IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-03-03

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Theunijodok: how is the disk of your zeo server performing?00:38
Theuniand is the network free?00:38
jodokTheuni: the disk  is almost idle00:38
jodokand the network is free. same appears on localhost00:39
Theuniis that a zope 3 application or zope 2 ? something more specific?00:39
jodokzope3, sorry00:40
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J1mjodok, we set our zeo client cache sizes to 2GB.01:06
jodokJ1m: we're at 1GB right now :)01:07
J1mI agree that loading the ZEO caches can take a long time.01:07
jodokJ1m: are you using persistent disk caches?01:07
J1mThis is because populating the cache requires lots of round trips.01:07
J1mWe don't use persistent caches.01:08
jodoko.k., same here01:08
J1mWe probably should, but there have been issues with zeo cache integrity. :(01:08
jodokJ1m: but why are the machines almost idle?01:08
J1mProbably waiting on I/O.01:08
jodoki see almost no load01:08
jodokalmost no network traffic01:09
J1mround trips slow things down.01:09
J1mThe client decided to load an object.01:09
J1mIt gets the object from the server.01:09
* benji wishes he had time to work on the ZODB prefetch ideas discussed at PyCon01:09
* benji also needs to go now :)01:09
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J1mIt traverses that object to get another object.01:09
J1mIt decoded to load that object.01:09
J1mLoading objects thus ends up taking a long time.01:10
J1mI haven't recieved any complaints about this until recently. :)01:10
jodokwhat happens if these large btrees are once loaded and beeing modified afterwards01:11
J1mThen the modifications have to be loaded too.01:12
jodokbut only the modifications01:12
J1mBut they are loaded on demand.01:12
J1monly the objects that were modified.01:12
J1mBut the entire objects, of course.01:12
jodokdo you use seperate mountpoints to make sure that e.g. indizes can't be pushed out of the cache because of other (probably larger) objects?01:13
J1mWe do use separate databases for other reasons.01:14
J1mNo, usage patterns01:16
J1mIn theory, we pack index databases more often.01:16
jodoko.k., that information helps :) we'll give it a try. probably we need to work on this soon.01:17
J1mOur goal is to use blobs for larger objects.01:17
J1mGive what a try?01:17
jodokusing 1-2GB cache size01:18
jodokand see how it performs01:18
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