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smoh zope wizards.. why might I be seeing some instances (eg a zcatalog or btreefolder) being treated as boolean false  ?01:53
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RaFromBRCsm: are they empty?02:10
smquite possibly02:11
RaFromBRCsm: python's evaluation of truth has a tiered set of parameters, __len__ is in there though02:11
RaFromBRCoften if __len__ evaluates to zero, the object will be considered to be false02:12
smhmm, that could explain it.. if it's been this way all along, I'll be very surprised02:13
philiKONwell, the reason is that an empty dict is considered false02:15
philiKONcontianers in zope 3 implement the dict api02:15
philiKONhence, they should be false when they're empty02:15
philiKON"if obj" is not a very good test anyway02:15
philiKONmost of the time you probably want to say "if obj is not None" or so02:16
smfair enough - so I'm on zope 2 and I'm guessing it has recently picked up this zope 3 behaviour02:18
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smotherwise how the heck did I get this far..02:18
philiKONno idea, but "if obj" is lame :)02:18
* sm thought it was pythonic!02:19
alecmit's great if you want to test for zero length containers (like BTreeFolders etc.), but it's a bad idea if what you really mean is 'is None'02:20
philiKONmaybe for some definition of pythonic02:20
philiKONbut usually it's asking for trouble02:20
alecmit's also slower02:20
RaFromBRCsm: z2 behaves that way, too, actually.02:21
philiKONi personally would prefer if objects were neither true or false02:21
RaFromBRCempty containers evaluate to false02:21
philiKONonly specific methods / operators could return boolean values02:21
philiKONlike len()02:21
philiKONwell, that doesn't even return a bool :)02:22
* philiKON wonders if he too should start a "5 things i hate about python"02:22
alecmI've run into numerous bugs in Zope 2 caused by 'if obj:' where obj was a BTreeFolder02:22
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alecmI think 'if obj' is a good idea in a zope 3 world when you know you are dealing with some sort of container/mapping/sequence, but you know nothing about its implementation but want to test whether it is empty02:23
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* Theuni waves good night02:53
TheuniphiliKON_: solltest du nicht  auch im bett sein? ;)02:54
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fdrakeTheuni: you there?05:13
fdrakeAnyone working on pulling out
fdrake(And are we putting things that have never been released as part of Zope 3 back in the tree?)05:14
fdrakeOk, I'm gonna pull out now.05:17
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fdrakeSo, anyone know which egg specifies a dependency on
fdrake--sigh--06:02 requires it, but only for "evaluating inline code", which is very specific to
fdrakeIt's only imported if needed.06:03
fdrakeI propose we remove from the dependencies, and create an "extra" for that package that does require it.06:03 can require that extra.06:04
fdrakeSince no one's paying attention, I'll presume there are no objections.  ;-)06:05
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fdrake(Or can z.a.pythonpage and the support from z.a.pagetemplate just go away?  No one can reasonably be using it.)06:05
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foxmjayholla, i 'm missing the "interface browser " in the ZMI in z3 ?15:40
TheuniIs your Zope server in development mode?15:44
foxmjayTheuni, yep15:45
d2m@@introspector.html is used now15:48
foxmjayd2m,  you mean the interface browser is in @@introspector.html ?15:50
d2mi don't know exactly, but i think th einterface vbrowser (as documented) was removed with zope3.215:51
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foxmjayd2m, ok thanks15:55
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Theunithe 3-hourly scheduler for the buildbot finally works16:14
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* benji nominates Theuni as the new buildout "specialist" ;)16:17
baijumTheuni, congrats !16:18
baijumbtw, how to view log ?16:18
Theuninot yet :)16:18
Theunithat's on my todo list16:18
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baijumAnyone knows status of and sites ?16:22
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tralalawhere can I find the http authentication code?16:28
mgedminthe bit that issues the challenge or the bit that processes the credentials?16:31
mgedmin(1) there's a view for the Unauthorized exception16:31
tralalaI think I found it - httpplugins.py16:32
mgedmin(2) the publication has methods for authentication16:32
tralalaI'm after digest auth. It seems that there's nothing ready so I guess I'd have to create it myself.16:33
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regebroHmm. I'm using testbrowser, and like to verify that some specific HTML exists in the output.17:17
regebroBut I'd prefer if whitespace makes no difference, and such, so that I don't have to format the test text EXACTLY as the output.17:17
regebroWith the right amont of spaces and nwlines in the right place and so on.17:18
regebroAnybody have any good hints on the best method to do that?17:18
lurkerset the NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE optionflag, regebro17:18
benjidoes the doctest NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE flag not work for you?17:18
regebrodoctests suck.17:19
benjidespite your skewed worldview, you could normalize the whitespace yourself ;)17:19
regebroSo, no it doesn't work, because I don't do doctests, unless I want to actually do documentation, and test it. :)17:19
benjiperhaps using an HTML prettifyer17:20
regebroYeah, I can, but I thought there might be like a nice and easy function that does it for me.17:20
Theuniregebro: if you're interested in the structure you can also think about using the etestbrowser17:20
regebrobenji: Right, somthing like that could work.17:20
regebroTheuni: etestbrowser?17:20
benjiyep, perhaps XPath and friends would suite your use case better17:21
Theunian extension17:21
Theuniit gives you the ability to access the current document through xpath or an elementtree17:21
regebroOK, found it.17:21
regebroThis is Five, so it probably won't work, but maybe I can steal some code. :-)17:21
regebroOK, that's simple enough, just parse it with lxml. I though about that too.17:23
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regebroI'll probably just make a function that parses both trees and makes sure tree2 exists in tree1. :-)17:23
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CrippsFXhas anyone written a package that uses multiple doctest files?19:59
CrippsFXI'm trying to figure out a way to run multiple doctest files, to make reading to documentation easier for the user.20:00
benjiCrippsFX: here's an example:
CrippsFXthanks benji20:00
benjithere are many others in that repo20:01
CrippsFXooh. looks complex. this might take me a few minutes to dig through :P20:02
benjiit's pretty simple, just look at test_suite; a few doctests are created and added to a TestSuite which is returned20:03
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CrippsFXah, I see.20:09
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xbeanxdoes zc.datetimewidget work in zope 3?20:19
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alecmxbeanx: afaik that's the only place it does work :-)20:34
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benjiyeah, zc.datetimewidget is for Z3 (might be able to use it with Five, but I don't know)20:42
xbeanxNaw I'm not interested in Z2 right now, just Z3 stuff.20:58
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* timte has trouble deciding wether this logic belongs to the adapter or the utility22:42
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