IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-01-16

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WebMavenJ1m: I made a checkin yesterday before I subscribed to the zope-checkins list.01:44
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WebMavenDoes anyone here use GPG to routinely sign their emails?03:20
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WebMavenHow can I access a attribute of an object's parent during the objects creation (ie. in it's __init__)?04:15
WebMavenor otherwise pass a parent attribute to the object's constructor?04:30
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srichterWebMaven: you can't; during initialization the parent does not exist05:02
WebMavensrichter: OK, thanks. I think I figured out an alternate way of doing what I need. surprisingly, SQLAlchemy takes care of it rather nicely.05:04
WebMavenI now have a mostly functional nested container example.05:05
WebMavenit's just doing some odd things with copy/paste and cut/paste.05:06
WebMavencut/paste results in the objects being deleted, copy/paste moves them.05:07
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Bhaskarcan i get online training about zope05:42
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WebMavenOK, why are my checkin messages still bouncing?10:09
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WebMavend2m: do you know anything about checkins?10:15
d2mWebMaven: what info do you need ?10:19
WebMavenWell, I am doing checkins, and I am subscribed to the zope-checkins list, but my checkin messages are still bouncing.10:20
d2mWebMaven: i guess, z3c.zalchemy needs to be added to the checkins list10:23
d2mWebMaven: best ask philiKON_10:25
WebMavenHmm. OK.10:25
WebMavenphiliKON_: AYT?10:26
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WebMavenJ1m: Hi16:44
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WebMavenJ1m: ayt?16:52
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ignashow does one package an egg without binary parts pyx, so stuff?17:33
ignasi want them to get built on the machine that is installing the egg17:34
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ignasJ1m: hi, do you have a few minutes of spare time?19:20
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Theuniignas: i don't get your question19:34
ignaswell, if i do python bdist_egg, i get a package that contains ubuntu specific .so file19:36
Theuniah. you want a source release?19:36
ignasif that's how it's called :)19:37
Theunitry python sdist19:37
Theuniright. that's it.19:37
ignascool :)19:37
Theuniyou can upload that to pypi and easy_install will use it.19:37
* Theuni waits for details of the EuroPython conference in vilnius ...19:38
ignascan't help you with that ;) Aiste might now something i guess :)19:39
TheuniHmm. Guess so.19:39
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AisteTheuni: everything is stalling with EP, waiting for the board meeting of Ep society, or whatever it is called19:55
TheuniSounds a bit like the meeting hasn't been scheduled yet?19:56
Aistethere was an attept to schedule it as far as I knoe19:56
Aistebut as I'm not a member of EPS, I wouldn't know all the details19:57
ignassounds reassuring19:57
Aistegah, my typing skills are deteriorating19:57
Theuniignas: that were the words i was looking for, thanks19:57
Aisteyeah, well, I know that EP will take place in Vilnius as now I am personally responsible for paying half the amount for renting the venue if it doesn't happen :)19:58
Aisteok, must run19:58
Theunithanks for the clarification19:58
* Theuni puts away the travel booking sites for today19:59
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philiKONignas: don't provide a binary egg at all but just a in a tgz. i think easy_install is smart enough to untar the tarball and run build20:14
ignasphiliKON: sdist was the thing that i wanted20:15
ignasdid just what i wanted20:15
philiKONthat'\s what i meant20:15
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yohskarhi all, i have a problem with some functional tests, could anyonw help me, please?21:19
mgedminnot if you do not elaborate21:21
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yohskari  execute "INSTACE/bin/tests -vpf --dir book/messageboard", and get some error, but the problems is in the traceback there are path that don't exists21:23
yohskarfor example, there are " File "/home/oscar/Zope3/Zope-3.3.0/build/lib.linux-i686-2.4/zope/app/testing/", line 357, in publish21:25
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yohskarbut, it must be refere to my zope 3 installation directory under my /usr/local/Zopo3-3-0..."21:26
yohskarins't be?21:26
yohskarand sorry for my english21:26
Theuniyour english is perfectly ok. quite a few people are not native speakers here. :)21:27
Theuni(So as a non-native speaker I'm so blunt to say that. ;) )21:27
TheuniCan you look into the 'tests' script and check what paths are referenced from there?21:28
yohskarthe benining of the file is21:29
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yohskarimport unittest21:29
yohskarfrom import BrowserTestCase21:29
yohskarclass MessageTest(BrowserTestCase):21:29
yohskar    def testAddMessage(self):21:29
yohskar        import pdb;pdb.set_trace()21:29
yohskar        response = self.publish(21:29
yohskar            '/+/AddMesssageBoard.html=board',21:29
yohskar            basic='mgr:mgrpw',21:29
yohskar            form={'field.description': u'Message Board',21:29
yohskar                'UPDATE_SUBMIT': 'Add'})21:29
Theuniuh. that's a lot of code and it's the wrong file.21:29
Theunican you use in the future to paste this kind of code?21:30
TheuniI was referring to the file INSTANCE/bin/tests21:30
Theunidon't worry.21:30
mgedminyohskar: do not worry about incorrect filenames in tracebacks too much21:31
mgedminthat happens when you move .pyc files from one place to another21:31
Theuniahh. mgedmin you think that's because of the .pyc files?21:31
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mgedminas I believe does21:31
Theuniforgot about that.21:31
mgedminit is very irritating when your python module tries to use os.path.dirname(__file__) to find some nearby resources21:32
Theuniyohskar: could you then paste the actual error that you have a problem with? the path might not be the problem.21:32
mgedminfind -name '*.pyc'|xargs rm21:32
mgedminis the cure (on Unixlike systems)21:32
yohskari didn't try to edit bin/tests,  i did think it was binary21:33
J1mAre y'all talking about using zc.buildout to create zope instances?21:36
J1moh, I guess not21:36
J1mnever mind21:36
yohskari think i could resolve the problem modifying some variable21:37
yohskarin my environment21:37
ksmith99mgedmin: wow, xargs much easier then -exec, tnks :)21:39
TheuniJ1m: :)21:40
TheuniThat was a bit like the (more or less) famous DBUS quote.21:41
mgedminwhat famous quote?21:42
Theunii was trying to find the original place where it came from. looks like its not that famous.21:43
Theuni"To a DBUS developer, every problem is a problem that can be solved with DBUS."21:43
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yohskarnow the traceback is ok, i get it with find -name '*.pyc'|xargs rm21:55
yohskaraltough i don't understand very well  what was go on21:57
yohskarthanks a lot, now i'm trying to understand the errors21:57
Theuniyou're welcoem21:59
Theuniwelcome of course21:59
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