and see23:58

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