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CrippsFXk. hm my coworker is saying something about overrides ... what do those have to do with anything?00:00
CrippsFX(milking you for all the info I can get :P  )00:00
pbugniheh - that's .zcml stuff.  GIYF - very powerful and tends to be confusing for us noob's.00:01
CrippsFXhahaha :)00:02
pbugniif you downloaded this project, you should find a .zcml file within00:03
pbugniwon't hurt to read it over00:03
J1m_Theuni, I'm 97% sure it will be done before Monday night your time.00:03
CrippsFXkk. thanks.00:04
CrippsFXalright. Imma head out for now and do more reading in the morning. Thanks for the help guys.00:05
TheuniJ1m_: Ok. Unfortunately I think I can't make it to the beta until Sunday as well, so I can as well wait until monday.00:06
J1m_There's about a 50% prob I'll get it done befroe Satuday night (your time).00:07
TheuniOk, I'll keep my eyes open. And I'll remind you of subversion. ;)00:08
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J1m_oh yeah. Thanks. :)00:10
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timteAre interfaces persisted along with the rest of the object?10:46
timteBy reading the mail archive it looks like they are.10:48
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timteIf I change the interface an object provides, do I have to write migration code that changes interfaces on the persisted objects or is that somehow handled automatically?10:53
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*** baijum changes topic to "Zope 3.4.0a1 is out: | Zope 3.4 bugs: | bugs: | FAQ: | wiki: | paste: | irc logs:"12:56
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baijumTheuni, ayt?14:07
baijumIt looks zope.cachedescriptors "3.4.0b1-r75668" already released, it should be "3.4.0b1dev-r75668" instead ...14:08
baijum>>> parse_version('3.4.0b1-r75668') < parse_version('3.4.0b1')14:09
baijumI am going to replace those post beta 1 releases, is it ok?14:09
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* baijum uploaded zope.cachedescriptors-3.4.0b1dev-r75668.tar.gz and removed post beta 1 releases14:19
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baijumhi nikhil_n14:20
nikhil_nhi,i was working on ZODB14:21
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baijumok, if you want I can commit your changes to svn14:21
baijumyou can send svn diff to me14:22
baijumuse mbaiju AT zeomega.com14:22
nikhil_nI have some doubts about it14:22
nikhil_ni corrected the error in zope.exceptions14:22
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nikhil_nand then when i changed a file in persistence its error got corrected14:23
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Theunibaijum: kind of ...14:32
Theuninikhil_n: do you have checkin rights?14:32
Theunibaijum: checking in changes for other people is kind of not a good way :/14:33
nikhil_nya, i have14:33
baijumTheuni, he has access but locked in Windows ..14:34
nikhil_nbut the problem is that now there is some problem with using svn in windows14:34
nikhil_nmy modem wont support linux14:34
Theuniyou could ask on the -dev list14:34
Theunithere are people, like chris withers, who work on windows14:35
Theunithey might help you to get going14:35
Theuniprobably the easiest thing would be svn+ssh via cygwin, but I'm not a good windows user then ...14:35
nikhil_nok, once i tried in irc , but here most work in linux14:35
baijumTheuni, btw, I replaced zope.cachedescriptors post beta 1 releases ..14:36
baijumin download.zope.org14:37
Theuniyah, that's kind of wrong :/14:38
Theunisetuptools said those kinds of packaging errors can only be solved by releasing newer versions14:38
Theuninow it's unclear what people who already have this other version get14:38
Theunibecause they will never get the "older" fixed packages14:38
Theunijust removing them from the download servers isn't enough :/14:38
baijumhow do we correct this issue then ?14:39
baijumour beta 1 will be less that current release14:39
baijumshould I restore those release, it's still in my home dir14:40
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baijumok, I just restored those releases now14:43
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xbeanxHow do I make a Choice() schema field render as a radio widget?15:04
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xbeanxlol, nm, I found it..15:26
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Theunibaijum: the new releases will simply be higher15:30
Theunimeaning we have to go for b2 now.15:30
baijumTheuni, ok15:30
Theuniwe just have to go for a higher post-release number15:30
Theunimeaning b1-rXXX with XXX being higher than bevore15:31
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CrippsFXhm ... if context/attribute is the same as context.attribute in python can I use basePackage/package/module/attribute in a template?15:41
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rockycan someone explain the different of (both in IMailer and IMailDelivery ?15:48
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philiKONrocky: RTFB :)15:54
philiKONchapter about Events15:54
imgreyhow to plug zc.queue into zope 2 ?15:54
rockyphiliKON: egg on my face ;)15:54
rockyphiliKON: i read your book, i swear!  :)15:54
philiKONi know you did :)15:54
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CrippsFXphiliKON: I haven't read it yet ... but it's in the mail ...15:56
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rockyah so IMailDelivery is the api for user code to use whereas IMailer is the engine that IMailDelivery will use when it feels sol inclined to actually send the mails15:59
CrippsFXhere's just a question so I know if I'm understanding or not: for <div tal:repeat="contact context/values">, the "contact context/values" is 'creating a variable' called contact that holds context.values so that later I can access context.values.attribute  , correct?15:59
mgedminit's a for loop over all the items of context/values16:00
CrippsFXmgedmin: like in python: for i in thing: i.attribute   ... assuming thing is a container of some sort, right?16:00
CrippsFXkk. that's what I was asking, I guess I just phrased it poorly the first time :)16:01
mgedminso contact holds context.values[0], context.values[1] etc16:01
mgedminonly in a more general way (context.value doesn't have to be a list, it could be something else that can be iterated)16:02
CrippsFXmmhmmm. Thanks mgedmin :)16:02
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* mgedmin wants to know how to extract the values of local Python variables with gdb from a running zope 3, and without any Python debug symbols of course16:08
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* CrippsFX has no clue16:12
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baijumCan any one check it ? I am not geting checkin mails16:23
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baijum"buildout -n" slows as egg repository becoming large ?16:34
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CrippsFXargh! I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out *exactly* what to do to get the items in my container to render by using their own template, can someone refer me to a document about the Zope3 way of doing this?19:12
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CrippsFXhm ... zope3 wiki is back up .. Imma read chapter 14 of the Developer's handbook19:24
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smphew.. at last19:42
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CrippsFXsm: yeah, I know .. I've been lost for the past 2 days without it! :)19:48
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xbeanxHrm, how would I do this:  class IXContainer: contains(IX) ..... class IX: containers(IXContainer)21:28
xbeanxI mean, one class depends on the declaration of the one beneath it, but I can't move the one beneath above because that depends on the one above21:28
mgedminyou can say class IXContainer: contains('package.subpackage.module.IX')21:29
xbeanx:) thanks mgedmin21:30
mgedminrelative module paths withs contains('.IX') might also work, I'm not sure, check the docs21:33
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xbeanxhrm, oddly enough it doesn't seem to work21:33
xbeanxexact same problem with the full dotted path as without21:35
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mgedminmaybe that needs a recent zope 3 to work21:44
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xbeanxI have 3.3.1 and svn..  seems to be a python problem to me :(21:51
xbeanxoh well, google time it is21:51
pbugnixbeanx: which python version?21:52
* pbugni thinks he may have missed some vital background - nm if so21:52
xbeanxmeh, I have to leave soon, so I may just pop a quick message to the mailing list and hope for an answer21:55
pbugnixbeanx: just making sure you aren't trying to get zope to run on python 2.522:00
mgedminnah, that would bomb out very early22:00
xbeanxno, it's standard zope 3.3.1 python 2.4.422:02
xbeanxthe problem is one class needs to use another class in same module....  each one depends on the other...since they're in the same module there's a circular dependency problem22:03
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drzoltronHi, is there a newer approach for database generations than ?22:05
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drzoltronOr: how do I keep the ZODB as my application evolves22:06
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CrippsFXmy zope3 instance just lost it's skin/css/everything that made it look pretty ... I don't know what caused it to do that, I was working on a page template for a container view on one of my projects, and when I refreshed the page it was straight up html with no decoration. Does anybody know what went wrong, or how I would go about fixing it?22:11
mgedminI'm not aware of any newer approaches22:12
mgedminand the answer to your second question is: carefully and sometimes painfully22:12
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CrippsFXhm ... it's back after a restart. Must have been a stale lock or something of that nature.22:17
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* J1m reboots mailman on mail.zope.org23:05
* benji awaits the flood of messages.23:06
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imgreyis it possible to write to ExternalStorage from outside the zope ?23:29
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