IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-01-17

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zenwrylyCan someone take a look at and tell me if I should just commit?06:58
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baijumzenwryly, have you wrote unit tests for getPersistentKey, DependentsDict, PersistentProvidesClass, persistentProvides, PersistentImplements and persistentImplements ?07:29
zenwrylywell they're functioning is tested in the tests I included.07:34
zenwrylybaijum: what do you mean?07:34
baijumzenwryly, sorry I only looked in this code:
baijumnow I see this too:
zenwrylyah, np07:46
baijumzenwryly, If this is very important change, please ask in zope3-dev list also07:47
zenwrylyok, will do07:48
zenwrylyI didn't know if the collector issue was sufficient07:48
zenwrylyactually, I think I asked about this in the zope3-dev list07:48
zenwrylylet me check07:48
zenwrylyno, I didn't07:48
zenwrylyI'll do that07:48
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Theunihey baijum: what timezone are you in btw?08:51
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baijumTheuni, +5.3008:55
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Theuniah, alright08:59
* baijum moved to Bangalore ( recently from Kerala (
WebMavenIf anyone cares about it, I just checked in a bunch of demo code for ZAlchemy.09:02
baijumWebMaven, I just gone through your demo code, good works !09:02
TheuniWebMaven: i saw your post. great!09:03
WebMavenPlease feel free to suggest improvements.09:03
TheuniDidn't read the code. :)09:03
WebMavenWell, it's pretty ugly, but it mostly works. Known issues are in TODO.txt09:05
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WebMavenbaijum: so, any comments?09:17
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baijumWebMaven, can I use this in Zope 2 ?09:21
WebMavenProbably not in it's current form.09:21
WebMavenhazmat has been building something similar for Zope2/Plone called Alchemist.09:22
WebMavengoogle ore.alchemist09:22
baijumWebMaven, thanks !09:23
WebMavenhe did a presentation at the Plone Conference.09:23
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WebMavendobee: hello again11:35
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nouriWhat's the best way to access the request in my vocabulary? I'm trying to build my vocabulary inside my form. For the lack of a better idea I'm setting the vocabulary on the widget after setUpWidgets, which seems evil.14:24
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ignasnouri: looking at IContextSourceBinder and Sources might help14:32
ignashmm, ok it won't14:33
ignasit only passes the context to the Source not the request14:33
ignasyou can always get the request from the interaction, though some might consider this to be uglier14:34
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ChrisWhey all, how do you register a wildcard adapter?15:56
ChrisWie: will adapt anything?15:57
srichterjust make the initial interface zope.interface.Interface15:57
ChrisWokay, lemme ask another way:15:58
ChrisW<adapter for="* ISomething *"15:58
ChrisWthe *'s don't cause syntax errors15:58
ChrisWwhat do they do/mean?15:58
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srichter* == zope.interface.Interface15:58
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ChrisWwhich does _really_ mena everything ;-)15:58
ChrisWdoesn't, sorry15:58
ChrisWstr, for example, has no interface ;-)15:59
srichterso this means you register a multi-adapter from (Interface, ISomething, Interface) -> IutputInterface15:59
srichterit definitely means that :-)15:59
srichtercheck APIDOC :-)15:59
ChrisWbut what I want to register is (ISomething,ISomethingElse,*anything*)15:59
ChrisW*anything* could be either None or a string, which is the source of the problem...15:59
ChrisWotherwise I could just register for str16:00
srichterit should work for string16:00
ChrisWdon't think so16:00
srichterI am not sure whether it works for None16:00
ChrisWI'm pretty sure it doesn't work for strings...16:01
srichterif you can reproduce the error in a unit test I would send it to zope3-dev for comment16:01
ChrisWfor="* something *" -> provideAdapter(...,(None,something,None)), right?16:02
ChrisWactually, no it doesn't16:03
ChrisWI think provideAdapter does the right thing...16:03
ChrisWhow do I parse just a chunk of zcml in a unit test?16:03
srichteroh, so the ZCML directive is wrong?16:04
ChrisWit appears so, lemme double check16:04
srichterwrite the snippet of ZCML you want to investigate in a separate file and load it16:04
srichterthere is a Python API to loading ZCML16:05
srichterok, I really gotta run16:05
srichterI see you later16:05
ChrisWno worries, I'll try and post my findings to the list16:05
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xbeanxDoes anyone know why I am getting these errors when running a make check using zope 3.3 and python 2.4.4:
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mgedminhmm, haven't seen that one yet21:06
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mgedminthat test passes here (zope 3 trunk, python 2.4.4c1)21:07
mgedminthat's because it was fixed on 2006-10-20 (rev 70828)21:09
mgedminso, xbeanx, summary: known bug, fixed in trunk, zope 3.3.1 should be out soon with the fix21:10
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xbeanxthanks mgedmin .. is it a fatal bug?  I mean can I install zope 3.3 or is the cns (svn?) recommended?21:29
mgedminno, it's cosmetic as far as I can see21:29
mgedminjust the tests fail21:29
xbeanxokay, I'll go ahead and try it then..  it's just goin on a test box anyway21:30
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