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CrippsFXgood morning folks.14:32
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xbeanxhow can I add an object to a container on creation, so that that object shows up inside that container in the ZMI (zope3) ?14:51
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Theuniuse event subscribers for objectcreatedevent or objectaddedevent14:52
xbeanxthanks Theuni, I'll go have a read about that14:53
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baijumxbeanx, If you are creating the container also, you can create your object and use containers __setitem__ (eg:- myobj = MyObject() ; mycontainer['myobj-1'] = myobj )15:01
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xbeanxahh, I was just about to try that when Theuni replied.  That way seems a little easier15:03
baijumxbeanx, may be this is useful for you:
xbeanxactually, that is very helpful, thanks.  I was about to go look for similar info once I got past the problem I am currently on15:05
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xbeanxI used __setitem__ to add a subcontainer to my BTreeContainer object in __init__ .. However I seem to have some kind of permission problem when I try to get the contents of the parent container in the ZMI.15:50
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xbeanxForbiddenAttribute: ('__len__' ....15:50
xbeanxHow do I give the subcontainer the same permissions as the parent?15:50
xbeanxI'm sure its a browser issue because my unit tests pass15:51
ignasJ1m: i have found out how to reproduce the buildout bug with docutils. Are you interested?15:56
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benjixbeanx: don't have time to really help, but a drive by: your subcontainer has its __parent__ set to its container, right?16:00
xbeanxumm.........  now it does :)16:01
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xbeanxHrm, still the same problem after setting __parent__ ..16:04
baijumTheuni, I am going to change zope.locations dependency on zope.proxy like this (in trunk) : zope.proxy >= 3.4 , now it is: zope.proxy>3.3 , is it ok ?16:05
Theunii think not16:10
Theuni3.4dev is < 3.4 therefore zope.location won't work with any pre-release packages of zope.proxy16:10
baijumah, ok16:11
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CrippsFXI have a regex constraint set on a field in my schema, so when the field input isn't correct, there's the error box that says "Constraint not staisfied," is it possible to get a custom error message without moving the constraint to _validate() in the file?16:48
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TheuniI think not.16:54
CrippsFXdarn. Oh well. At least it doesn't make *that much* extra work for me then ;)16:55
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svennHi, I just installed the zc.datetimewidget, but the calendar do not show in my custom skin. The demo app works in the rotterdam skin. Any suggestions?21:23
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xbeanxwhat is 'zc' anyway?21:47
xbeanxI also see 'z3c' in the zope svn..  What is that?21:47
ka-jodi think zope corporation21:47
xbeanxohh, okay..  I'll have to check some of that stuff out!21:47
xbeanxcool, never even thought to visit their site before21:50
benjiyep, "zc" is just the name space we use for our packages21:51
xbeanxso much to learn..  it's overwhelming21:53
faassenzc is 'zope corporation' packages, that zc initiated.21:54
faassenwhile z3c packages are 'zope 3 community' packages.21:54
faasseninitiated by some community members.21:54
faassenthat prefix doesn't really matter much.21:54
faassenthey're all community maintained one way or another, though of course someitmes the only community contributors are from zc. :)21:54
faassenxbeanx: what brings you to Zope 3?21:55
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xbeanxfaassen: I've been using plone for a while as well as issuetracker (peterbe's product)...  I've been asked to write a fairly large project over the course of the next year, replacing one that's been written in PHP....21:56
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xbeanxI'd like to move away from PHP/MySQL and use something that's more component driven and reusable.21:56
faassenxbeanx: cool21:56
xbeanxFigured Zope 3 was a good direction to go.  Having some issues with the learning curve but getting through it steadily.21:57
faassenxbeanx: zope 3's reuse story is one of the best I know about.21:57
faassenxbeanx: I trust you've heard about grok? concerning learning curve. it's fairly new so it's still baking.21:57
faassenxbeanx: but the learning curve is one of the aspects we're focusing on.21:58
faassenxbeanx: Grok is this big caveman that's jumping up and down on the zope 3 learning curve trying to squash it.21:58
xbeanxlol, I have heard of it and watched some screencasts..21:58
faassenxbeanx: okay, just so you're aware of it. :)21:58
faassenxbeanx: we got a tutorial too. incomplete but still many pages.21:59
xbeanxI'm not afraid of the learning curve..  It's all logical so I can get through it, but I am going through a lot of examples trying to figure it all out.21:59
xbeanxI've read all the tutorials :)21:59
faassenxbeanx: makes sense. :)21:59
CrippsFXI'm still reading the dev book :P21:59
faassenxbeanx: yeah, Zope 3 does make lots of sense. :)21:59
CrippsFXzope 3 is absolutely beautiful, and after the learning curve. is extremely intuitive, and easy to use.22:00
xbeanxI found there was a point when it all just made sense to me.  Now that I'm past that point it's just a matter of exploring the framework to see its full potential22:00
faassenyeah, the thing tha tnever stops is figuring out how to use all the components everywhere. :)22:00
faassenI mean, we got so many of them and you can put them together in so many ways.22:01
faassenbut that's a luxury problem. :)22:01
xbeanxYea..  Good point.  I'm also fairly new to this design process, I almost don't know where to start.22:01
faassenxbeanx: Martin Aspeli had this good blog about not overengineering.22:02
xbeanxBasically I'm writing a few core components that I will need and am gluing them together to make them functional.22:02
faassenxbeanx: the component architecture invites you to write flexible code and define interfaces, etc.22:02
* CrippsFX likes interfaces ... except in java22:02
faassenxbeanx: but often you can only build the right code after some experience with the problem domain, so doing a lot up front might get you overwhelmed.22:02 ?22:03
faasseninterfaces are good. it's just sometimes I don't know what to put in them. )22:03
xbeanxI'll add that to my nightly reading regimine..22:03
faassenand if I don't know that, I know I need to actually write some more code and tests. :)22:03
xbeanxRight now my biggest problems are with publising my objects.  I can write up components that behave well, but making it all work in a browser is challenging.22:04
faassenxbeanx: I'd tell you to just use grok.View :)22:04
xbeanxWell I think its just that I don't understand that part of it all quite yet.22:06
xbeanxBut every day I'm getting a little better with it all.22:06
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faassenxbeanx: you have seen the grok tutorial? :)22:07
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faassenxbeanx: I think it makes a decent attempt to show how to do it (with grok, but it is using the same object publisher underneath)22:08
faassenxbeanx: it's not traditional Zope 3 code of course. anyway, if you get time to look at that, we'd be happy to find out what you think about it.22:08
faassenxbeanx: not to draw you away from zope 3 proper. :)22:08
xbeanxI will certainly look at that..  I haven't read that tutorial yet..  However I did read a bunch of stuff about grok already.22:09
faassenxbeanx: it's just we focused a lot on making the simple stuff simple.22:10
faassenxbeanx: I mean, Zope 3 makes the hard thing possible, but the simple thing somewhat hard sometimes. :)22:10
xbeanxSo I take it you are involved with grok, huh?  :)22:11
faassenxbeanx: obviously!22:11
faassenxbeanx: I'm one of the prime instigators. :)22:11
faassenxbeanx: anyway, I'm interested in you as you're a beginner with Zope 3.22:11
faassenxbeanx: and Grok is trying to make the beginner experience for Zope 3 easier (and make life easier for experienced developers to boot)22:11
faassenxbeanx: not everybody agrees with how we're trying to do this, but that's what makes life interesting.22:12
faassenxbeanx: the project is a little over half a year old now, so it's still early.22:12
xbeanxWell I'll give it a go and let you know over the next couple of weeks what I think.  I never actually considered using it for our project, but perhaps I'll change my mind after I try out the tutorial you sent me.22:14
NewfieGrok looks interesting, seems something like what Django project is doing22:14
faassenxbeanx: I'm not saying you should, it's still early days.22:14
faassenxbeanx: but it can't hurt taking a look and we're actively looking for feedback.22:14
faassenNewfie: yes, it's somewhat similar in approach.22:14
faassenI mean, grok is just Zope 3, it doesn't change the basic patterns much, just tries to make them more convenient.22:15
xbeanxfaassen: I didn't really consider it because I figured it would be better for me to figure out the zope 3 internals first.22:15
faassenxbeanx: that certainly can't hurt. :)22:16
faassenxbeanx: the tutorial is written from the perspective of someone who just wants to get working and gradually learns about internals.22:16
faassenxbeanx: that's the learning curve we envision.22:16
NewfieI think starting off with Django framework is allowing me to better understand what im at when I look at zope 322:16
xbeanxare there any larger-scale apps that are downloadable that I can go through?  (for grok I mean)22:16
faassenNewfie: I can imagine so. experience with other frameworks, especially python ones, helps.22:17
faassenxbeanx: no, unfortunately there isn't much out there yet. there are a few examples (we should put some more links in the wiki)22:17
xbeanxOne of my pet peeves are "hello world" programs..  uGh...  I wanna see it do some hardcore stuff, knowhatimean?22:17
faassenxbeanx: but nothing very large. I have some customer projects which might turn into those eventually.22:17
faassenxbeanx: sure. I mean, we have a simple wiki22:17
faassenxbeanx: and an unfinished blog. :)22:18
xbeanxwell even that is better than hello world :)22:18
faassenxbeanx: there's a summer of code project that is going to build a better app.22:18
faassenxbeanx: there's also a guy who wrote a chess frontend with grok.22:18
xbeanxbecause what I need to do is much more complex than hello world, which is why I chose zope to begin with22:18
faassenxbeanx: naturally. anyway, some of the examples floating around use the catalog and such. :)22:18
faassenxbeanx: anyway, Grok's still too new to point to any big applications at this stage, unfortunately.22:19
xbeanxokay, well that gives me something to do tonight...22:19
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faassenxbeanx: anyway, it *should* be easy to just get a web page visible with Grok. :)22:20
xbeanxexcellent, thanks for the tips..  the work day is drawing to a close here so I'm gonna head home and zopify my brain22:21
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faassenxbeanx: okay, have fun. :)22:21
Newfieyeah same here thanks for the info, it will help on my way to Zope3 enlightenment22:27
faassenNewfie: hopefully! hope we don't confuse the issue. Grok code does look different from Zope 3 code, but it's mostly surface details.22:28
faassenNewfie: and it works with zope 3 code.22:28
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svennI solved my datetimewidget problem. I had a (profile) attribute in my head tag which stopped the script tags from getting rendered.22:51
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svennShould this be considered as a bug?22:52
benjisvenn: yep; please file a bug report22:52
svennOK, will do.22:53
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