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fdrakeTheuni: you there tonight?06:22
fdrakesrichter: You there?06:25
fdrakeAnyone here working on the repackaging/eggification project?06:27
fdrakeHeh.  Maybe the Zope3 checkout doesn't matter any more.  :-)06:28
smNo One.. is "There".. Tonight06:29
smsorry fdrake06:29
fdrakeHeh, well.  That means I can feel good about going off and doing something else.  ;-006:29
fdrakeI think I've got some anime that needs watching...06:30
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ignasJ1m: hi12:33
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ignaswhich template class should i use so i could pass the request to the self.template() call, instead of setting self.request?12:38
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baijumJ1m, since zope.deferredimport can be used outside Zope 3, what about making zope.proxy dependency optional ?12:47
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J1mbaijum, if you cann figure out how to make it optional, go for it.13:25
J1mThe better solution would be to subclass module, but this doesn't work.13:26
J1mI forget the exact reason off hand.  I meant to bring the issue up on python-dev, but never got around to it.13:27
J1mignas, ?13:27
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ignasi must be typing  too slowly13:29
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ignasis there anyone except J1m who could help me with a buildout problem?13:30
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xbeanxin zc.datetimewidget, there's a line: tzinfo = ITZInfo(request, None) this adapter implemented anywhere or is it necessary to implement it myself?16:49
xbeanxmeh, nevermind I think I answered my own question by having a look at the code16:51
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fdrakexbeanx: This is definately something we've implemented separately for each project.  There's no "clearly always right" way to do this, so what to use is project-specific.16:56
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xbeanxyah, it doesn't seem like much work anyway16:57
fdrakeI think they've all been pretty simple implementations.16:58
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ChrisW_hey all... I have a module with a docstring that I want to run as a doc test, how do I turn that into something I can pass to TestSuite().addTest?17:14
ChrisW_cool, thanks :-)17:16
xbeanxwhere can I get documentation on ztapi.provideAdapter?17:17
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romanofskimoin :)17:28
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imgreyhello #zope3-dev17:35
nerdalertimgrey: hello!17:35
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imgreyi'm trying to install 'transcoding' package ( for plone. it requires zc.queue, but after i'm trying to perform easy_install zc.queue egg zope refuses to start :(17:36
imgreythere is traceback :
imgreyeasy_install downloaded ZConf, zdaemon, ZODB3 and others17:37
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CrippsFXi have this statement: 'if not (re.compile("([0-9,A-F]{2}\:){5}[0-9,A-F]{2}").match(value)):'  ... but I want to split it up into 2 lines to fit with conventions ... where would I properly split it up (I know, it's something small ... and annoying)17:44
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ignasJ1m_: is there a mailing list for buildout? as I have started using buildout, i have some questions about it, and i am not sure where i can find the answers ...17:48
fdrakeI think the distutils-sig gets used for zc.buildout (as well as other things) these days.17:51
fdrakeon python.org17:53
CrippsFXgot it.17:53
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ignasfdrake: thanks17:57
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goschtli want to create a captcha widget for formlib. now i ´m searching for a simple example. where i can find the widget for TextLine? or other tips where i can i find an example??18:20
timteThe widget is found by adapting the field to IInputWidget I think18:26
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imgreyhave someone installed zc.queue ?18:35
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CrippsFXwhat's up with the zope3 wiki being down lately?18:58
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CrippsFXwow ... how can I flush my ZODB to have it start anew?19:19
philiKONrm Data.fs19:19
philiKON(which is in the var directory)19:19
mgedminand restart Zope19:19
CrippsFXkk. thanks.19:19
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smCrippsFX: there was some kind of power failure.. the provider is working on it19:45
*** sm changes topic to "Zope 3.4 bugs live at || Zope 3.4.0a1 is out: || logs available at || paste code examples into or or || Zope 3.3.0 is out || bugs live at || Wiki at || FAQ at || 2007/5/8"19:46
smbah gaim19:46
CrippsFXsm: ah.must have been some massive power failure to still be down.19:46
smhmm, topics have a max length ?19:46
* sm saves chars19:47
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CrippsFXwell, thank God for google cached pages19:51
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*** sm changes topic to "Zope 3.4.0a1 is out: | Zope 3.4 bugs: | bugs: | FAQ: | wiki: | 2007/5/8 unreachable due to power outage, being worked on | paste: | irc logs:"19:52
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smyes :/19:53
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CrippsFXI have a class called ComputerContainer that is used to hold Computer objects ... I want to use ComputerContainer in 2 packages ... 1)the Computer package just because that's where it belongs, and I want to have an IPDatabaseReport ComputerContainer in my Report package, so I set up my configure.zcml from the report package to use the ComputerContainer, and I get "conflicting configuration" errors ... is there a better way to do what I'm tryi21:58
CrippsFXng to do?21:58
Theuniyou might make the first package a dependency of the second one22:01
Theunithen the second one can just include the configuration of the first22:01
Theunithis won't cause conflicts, but you can't declare the same class twice.22:01
CrippsFXkk. I'm in the middle of something right now, but I'll try that in about 10 mins when I'm done. thanks.22:02
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CrippsFXhey paul22:12
CrippsFXhm. Theuni: how would I go about making one package a dependancy of another?22:13
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CrippsFXgot it.22:22
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imgreyphiliKON, ayt ?22:46
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imgreyphiliKON, i've heard youre one from lead zope developers. could you please throw a hint about zc.queue installation on zope 2.9.7-1 ?22:48
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CrippsFXhm ... how do I call one *.pt file from another? I have a container object and I want it to display the displayDetails.html page for each object in the container. I think it's something like this: <div tal:replace="structure context/@@<somefuntion>" /> or something like that ..." is there a detailed reference on how to do this sort of thing?23:26
fdrakeUsing helper views like @@<somefunction> is good, so long as you understand <somefunction> is a view name.23:28
fdrakeThis avoids having to know whether the view is implemented as a template or anything else.23:28
CrippsFXfdrake: how do I set up a "helper view" then?23:28
TheuniI like using views to group convenience functions so you can use @@foobar/bazfoo23:29
fdrakeThey're just views.23:29
TheuniI just meant making use of the fact that views can be classes and have multiple methods23:30
fdrakeTheuni: For the Zope 3 checkout, did we ever reach concensus over whether unreleased code should stay in the tree?23:31
TheuniI think we did and that was that we even considered deleting it =)23:31
Theunibut I think we didn't go that far23:31
TheuniI'd move it out though.23:31
TheuniI'd hate losing stuff somewhere down there even if we didn't ever release ist.23:31
Theunialso, some people are working on things like the wfmc although it's not released *with* zope 323:32
fdrakeMoving it out is fine, but there's plenty of stuff that's close to unusable.23:32
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fdrake( in my current target of hatred.)23:32
TheuniWe might think about creating an area in the repository where we ban those to.23:33
TheuniAt least they don't get lost even if we say "we don't care about them"23:33
fdrakeThat and caused lots of pain for
fdrakeThat would work for me.23:33
Theunido we need the scum-vm for that?23:34
Theunioh wait. that was scrum.23:34
fdrakeSeriously, I don't care if those things land at the top level like everything else, I just want to leave out the external from the Z3 tree.23:35
Theuniah sure23:35
Theunithats perfect23:35
fdrakeMoving them is already more work than I think they're worth.  :-/23:35
TheuniI didn't notice that's your question.23:35
TheuniWe had a decision for that.23:35
fdrakeMostly I want to create the project areas and move them, and then let someone who cares deal with eggification and buildoutification.23:36
fdrakeIf we can avoid that holding up 3.4 and the trunk cleanup, that would be good.23:36
fdrakeIf anyone still cares about them, they're welcome to continue the care & feeding.23:37
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fdrakeDealing with pythonpage too way too much time whlie moving, mostly 'cause there wasn't a egg (and I wasn't about to create that one).23:38
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J1m_Theuni, you decided on Monday that packages that weren't released should move out of the Zope 3 tree.23:41
J1m_That's why, and are gone.23:42
J1m_Theuni, ayt?  I want to talk about ZODB.23:42
TheuniKind of.23:44
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CrippsFXphiliKON: I have wcsite in my Zope/lib/python directory, how do I get Zope to make an instance of WorldCookery so that I can browse through to see how stuff works?23:49
TheuniJ1m_: Hmm. Not sure that I decided it. I was merely stating my understanding of the plan. ;)23:51
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pbugniCrippsFX: sounds like you need the "slug"23:53
CrippsFXpbugni: the "slug" ?23:53
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CrippsFXpbugni: as in Zope/etc/package-includes/WCSITE-configure.zcml  ?23:54
CrippsFXpbugni: if so, I've already done that.23:54
CrippsFX... and restarted the server.23:54
J1m_Theuni, that's what I said, you decided it. :)23:55
pbugniw/o error, i take it, CrippsFX ?23:55
CrippsFXpbugni: yessir.23:55
J1m_Theuni, I'm a little concerned about coordinating ZODB and the Zope 3 beta.23:55
pbugniand when you browse to your z3 instance, no dice?23:56
J1m_There's a feature (or bug fix) I want to get into ZODB 3.8, but it is taking me a while.23:56
CrippsFXpbugni: precisely.23:56
pbugnilotta help i was :)23:56
CrippsFXpbugni: oop ... getting an error now :P ... just a sec.23:57
pbugniCrippsFX: i'd restart in the foreground, make sure there isn't a hidden error23:57
CrippsFXpbugni: I'm getting a traversal error, having to do with 'News'23:58
TheuniJ1m_: do you have an estimated date of arrival of that feature?23:58
pbugniCrippsFX: sounds like a lead :)23:58
J1m_I'm 97% sure it will be done before Monday night your time.23:58
*** sm is now known as sm-lunch23:59
CrippsFXpbugni: awesome ... so, where does it go? ;)23:59
J1m_I think it will be done this weekend, but I may not get it checked in until Monday and my Monday is later than yours. :)23:59
pbugnisorry CrippsFX - I'd have to dig it up, and i'm heads down elsewhere - you might try zopedebug in your instance bin dir - see if you can learn anything ?23:59

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