IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-05-22

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timtedoes an adapter know which interface it provides if it's specified in zcml?09:32
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CrippsFXhm ... I keep getting this error message as part of a traceback when I try to view a component: <security proxied instance at 0xb5d925ec>  ... ViewComputer is a class located in (in my app) ... It's a view class which I have registered under the configure.zcml (as part of the <browser:page .../> directive) does anybody have any ideas why it's14:12
CrippsFX doing that, or what information could I provide to give a better clue?14:12
CrippsFXtimte: it should.14:13
dennis__paste the whole backtrace on one of the sites in the topic?14:15
CrippsFXdennis__: kk. I'll be a moment.14:15
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CrippsFXdennis__: oh, for frig's sake ... hahaha ... key error "user" ... It looks like I forgot to convert one of my var names.14:18
CrippsFXdennis__: thank's for looking at that for me ;)14:18
timteit often helps just to explain the problem to someone else  :)14:20
CrippsFXtrue that :).14:20
CrippsFXnow I've got another error ... I'm *great* at writing bug-free code ;)14:21
CrippsFXImma try to sift through this one by myself before I ask for more help ... again.14:21
CrippsFXah ... this one has something to do with my list widget :)14:22
mgedminthat sounds painful14:30
mgedminlist widgets traumatised my childhood14:31
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dennis__one observation of migrating from 3.3.1 to 3.4.0a1, though I don't know what it means:  in 3.3 it was OK to create a new site following the WC Zope book (programmatically), but in 3.4 you must have your own PrincipalAnnotationUtility registered in your local site manager or you will get weird backtraces when IAnnotation( user ) fails (f.e. in the rotterdam skin trying to view the ++etc++site of your new site, if it does not have its own14:39
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CrippsFXmgedmin: yeah ... I'm following the WorldCookery book on this stuff, so I don't see why it isn't working ... but, meh ... it can all be figured out with enough patience :)14:47
CrippsFXfrom the zope debug shell transaction.commit() will commit component (object) changes to the ZODB, what command would I use to "check out" objects from ZODB ... i.e. I want to pull out an existing object, modify it, and re-commit it to see if one of my views is working.14:51
lurkernone of it, CrippsFX, just modify the object and commit14:51
CrippsFXlurker: so the existing ZODB objects are loaded when the debug shell starts?14:52
lurkerthey are loaded when you access them14:52
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lurkerZODB is transparent for the most part14:52
CrippsFXmgedmin: oddly enough, my list View widget is working, it's the list input widget that's b0rked.14:52
CrippsFXlurker: right. Thanks. (God bless Transparency!)14:53
CrippsFXweird ... from the debug prompt I made a Computer object (as per my app specs), and ran transaction.commit(), and the object isn't available via http://zopeserver/contents.html  :/14:59
dennis__root['computer'] = Computer()15:01
CrippsFXthanks :)15:02
CrippsFXforgot about that whole ZODB is Container thing.15:02
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CrippsFXthanks dennis__ :)15:05
dennis__have fun :)15:05
CrippsFXdone and done :D15:07
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CrippsFXokay, here is my browser view module, configure.zcml and the traceback from trying to access the edit view for my computer object ... I can't figure out exactly what's wrong, so I was hoping for a handy pointer to help me out:
CrippsFXin the traceback, CompObj = pf ... pf is just a random name that I used for the Computer Object.15:37
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CrippsFXfrom what I gather, zope is having trouble with the List Input widget ... but I don't know how to go about fixing that ...15:40
dennis__can you add IComputer definition?15:41
CrippsFXI used (almost verbatem) the simple edit view example from WC chapter 8 to make this view.15:41
CrippsFXdennis__: yep ... another moment.15:41
CrippsFXdennis__:   .... everything in the previous post, + IComputer for your reading pleasure :)15:42
CrippsFXoops ... missing a few lines ... just another moment15:43
CrippsFXdennis__: there we go ->
dennis__why no value_type for users?   (i admit i havent used lists)15:45
CrippsFXI thought List itself was a value_type ... else, everything in the list *should* be a TextLine by default (users = list of strings)15:46
CrippsFXyeah, neither have I :/  ... and mgedmin has timed out.15:48
dennis__like i said i havent tried lists, but my first try would be to add that and follow the example closely15:48
CrippsFXkk. I'll try giving that a shot.15:48
CrippsFXdennis__: heh ... going back and following the example closely + value_type = good idea.15:51
CrippsFXdennis__: as soon as I went back to the schema section, I noticed the value_type=TextLine() ... for the list thing ...15:51
CrippsFXmy fingers must've been moving faster than the brain when I wrote my schema definition for that object :)15:52
dennis__its a very good book15:52
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CrippsFXdennis__: I do agree. I like pretty much everything about it; very well organized15:54
dennis__does it work?15:57
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srichterhow do I upload an egg to again?16:08
srichterlurker: so I have to download the egg from pipy first?16:09
lurkeryou made that egg or what?16:10
lurkerwhy is it on pipy at all if you want it on
srichterboth locations, in case pypi is not available16:11
CrippsFXdennis__: sorry, yeah, it works :)16:11
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dennis__heh good cripps!16:15
lurkersrichter: well, all I know is to scp to using your svn account16:17
lurkerthere is no "pull from pypi" afaik16:17
srichterok, but I have to get the egg first16:18
srichterI thought that buildout helped me out here, but I guess it does not16:18
timteit can only help you with develop eggs as far as I know16:28
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timtemaking an egg is something like "python bdist_egg" or similar16:30
baijumsrichter, to create a source egg: buildout setup . sdist16:33
srichterok, did that16:34
srichterwhere will it be located?16:35
baijum./dist folder16:35
srichterah, ok16:35
baijumbtw, scp to folder16:35
srichteryeah, did that already :-)16:36
baijumcool :)16:36
Theuniremember to set your permissions correctly ;)16:36
srichtermmh, for some reason z3c.template (which I was working on first) does not seem to get picked up as a dependency16:37
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srichterhow can I inspect this?16:37
srichterI am getting a second package ready for distribution16:38
srichterand the z3c.template package is a dependency of the test part16:38
srichterI specified it in extras_require16:38
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Theunidid you specify that the testrunner should use the extra?16:48
Theunithe buildout would be eggs = mypackage [test]16:49
srichteroh, nope :-)16:49
Theuniif "test" is the name of your extra16:49
srichterok, that's what it is for16:49
srichterok, that makes sense16:49
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srichterTheuni: hold on, here is the latest error now16:50
srichterzc.buildout.easy_install: Getting required z3c.template16:50
srichterzc.buildout.easy_install: We have no distributions for z3c.template that satisfies z3c.template.16:50
srichter  Installing test16:50
srichter  Getting distribution for z3c.template16:50
srichterError: Download error: unknown url type: svn16:50
srichterwhere could that come from?16:50
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Theunithat might be pypi16:52
srichterdid I do something wrong with my z3c.template package?16:52
srichtermaybe I declared the wrong URL?16:52
srichteroh yes, I did16:52
srichterI point it to the repos, instad of PyPI; I thought th eURL is informational16:53
Theunino, the homepage is set to svn://16:53
Theunieasy_install tries to go there and fails16:53
srichterI see16:53
Theuniwe typically put the homepage to the viewcvs of the repository if we don't have anything else16:53
srichterthat's what I thought16:53
srichterok, I will do that instead16:54
Theuni(also, we use http as the svn transport protocol so that doesn't happen very often to us)16:54
srichterwho is we?16:54
srichterI thought we (as in Z3 community) are using svn and svn+ssh16:54
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srichterokay, so I start to get this16:58
srichterthe only reason I do this buildout step is to run the tests and make sure that I got all the dependencies right16:58
* Theuni as gocept ;)16:58
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Theunithe dependency thing and testing is what i do for the individual zope.* eggs too16:59
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srichterTheuni: right, I really hope I can contribute a test coverage recipe soon, which is another step that we commonly do before a release17:00
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srichteryipee now I got the z3c.tempalte dependency17:01
srichterand no failures17:02
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srichterTheuni: we really need to improve finddeps to deal with doctests17:02
srichterTheuni: so in "dependency_links" I could specify my private egg distribution server, right?17:03
xxbeanxxOn page 107 of the worldcookery book, the author has a tal expression of the form <tal:content="context/name/title"> where name is a TextLine schema......   Why did he use "context/name/title" instead of just "context/name" as is done for other TextLine fields?17:04
Theunisrichter: i guess so, I didn't use that yet17:05
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srichterTheuni: What do I do, if I do not want the SVN revision number on the release?17:06
Theuniyou do the sdist differently17:06
Theuniwhat was your sdist call?17:06
srichterbin/buildout setup . sdist register upload17:07
srichterTheuni: basically copied from Jim's tutorial17:07
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srichterTheuni: why don't we use classifiers more?17:14
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev17:14
Theunidunno, don't we?17:15
srichterno, all the packages I looked at did not have classifiers17:15
Theunimight be lazyness17:15
srichterthe reason I ask is because there is a PyPI overview page that uses the classifiers to do package categories17:16
srichterand it would look really cool, if Zope 3 had the most17:16
srichterZope 2 -> 50, Zope 3 -> 42, Turbo Gears -> 6217:17
srichterImagine we would add the classifiers to all our packages, we probably have liek 200-30017:18
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srichterso how do I get rid of the revision number in the release?17:26
srichterI tried the -V option, but it did not seem to work17:26
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srichterJ1m: what option do you use to not have the revision number be part of the released filename?17:31
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CrippsFXhm ... when doing a preview view, the main view page has to be called index.html, is it possible to have the main view called something different (i.e. CompIndex.html) and still work with the preview using the package?17:43
faassenJ1m: is there a way to find out using buildout where a dependency is coming from? I'm having a lot of problems with Zope 3.4 eggs polluting my Zope 3.3 development buildout and I don't know where they come from.17:44
faassenJ1m: that is, my Zope 3.3-based development buildout17:45
J1msrichter, I think setup.conf is an abomination. So I don't need an option to disable a revision number. :)  See the setuptools docs for ways to inhibit the revision #.17:46
J1mfaassen, the latest buildout will tell you who is responsible for a missing dependency or a version conflict.17:46
J1mThere is a bug in how it does this that can make this take a long time.17:47
J1mI suppose you want to know where a met dependency is among from.17:47
faassenJ1m: yes. I just licked it, but it was quite frustrating.17:47
faassenJ1m: anyway, it'd be nice what in the buildout is requiring something.17:48
J1mick.  How did it taste?17:48
faassenJ1m: that is, it'd be nice to find out.17:48
faassenJ1m: also one thing that mystifies me is that I can put a package under 'develop'17:48
faassenJ1m: or alternatively just check it out under the buildout dir17:48
srichterJ1m: okay, I will try17:48
faassenJ1m: and in both cases it's somehow picked up, but in the second case its seems to be ignored.17:48
faassenJ1m: or maybe not ignored, but..something different is happening.17:49
* srichter starts to dig setuptools, eggs and buidout17:49
faassenJ1m: it can't be the is ignored, as it's actually using its dependencies. so I'm not quite sure what's happening, but there's a difference.17:49
J1mfaassen, I'm not sure I follow you.17:49
faassenJ1m: okay, imagine I have a buildout17:49
faassenJ1m: and I check out zc.sourcefactory into it.17:49
faassenJ1m: and then I reference zc.sourcefactory in the dependencies of my setup.py17:49
faassenJ1m: and I *don't* list it under the 'develop' entries in [buildout]17:50
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev17:50
faassenJ1m: something happens.17:50
faassenJ1m: and if I do list it under develop, something else happens.17:50
faassenJ1m: i.e. there is a difference in how dependency informaiton is built up, it seems.17:50
J1mIf you *just* check it out, there will be no effect on the buildout/17:50
faassenJ1m: possibly it's picking up zc.sourcefactory from another location, is that possible? like a subdirectory which contains a which in turn contains a zc.sourcefactory?17:51
J1mSome version will be downloaded.17:51
*** b52GM has joined #zope3-dev17:51
faassenJ1m: yeah, but I didn't think there was such a version anywhere.17:51
J1mYou must be wrong.17:51
J1mbuildout never implicitly runs setup scripts.17:51
faassenJ1m: well, I will verify this.17:51
J1mIt will only run setup scripts listed in develop.17:52
J1mDouble check your eggs and develop-eggs directories.17:52
faassenJ1m: you're right, there is one in the eggs dir.17:52
J1mPerhaps in verbose verbose mode, buildout should prnt *why* it is downloading dependencies.17:53
J1mPerhaps in verbose verbose mode, buildout should print *why* it is downloading dependencies.17:53
faassenJ1m: that would be nice.17:53
J1m*maybe* I can do that today.17:53
faassenJ1m: or even a mode all by itself, as I'm not too interested in the other stuff when i'm scratching my head over dependencies.17:53
faassenJ1m: that'd be great, but no rush on my end now that I have this under control again. it was just really frustrating for a while.17:54
J1mAlthough, so far, my velocity is pretty low this morning. Everybody wants to talk to me. :)17:54
faassenJ1m: the transition from zope 3.3 and zope 3.4 is a little bit frustrating due to all these eggs coming in from places.17:54
faassenJ1m: though granted I'm actually using zc.sourcefactory with Zope 3.3 which possibly isn't supported. I'm not sure. :)17:55
faassenJ1m: I'll stop babbling now.17:55
J1mfaassen, we are in labor.  (A weird labor that produces eggs, not babies.)  Our eggs are all scrambled. :)  Our dependencies are insane.  It will be a painful mess for a while until we sort it out.17:59
faassenJ1m: yeah, I know.17:59
faassenJ1m: we're a giant platypus18:00
* J1m tries to think of more metaphors to mix in, but stops.18:00
J1mfaassen, nice :)18:00
ignaslaying eggs 1 by 1 would be a lot easier ;) but with the mesh of dependencies, you'll have to do it like Zopes18:01
Theunii just got a new wok. i can try to produce some fried eggs now.18:02
faassenTheuni: :)18:03
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CrippsFXin Zope3, which is preferable: to make a <page ...> with a class that extends AddForm and use the <page> directive to register that, or to straight up use the <addform> directive ?18:06
srichterJ1m: is there anywhere an example on using your new Zope app/instance recipe?18:07
*** oferw has quit IRC18:07
mgedminCrippsFX: the first one, and also provided that you use the AddForm from zope.formlib.form, and not the one in
CrippsFXmgedmin: okay, thanks. I am using the one from zope.formlib.form .... That being said, how would I properly use the configuration to get "Add this object" in the zmi menu?18:09
CrippsFXbecause I'm *used to* using AddMenuItem and the <addform> directive ...18:10
mgedminregister the view on the zope.container.interfaces.IAdding with the same name you have in your <browser:addMenuItem> directive18:10
CrippsFXkk. thanks.18:11
J1msrichter, also zc.zodbactivitymonitor/dev18:11
J1mand zc.zervertracelog18:13
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srichterJ1m: thanks, but the doctest is really nice, so I am following that and it makes a lot of sense18:33
srichterI really start to like that, but I have not yet developed this way, so we will see how that goes18:33
srichterJ1m: so basically you switch to develop eggs by changing buildout.cfg?18:34
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* mgedmin ponders a way to create a obj.__grandparent__ == obj.__parent__.__parent__ alias for all Contained objects18:37
* mgedmin is, of course, not serious18:37
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ChrisWwhere's the five channel live again?18:38
ChrisWheh, that'd explain it18:38
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*** sm has joined #zope3-dev18:41
*** sm has quit IRC18:45
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*** pcardune is now known as pcardune_dentist19:28
*** jbb666 has joined #zope3-dev19:32
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CrippsFXhm ... where is createObject(u'string') defined?19:38
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope3-dev19:38
*** rocky is now known as rocky|away19:38
bigkevmcdCrippsFX: IIRC19:39
CrippsFXalright, I'll give that a shot.19:39
CrippsFXnope, not there :/19:41
bigkevmcdoops...that is
CrippsFXit's in zapi19:42
CrippsFXgrep -r ....I love it :)19:42
bigkevmcdthat's imported tho'19:42
bigkevmcdthe definition is in
CrippsFXself.assertEqual(zapi.createObject('').__class__, X)   ...19:43
* mgedmin pimps ctags19:43
mgedminisn't zapi unofficially deprecated?19:44
CrippsFXmgedmin: I think so ....19:44
CrippsFXyou know what else is deprecated (officially)? ...
mgedminlook in zope.component19:45
mgedminI think that's the new place19:45
CrippsFXyeah ... a lot of stuff is being moved out of ... which is good.19:45
mgedminyup, from zope.component import createObject19:45
* mgedmin discovers zope.deferredimport19:46
CrippsFXinteresting ...19:48
* mgedmin fixes some typos19:49
CrippsFXtypos in deferredimport?19:51
mgedminin README.txt19:51
srichterTheuni: could it be that the current Zope3 externals are not setup correctly? David Johnson just reported the sqlscript package and the "connection names" vocab not to be there anymore.19:54
*** timte has joined #zope3-dev20:07
*** zagy has joined #zope3-dev20:11
*** lurker has joined #zope3-dev20:11
*** romanofski has quit IRC20:15
CrippsFXwhen using the addMenuItem directive, can I use a view="something" option where "something" is the name of a view under the <page> directive?20:20
CrippsFX... because I'm trying to do that, but it's telling me that "view name something not found" even though "something" is in the same config file ... or, is the configuration trying to look up a view adapter?20:21
*** wrobel has joined #zope3-dev20:22
*** xenru has joined #zope3-dev20:27
xenruwe launch our big zope3 project to public access20:28
xenruplease checkout
lurkerxenru: we == enfold?20:29
xenruno Key Solutions20:29
lurkeroops, mistook you for leo then ;)20:29
xenruit's ok ;)20:30
d2mpoor boy, 90 requests to get the whole page20:30
* lurker grins20:31
mgedminalthough maybe my adblock had something to do with the missing 420:31
xenruyep, but after that site is cool20:32
xenrubecause it is big and client is TV Channel20:32
xenrurussian ESPN20:32
xenrusome day, couse20:32
mgedminit's pretty fast as well20:33
CrippsFXyeah, very snappy. I like that.20:33
xenrucheckout our press-release
xenruin english20:34
CrippsFX...snappy for the most part.20:34
CrippsFXthe four links in the top slot take awhile to load, but other than that, everything's pretty fast.20:35
*** Henri__ has joined #zope3-dev20:35
xenru20 servers under that project20:35
xenruIt must be fast20:35
*** zagy has quit IRC20:36
CrippsFXso is it running distributed, or is each server responsible for a section of the site?20:36
xenruthere is many way to optimize loading, several servers for each domain20:37
xenrufront-end on httpd, back-end zope3 cluster20:37
xenrubut it just lanuched20:38
xenruwe havn't any statistics20:38
xenruwe planing more than 100 000 active users per day20:39
xenruthere is many parts20:39
benji_looks cool, xenru20:39
*** benji_ is now known as benji20:39
xenrufirst and easy is news line, second - "youtube like site" video-on-demand, but with realtime streaming from satellite20:40
xenrualso chat server (will be released very soon) on twisted20:41
*** BjornT has joined #zope3-dev20:41
xenrusoon we add full featured blog platform20:41
xenruand we want to release most parts as ready framework under ZPL20:42
xenruis it good idea to put news on zope.org20:43 tells me i am not logged in, in dutch :)20:44
xenruI think it is good use case for zope3 developers20:44
xenrudennis__: 1 sec ;) I'll check it20:44
xenruold school site under plone ;)20:45
*** Jell-O-Fishi has joined #zope3-dev20:47
xenruhuh, I'ts ok20:47
xenruI'm little nervous after release about bugs on every our site20:48
xenruinside we have Work Flow, ORM20:49
xenrufull featured system20:50
dennis__xenru the standard elements give me dutch if my browser asks for it, so just looks funny between the russian20:50
xenruI it understand now ;)20:51
xenruI understand it now, sorry20:51
dennis__its ok :) nice job i have to say20:51
faassenxenru: yes would be good to put this on zope.org20:51
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:52
dennis__faassen: if it survives the first week :)20:52
faassenxenru: and if you want to write a description of the site to zope3-users or put it on the zope wiki that would be nice too.20:52
*** Jell-O-Fishi has quit IRC20:52
xenruMartijn, thanks for blessing20:53
* benji hands faassen the holy water.20:57
*** norro has joined #zope3-dev20:58
faassenbenji: thanks, I just ran out. :)20:59
faassenbenji: anyway, I thought I was only an ambassador of zope. for cardinals and popes you need to be elsewhere.20:59
faassenbenji: what does this make you, I wonder? official zope holy wander minder?20:59
faassenbenji: ah, yeah. :)21:00
*** RedDevils has joined #zope3-dev21:02
benjioops, wrong chan21:11
faassenbenji: heh. :) this keeps happening.21:11
faassenI should do this too21:11
faassenyeah, I'll ask benji21:11
benjiyeah; it's a disease21:11
faassenI think benji is crazy too21:11
benjiI think it's terminal.21:11
faassenno, I know you think so too, Jim21:12
* faassen talks on the wrong channel. :)21:12
*** rocky|away is now known as rocky21:13
*** alga has quit IRC21:15
*** RedDevils has quit IRC21:16
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev21:19
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*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev21:25
*** BjornT_ has quit IRC21:30
*** whit is now known as whit|out21:32
*** pcardune_dentist has joined #zope3-dev21:38
srichterJ1m: I am getting the following error now; does that ring a bell?21:43
srichterNo handlers could be found for logger "ZODB.FileStorage"21:43
J1mThat isn't an error.21:43
J1mThe logging module is a bit stupid.21:43
J1mIt prints that the first time you log something and there are no log handlers defined.21:44
J1mIt's annoying.21:44
srichterhow can I start an instance without the deamon?21:44
srichterI see21:44
J1mUse the fg command.21:44
J1mbin/instance fg21:44
srichterah, thanks21:44
srichtermmh, the default server is HTTP, which seems not to be defined; should be HTTP-WSGI I think21:45
srichter(as you can tell, I am getting pretty close of getting the server to run ;-)21:45
J1mUm, I suspect some sort of missconfiguration.21:46
J1mDid you zcml include the appropriate package to define the server?21:46
srichteroh, good point! :-)21:46
J1mThe recipe doesn't do this for you.21:46
J1mMaybe it should.21:46
srichterI was hoping had it21:46
J1mI would hope it doesn't.21:46
srichterobviously not21:47
J1mIdeally, we'd only include the server code for the server we're using.21:47
J1mThen again, ideally, we'd be using something more wsgi-onic, like PasteDeploy.21:47
srichterok, so I am pretty convinced of eggs and buildout as a deployment tool21:48
srichterI am still unsure about development, because all packages are flat21:48
srichtercausing a lot of directory changing between changing packages21:48
srichterbtw, I agreethe SVN tag option is stupid; I deleted setup.cfg in all the packages I touched today21:49
*** mkerrin has quit IRC21:50
J1mThe things is, IMO, you should only be working one a small # of projects at a time.21:51
J1mSo you should mostly be in one (or 2 or 3) source tree.21:51
srichtermmh, ok21:51
srichterI guess I should get to know bookmarks well21:52
J1mIf you find yourself editing lots of source trees at the same time, maybe the source trees should be combined.21:52
srichtermmh, okay, I keep that in mind when trying the new method21:53
*** sm has joined #zope3-dev21:53
srichterthis is certainly different from what we have been doing21:55
srichterJ1m: in our projects we will need a lot more scripts, such as i18nextract, i18nmerge, coverage report, etc21:58
srichterJ1m: what would be the ideal method of providing them?21:58
srichterhelp develop
srichteror write independent recipes?21:58 -> zc.zope3recipes21:59
*** schwendinger has quit IRC22:04
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev22:04
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev22:05
J1msrichter, Those script should probably be packages into their own egg(s)22:05
J1mEvery script should be an entry point in a module.22:05
J1mYou don't need custom recipes to install scripts.22:06
* J1m intends to package runurl this way.22:06
*** ignas has joined #zope3-dev22:06
srichterJ1m: ok22:10
srichterJ1m: what about coverage report, which is effectively just a script on top of the testrunner?22:10
srichterI basically need the zope.recipe.testrunner to go first and then rely on that script to do my work22:11
*** fcorrea has joined #zope3-dev22:13
fcorreaHey, I just wondering if python expressions like python: test or python: DateTime were disabled in the ZPT implementation of zope3 (Five).22:14
CrippsFXI'm useless right now, so I'm heading home. I'll see you guys in the morning ;)22:14
dennis__ciau cripps22:14
*** MrTopf has joined #zope3-dev22:14
fcorreawow, zope3 implementation of ZPT to be correct. Too difficult to implement zope3 in ZPTs ;)22:15
*** schwendinger has quit IRC22:15
*** pelle_ has joined #zope3-dev22:21
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev22:23
J1msrichter, I would treat the coverage report the same way.  Alternatively, it might be added as a script provided by zope.testing.22:31
srichtersame as any other script?22:31
*** schwendinger_ has joined #zope3-dev22:31
*** Henri__ has quit IRC22:32
srichterwhee, this is tough22:35
srichterI now cannot get to my resources and I do not know why22:35
srichterrotterdam comes up as usual22:35
srichterhave you seen something liek this?22:38
srichterNotFound: Object: <zope.traversing.browser.absoluteurl.SiteAbsoluteURL object at 0xb5bb0bec>, name: u'calculator.css'22:38
* J1m uses slide rules22:38
srichterI am probably missing some adapter22:39
*** afd has quit IRC22:39
srichterok, I got it; I missed another include22:41
srichterI hope I never have to do this again, now that I have a good subset of ZCML to load22:41
*** naro has quit IRC22:48
*** schwendinger has quit IRC22:48
*** lzdych has quit IRC22:53
srichterJ1m: thanks for all your help! It's working well, now I just have to get rid of
*** rocky is now known as rocky|away23:08
*** schwendinger_ is now known as schwendinger23:13
*** jbb666 has quit IRC23:14
dennis__can i easily tell a schema I want a List( ) of a a TextLine AND a Bytes type?  (i.e. to attach a list of images to some content, but per image also a name attribute?)23:19
*** xenru has quit IRC23:26
*** schwendinger has quit IRC23:26
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*** afd_ has joined #zope3-dev23:46
*** d2m has quit IRC23:47
*** RaFromBRC is now known as RaFromBRC|lunch23:51
srichterhow do I get all errors reported to STDERR?23:55
*** dunny has quit IRC23:56
dennis__edit zope.conf23:58
dennis__it's in the comments somewhere23:58

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