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smman this is a hassle00:17
pbugnican you alter the format of the strings on the backend all at once?00:17
* pbugni doesn't have an understanding of what you're up to00:17
smI'm doing stuff like tal:content="structure python:here.lastauthor".. and if the author's name has some non-ascii or non-system-default-encoding characters in it, the template breaks00:20
smto I'm currently adding a conversion to all of these, eg: structure python:here.talsafe(here.lastauthor)00:21
smwhich does the right thing depending on zope version00:21
smbut still all the existing wikis out there with customized templates are going to break when zope is upgraded to 2.1000:22
pbugnihow about a patch to 2.10 structure that tries other encodings if ascii fails?  is your case unique?  (utf-8) ?00:23
smmonkey patch zope 2.10 eh..00:25
pbugnidunno - those words scare me :)00:25
smI guess it's either that, or users have to deal with this (updating their templates)00:25
* sm feels icky00:25
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smwell, looks like is resolved.. thanks for the advice, all01:30
smsee you01:30
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cr3if I want to learn how to use, for example, what is the recommended process for understanding what's going on?02:32
pbugnithat's a pretty broad q, cr3.  books?  docFinderTab?  GIYF?02:34
cr3pbugni: yeah, it's just a recurring problem I have that everytime I try to integrate some new cool z3 feature, it takes forever to understand what I'm doing02:34
cr3pbugni: I was hoping that the z3-dev folks might have a process, short of already knowing all the codebase :)02:36
pbugniy, i know the feeling.  one great pattern is looking at how it is used to date02:36
cr3pbugni: oh, learning by example is great, but I can't find examples most of the time and Google only return svn commits when searching :)02:37
pbugniyou might just want to pull down from svn several projects, etc.02:37
pbugnithen you can grep around there02:37
cr3pbugni: hm, cool suggestion, I will take you up on that one. thanks!02:38
cr3pbugni: heh, grepping through the bugtracker project I found that was exactly NOT what I was looking for :) at least that's a start02:40
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cr3pbugni: I have a feeling there might be a better way than hoping to find sample code, I'm sure it's possible to understand those packages without having to read all the code.02:57
cr3don't get me wrong though, reading all the code can be a nice thing, but a luxury not everyone can afford02:57
pbugniwell - there is supposed to be a much better emphasis on unit tests this round.  You may do well to look there as well.  i.e. doc tests are especially good for explaining what's going on, and showing some sample usage02:58
pbugniof course, if someone else here has some suggestions ... :)02:58
pbugnicr3: in case that didn't make any sense - you'll find doctests in .txt files, like the README03:03
cr3hm, it seems and .homefolder don't quite do what I expected either03:03
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cr3pbugni[afk]: yeah, I've found those quite useful like in the case of which had a README.txt file.03:03
cr3what package might be useful for providing direct access to files under a directory on the filesystem while enforcing authentication in zope?03:04
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cr3nevermind, wrote it myself03:21
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romanofskimoin *gaehn14:19
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chandlersm: I received your request for a lisppaste bot; I just wanted to confirm that you cleared it with the channel operators here15:02
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smsrichter, all: ok if I ask the pastelisp bot to join this channel ? is an example18:54
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srichtersm: sure18:58
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whitis there a single incantation to easy install all/most of zope3 now?19:46
* whit assume easy_install isn't it ;)19:47
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philiKONwhit: find-links =
philiKONthen you can easy_install all of z319:48
whitphiliKON: is that like easy_install -f dist/blah zope319:49
philiKONi think so19:49
whitor something else?19:49
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whithmmm... not the answer19:54
ccombHi, can someone confirm there is an error in /++apidoc++/Code/zope/app/container/contained/ObjectMovedEvent/index.html  ?19:55
d2mccomb: which error (and which version) ?19:58
ccombTypeError(_insufficientContext)   on 3.3.120:00
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d2mccomb: confirmed "TypeError: There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably due to a bug in setting up location information."20:09
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smrequestprofiler is a great tool20:17
smdoes anyone know what exactly the BIAE values stand for ?20:18
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benjism: are you talking about zc.zservertracelog?20:38
benjiif so, the README.txt explains them
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smthanks! I didn't know z3 had a different tool20:40
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smso a request that's stuck at A.. has been completed by zope, but the http client has hung ? something like that I guess20:42
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deohey guys, nikhil_n is a student from SoC and needs instructions to access svn.zope.org21:27
nikhil_nI am currently using putty and got some problems with it21:28
deoseems that someone instructed him to access via ssh, but I don't think ssh shell is enabled there for commiters... :-)21:28
deoand I dont't think he needs to connect there via ssh either...21:29
nikhil_nthen how security is ensured?21:29
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deoit should contains everything you need21:30
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TresEquisnikhil_n: you use svn+ssh as the transport21:31
TresEquisif you have an account with SVN access, then the only thing that you *can* do is run SVN / CVS21:31
nikhil_nYes I have an account21:32
nikhil_nand i have registered my public keys21:32
TresEquis $ svn co svn+ssh:// should get you a writeable checkout then21:32
nikhil_nbut putty is not working.21:33
nikhil_nany other way?21:33
TresEquiswhat are you typing?21:33
TresEquisyou aren't going to be able to get a shell with putty21:33
deothat's what I'm trying to say since the beggining... :-)21:34
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deonikhil_n: forget putty, just configure tortoisesvn the way you need, as in the svn faq21:35
TresEquisyou run the 'svn' command on your *local* box to get a checkout21:35
TresEquisand it uses ssh as a transport21:35
nikhil_ni dont need putty for using above command?21:35
nikhil_nIt was given in DoingWritableCheckouts.htm21:35
TresEquisnikhil_n: are you running on Windows?21:35
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TresEquisI don't know Tortoise, but it is suppoed to Just Work21:35
nikhil_nwill it work without  putty?21:36
TresEquisdunno -- I don't use Windows or Tortoise21:38
nikhil_nIt is given in DoingWritableCheckouts.htm that putty should be used before TortoiseSVN21:38
nikhil_nAny one here experienced with windows and putty?21:38
TresEquisdoesn't seem to require putty21:39
J1mwindows+ssh is so unpleasant to set up.21:40
TresEquisI don't know what page you are talking about that has '.htm' on the end, either21:40
TresEquisthe directions on that page don't say you will get a shell when running putty.exe, only that it will connect to to get the server key21:42
nikhil_nwindows+ssh how can i do?21:43
TresEquiswhich gets stored in the registry with the other info21:43
nikhil_ncan i avoid putty?21:43
J1mnikhil_n, can you avoid Windows?21:43
nikhil_nI will soon be:)21:43
benjibad form J1m; you shouldn't pick on differently-enabled OS users21:43
nikhil_nBut presently i am getting internet only on windows21:44
* benji awaits a snarky reply21:44
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nikhil_nMy modem dont support linux21:44
J1mWindows enabled is an oxymoron21:44
* benji holds up a score card with a 6 on it.21:44
deoJ1m: don't forget about sidnei... ;-)21:44
nikhil_nBut i have applied for a new connection and it may take time21:45
TresEquisnikhil_n: did you follow all the directions in that section, including setting up SVN_SSH in the environment using plink.exe?21:45
nikhil_nbut i have a doubt about that.21:45
nikhil_nSo until i gets a new connection and modem for linux i am forced to work in windows.21:47
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TresEquisnikhil_n: check out the FAQs here:
nikhil_nok,i will do so and try to find the error.21:51
benjinikhil_n: I assume you've looked at
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nikhil_nI found the instructions for putty there.21:53
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nikhil_nyes,that also i did.21:55
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