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radixis there a way to get it to show me errors that happen03:16
radixor at least is there an easy place I can hack to do it03:16
radix(ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS is pretty useless)03:17
radix(also it seems the non-C version is broken, maybe)03:17
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radixah, the non-C version is only broken *** when you define ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS ***03:26
radixbecause it overrides the definition of Checker *after* using it to instatiate the _defaultChecker, which breaks isinstance checks later on03:30
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ignasbenji: ayt?05:07
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WebMavenphiliKON: hello17:58
WebMavenWell, I'm back in Vegas.17:59
* Theuni is sitting at DFW 18:00
* philiKON is still in boston18:01
WebMavenmy flight yesterday connected through El Paso, only made it because the planes were at two adjacent gates. I'm sure if I had checked baggage it wouldn't have been transferred in time.18:03
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WebMavenTheuni: I'm compiling a list in email of the books we discussed.18:21
WebMavenSF books18:22
mgedminmmm, SF18:22
Theuniah, thanks.18:22
WebMavenTheuni: meanwhile, you might enjoy this:
Theuniit's on my reading list now18:23
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WebMavenTheuni: the whole book is on that page, and availabel for download as a PDF.18:29
WebMavenjust in case you need something for the flight.18:29
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ccombHi,  I was reading the README of  z3c.extfile19:49
ccombit says that this module is made for huge files.  What does "huge" mean ?19:50
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srichterccomb: anything that you do not want to live in the ZODB; so it depends how many files you have too19:58
srichterccomb: the package was developed for movies/images with thousands of files19:59
srichter(like youtube or so)19:59
ccombbut is there a problem with the zodb during long download or long uploads ?19:59
srichterno, but the database blows up20:00
srichterthe new blob support in ZODB usues a similar approach to z3c.extfile but works on a lower level20:00
srichterby default the ZODB is stored in one file, which is okay for objects20:00
ccombit won't be blocked whild reading or writing a big file ?20:01
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srichterit is not bloacked in the same way a RDB is not blocked20:02
srichterevery user opens their own connection20:02
ccombI tend to have the same fear as all these people that prefer to use rdb than zodb20:03
ccombbut in fact I like zodb, and it is one of the reasons I use z320:03
srichteryipee! :-)20:04
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J1msrichter, ayt?21:39
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srichterJ1m: yeah21:40
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J1msrichter, do you remember what "task_dispatcher" in is?21:41
srichterI thought this was something already coming from medusa21:42
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J1mhm, k21:42
srichterlet me check, but I think it had something to do with distributing the low level request21:42
srichterdoesn't it implement the threading stuff?21:43
J1mI guess that makes some kinda sense. :)21:43
* J1m shrugs21:43
* srichter checks21:43
srichterI was right21:44
srichtersee zope.server.taskthreads21:44
srichterso zserver accepts the low level HTTP request and creates a task21:45
J1mYou can stop :)21:45
srichterthe task dispatcher manages when the task is processed21:45
srichterok :-)21:45
J1mI don't really want to remember more.21:45
J1mIt hurts.21:45
srichterhe he21:45
J1mI want to take this a bit further along the wsgi/paste.deployment route21:47
J1mThis will require cleaning this up a bit.21:47
J1mwhich will require some sorting out first.21:47
srichterhe he, this means your pain just started :-)21:47
srichterunfortunately I do not know anything about paste.deployment, so I can't be of much help there21:48
J1mOh yes.21:48
srichter(but if you need someone to bounce off ideas or questions, let me know)21:48
J1mAre you saying you want to help? :)21:48
* mgedmin pulls out the popcorn and sits back comfortably21:49
srichterI am not sure; :-) sounds intriguing21:49
J1mI'll study what we have a bit and then probably start a discussion on the mailing list.21:50
srichterok, I will look out fo ryour mail21:50
srichtermaybe I can contribute a couple of days in the next weeks21:50
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jodokJ1m: do you have a sec to answer some questions on zeo? :) we experience very bad performance when switching from "normal" zodb to a zeo setup (even on the local machine).22:40
jodokthere are some pretty large btrees in zodb (100,000 objects)22:40
jodokwhen accessing them, it seems like zope loads them to the local cache.22:40
jodok(which takes tooo long imho)22:41
jodokwhen accessing other parts of the site these objects are beeing loaded too.22:41
jodokand sooner or later the large btree is out of the cache.22:41
jodokincreasing the cache-size helps.22:41
jodokbut where will we end if the zodb is multiple gigs...?22:42
jodokit also seems like zeo is serving data only at roughly 1Mbit / s - even though the machines (zeo and zope) are idleing22:43
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