IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-01-18

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suptonanyone here familiar with the grok buildout?  I'm having some trouble with it
philiKON_yeah, i'm familiar with it00:20
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philiKON_hmm, looks like it didn't build Zope00:21
suptonbuildout bombs on mkzopeinstance00:21
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philiKON_no, it bombs earlier00:21
philiKON_No module named _zope_proxy_proxy00:21
philiKON_which means it didn't build the C extensions00:21
suptonthis is on Ubuntu 6.06 with distro python 2.400:21
suptonokay - that's a good clue00:21
philiKON_do you have python-dev installed?00:22
philiKON_you need those to compile any python extension00:22
philiKON_(python headers, distutils, etc.)00:22
suptonyep, that's the likely issue - I just installed python-dev00:22
suptonI had python2.4-dev on my box, but not python-dev - funky package naming I guess I deserve for using distro python00:23
philiKON_well, python2.4-dev is what i meant, ig uess00:23
philiKON_python-dev is typically just a meta package00:23
philiKON_that depends on whatever the msot recent python version is00:23
suptonI've built zope2 and zope 3.2 on same box before, so I'm not quite sure00:24
philiKON_try bin/buildout again00:24
suptonI think my svn co may have bombed on externals, so I'm going to try grok co from scratch again00:25
suptonthen bootstrap, then buildout00:25
philiKON_you can also use grokproject00:25
* supton tries again00:26
suptonI'm working on a small personal research project to compare grok with Django for a simple project, and post my observations to my blog00:27
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philiKON_that'll be great00:27
suptonThe biggest thing I've heard from people in Django camp WRT Zope is that they want RDB.  What might be nice to see is a story for ORM in z3+grok that is as easy as Django - would win some converts, I think00:29
philiKON_making things easy is exactly grok's idea00:31
suptonmy buildout is failing on svn co of twisted from externals - this is likely cause00:33
philiKON_try grokproject00:33
suptonI'm not sure of the svn URL for this - likely my corporate firewall preventing svnserve access to anything other than svn.zope.org00:33
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philiKON_grokproject simply downloads a zope 3.3.0 tarball00:34
philiKON_it's completely painless00:34
suptonthough https works fine, I can 't get svnserve or http access to svn from office network00:34
suptonI'll go that route (or just bootstrap the svn from my home internet connection later), thanks00:34
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philiKON_supton: you can also replace the [zope3] section in buidlout.cfg with the following:00:35
philiKON_recipe = zc.recipe.cmmi00:35
philiKON_url =
philiKON_that'll do the same thing00:35
suptonrunning buildout this way now...00:37
suptonbuildout doesn't seem to like that parts/zope3 already exists - killing and retrying00:39
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suptonhmm... the zc.recipe.cmmi doesn't seem to be cooperating - - complains that parts/zope3 exists even though it does not00:51
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philiKON_supton: ah, right01:03
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philiKON_supton: extra_options = --force01:03
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zbirevening, all02:41
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WebMavenzbir: Hi! Congrats on the thumbscreew release.02:50
zbirthanks :)02:50
WebMavenSo when will there be a GNome version? ;-)02:51
WebMavenJust kidding.02:51
WebMavenzbir: Are you coming to PyCon?02:52
zbirNope, Borneo's getting my travel bucks this year :D02:53
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Bhaskarany one can help me , while running schooltool server the errors:Reading configuration from /usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/schooltoo l.conf06:35
BhaskarTraceback (most recent call last):06:35
Bhaskar  File "", line 60, in ?06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/",  line 494, in main06:35
Bhaskar    db = self.setup(options)06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/",  line 521, in setup06:35
Bhaskar    self.configure()06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/",  line 368, in configure06:35
Bhaskar    context = zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file(06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", line 579, in file06:35
Bhaskar    include(context, name, package)06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", line 515, in include06:35
Bhaskar    processxmlfile(f, context)06:35
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", line 370, in processxmlfile06:35
Bhaskar    parser.parse(src)06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 109,  in parse06:36
Bhaskar    xmlreader.IncrementalParser.parse(self, source)06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 123, i n parse06:36
Bhaskar    self.feed(buffer)06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 216,  in feed06:36
Bhaskar    self._parser.Parse(data, isFinal)06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 364,  in end_element_ns06:36
Bhaskar    self._cont_handler.endElementNS(pair, None)06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", line 349, in endElementNS06:36
Bhaskar    self.context.end()06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", line 544, in end06:36
Bhaskar    self.stack.pop().finish()06:36
Bhaskar  File "/usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/configuration /", li06:36
baijumBhaskar, please don't paste code/traceback/examples here, use or
Bhaskarbaijum:ok , u are also in zope3.pastebin.com06:59
Bhaskarbaijum: how can i learn zope07:01
baijumI think you can start with first four chapter from Zope Gude07:04
baijumThere is one printed book :
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Bhaskarbaijum: can i run zope in windows? where can i find .exe for installation in windows xp07:43
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baijumHave read this :  .exe for installation in windows is given there07:51
baijumHi jamesh07:53
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jameshhi baijum08:14
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* baijum was a user or PyGTK and libglade for last 3 years, but now a Zope user08:22
baijumjamesh, how is going on Zope 3 collector import to launchpad ?08:23
jameshbaijum: good.  I've been able to do local imports of the zope3-dev collector based on a dump Jim gave me08:28
jameshassuming the data from the other collectors is the same, I should be able to import them all to Launchpad without too much trouble08:29
baijumok, thanks !08:30
jameshI'm still waiting on some user account info to use as part of the import (so we can attribute the collector data to the right Launchpad accounts), but that should be easy to integrate into the import08:32
jameshwe'll have a test import up on before doing the final import08:32
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WebMavenzagy: AYT?09:21
zagyWebMaven: hi09:27
WebMavenzagy: how interested are you in z3c.zalchemist? I noticed you had a checkin a while back.09:28
zagywe used it in a project and probably will use it in other projects... :)09:29
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WebMavenzagy: then I would like to directy your attention to the recent checkins of bugfixes and demos.09:35
zagywe should create a changelog :)09:36
WebMavenThe checkins were posted to the list...09:38
WebMavenzagy: So, if you have comments, post to the zope3-dev list where I announced yesterday. OK?09:41
WebMavenThank you!09:44
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baijumhi can anyone spend few time for me regarding a recent checkin for zope.formlib15:42
baijumearlier zope.formlib/trunk/src/zope/formlib was not svn:external , now I tried to set it as an external to (trunk)Zope3/trunk/src/zope/formlib15:44
baijumTo do this first I removed  zope.formlib/trunk/src/zope/formlib and set svn:external and then commit15:45
baijumnow, when I check out, I get : svn: 'zope.formlib/src/zope/formlib' is already a working copy for a different URL15:45
benjibaijum: by "removed" do you mean "svn rm", or just your OS's remove command?15:48
baijumI did "svn delete"15:49
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baijumbenji, I did OS "rm" after that, I think that's the problem15:54
baijumNow I will do 'svn delete src/zope/formlib'15:55
baijumthen, svn ps svn:externals "formlib svn://" src/zope/15:57
baijumthen, commit, is it ok?15:58
benjisounds right, baijum15:58
benjialternatively, do a clean checkout and see if the problem persists15:59
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baijumthanks benji !, now it works16:02
* baijum sorry for making this mistake16:03
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* baijum thinks still some eggified zope.* package should be considered broken, because it's functional testing is not working16:05
* baijum will add TestLayer to those packages later16:06
* baijum zope.testbrowser is the only package in zope namespace with functional testing working16:07
benjicool, baijum; glad it's working.  Not exactly a difficult svn sin to commit. :)16:07
benjiI definately agree that any package without functioning tests is broken, an a high priority to fix16:11
baijumyes, if we add TestLayers to those like in zope.testbrowser or zc.sharing all functional tests will work16:12
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mgedminaargh, I hate javascript-only user interface (such as Pluggable Authentication Utility's configuration)18:04
mgedminespecially when I need to use it from a testbrowser test18:04
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gwydirHi, I've configured a browser:menuItem with action="../contents.html"18:15
gwydirAny reason this shouldn't work?18:16
mgedmindoes it not work?18:17
gwydirThe item isn't appearing in the menu18:17
gwydirIf I change the action to a view on the current object it works.18:17
mgedmindid you specify a permission?18:18
mgedminmenu items have magic to figure out the permission from a view name, but that magic does not work with "../contents.html"18:19
gwydirAh, so if I add a permission it will work?18:19
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gwydirmgedmin: Thanks, that's fixed it!18:21
gwydirI've got a schema which contains a required Bytes field18:25
gwydirIs there an easy way to make a formlib edit form which doesn't require that field?18:26
mgedminthat's becoming a frequent question18:30
mgedminI do not know of a way18:30
mgedminwhy not make it not required in the schema?18:30
benjigwydir: by "doesn't require that field" do you mean "doesn't include that field"?18:31
gwydirNo, just that the upload is allowed to be empty.18:32
gwydirSo, in the add form I want it to be required, but not in the edit form18:33
benjinot being a formlib expert I can think of two options I would investigate: 1) make the field non-required and add some additional validation to the add form, 2) do "something" to add/remove the requiredness to the field on the add/edit form18:36
benjiwhere "something" is some kind of manipulation of the formlib form or the fields18:37
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gwydirHmm, I thought about (2) and decided to ask here!  Maybe (1) is the way to go.18:40
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ksmith99hi all, when I edit an object the catalog information for that object is getting lost, reindexing the entire catalog gets it back, any ideas?20:27
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ksmith99do I need to subscribe the interface for the various indexes?20:29
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