IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-05-23

J1msrichter, look at the documentation I gave you a link for earlier. :)00:02
J1mdennis__, srichter has moved to a higher plane.00:03
dennis__oh, yeah i thought it was a bit too easy :)00:03
srichterJ1m: I am getting better :-) I almost have everything without zcmlfiles back up00:04
srichterJ1m: btw, I think that we should not include the browser configure in the base one00:04
srichterI have a bunch of dependencies just because of browser code that I do not want00:04
J1myeah, you may remember way back when that I wanted to put browser code in peer, rather than in sub-packages.00:06
srichteralso, Steve always complained about it00:06
srichterfor many years00:06
J1mdennis__, it is actually easier, because we can now put everything in a single one-stop-shoppiing config file.00:06
srichterI think by simply not loading the browser ZCML within the main configure would help a lot00:07
srichterwith zcmlfiles I had 100 eggs, without 8400:10
srichternot as much improvement as I had hoped for, but better than nothing00:10
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dennis__ah figured out how to use the schema Object and nest schemas inside schemas to answer my own question :)    (thank you for the example)01:46 even01:46
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derek|coffeeshopI've written a unit doctest that does a lot of setup. Unfortunately, it's not enough - IAbsoluteURL is now complaining that it doesn't have enough context to get URL info. I am wondering if this is a sign that I should switch from a unit test to a ftest?02:15
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dennis__ps xenru might want to disable things like on a live site?09:28
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romanofskimorjens :)09:55
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jfrochehello, is there a way to include the .svn folder in an egg ?12:28
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lisppaste6vivek pasted "python2.5 " at
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CrippsFXwrong window ... I do that all the time :P16:02
CrippsFXmorning Theuni16:02
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CrippsFXnikhils: just in case you weren't aware, using IRC as root is a REALLY REALLY bad idea.16:04
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derek_richardsonis there any reusable test data for zope 3.3 that exists in a easily loadable form? All I really need is a bunch of folders and files and I don't want to handcraft it if I can steal....16:14
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CrippsFXgrr ... there's only one thing I don't like about the WC book right now ... I find that it's not very clear when it comes to using AddForms.16:33
CrippsFXyesterday I started looking at addforms and how to use them with the <addMenuItem> directive, and went full circle (I was right back where I started by the end of the day) ... there is confusion with NamedTemplates, applying them to forms and then using those forms for different things (add /edit) ... I'm going to paste the code I have, and ask if someone can give me a hand to figure this out because I'm starting to get pretty frustrated :(16:35
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CrippsFXmy current view module and configure.zcml are pasted here:   ... the issue that I'm having right now is that my objects are still being created via their factories, but NOT giving me the AddForm so that I can specify initial data, I have to use my CompEdit.html view to do that :/16:41
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CrippsFXslight edit: changed template=NamedTemplate('computer.form') to template=NamedTemplate('computer.addform')  to reflect the adapter name ... same results though ... no AddForm on object creation :(16:48
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srichterJ1m: is there already an example out there showing how to do a simple script package?17:20
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J1msrichter, there are lots of examples of packages that provide scripts.17:38
J1mbuildout, setuptools, zodb, ....17:38
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J1mEntry points are very simple.17:38
srichterok, thanks I look at those17:39
srichterso what are "entry points"? I did not quiet understand that yet17:39
J1mDid you read about them in the setuptools docs?17:39
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* CrippsFX beats his head against the wall17:48
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zagyhm. the zope.testing has some problem with unicode17:55
CrippsFXsince all the old pros are now here ... can somebody take a look at my view class/NamedTemplate/Configuration and help me to figure out why I'm not getting an Addform when I try to create a new Object through the ZMI? my code is all located here: ... I've been following the WC book, and I've read, re-read, re-reread and re-re-reread Chapter 8, but I'm still stuck, and it's getting really frustrating.17:55
CrippsFXzagy: what do you mean?17:55
zagyah... the reporting of failing tests break if the result of a test was a unicode with non us-ascii chars in it17:56
CrippsFXoh. That's strange.17:57
zagyCrippsFX: what's your problem with the addform?17:57
zagyget an error or what?17:57
CrippsFXzagy: no, I've been told that it's preferrable to use the <page> directive over the <addform> directive.17:58
zagyi've never registered anything for IAdding17:58
zagybut for the target container type17:58
zagyalso i have my own menus, so not using addMenuItem17:59
CrippsFXIAdding is the way I've been told to do it ... I'm not *entirely* sure why though. I'll also be making a custom menu/skin after I get this component working.18:00
zagyIAdding is the foobar/+/ thingy... i don't quite like it :)18:02
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CrippsFXso by using IAdding, even if path/+/Object is entered instead of doing work through the menus,I'll still get my Form.18:05
* zagy writes a doctest do test doctest18:05
zagyi don't understand.. what?18:06
CrippsFXin my case: http://zopeserver/+/Computer *should* give my my AddForm just like clicking on SHIP Computer in the ZMI menu *should* do.18:07
CrippsFX*give me my18:07
zagyso does it give your form?18:07
zagyyou called it ship.Copmputer18:08
CrippsFXwhat? where?18:08
zagyline 57 of the paste18:09
CrippsFXnope ... it's ship.Computer, in the paste @ and in my local source files.18:10
zagyyeah ship.Computer18:11
CrippsFXah. kk.18:11
CrippsFXokay, I have the default form ... hmm. with only 2 input widgets ...18:12
CrippsFX... but if it works through URL transversal, how come it doesn't work through the menu based on my present code/configuration?18:13
zagyI don't know what addMenuItem does exactly18:14
dennis_cripps which url does the menu link to?18:15
CrippsFXdennis_: http://sparky:8080/%40%40contents.html?type_name=ship.Computer ... according to my computer/browser/config.zcml it *should* link to: http://sparky:8080/+/ship.Computer18:16
dennis_the add menu links to contents.html ?18:16
CrippsFXthat's what it says.18:17
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CrippsFXdennis_: it's using the default "add item" behaviour. "give me a name and I'll create an object with that name"18:17
dennis_doesn't that work?18:18
CrippsFXoh yeah, it creates a new object with the given name ... but I want it to bring up the AddForm so that I can specify initial data.18:18
mgedminI once figured out how to use add forms18:20
mgedminand blogged about it18:20
CrippsFXthanks mgedmin ... Imma read that like it's nobody's business ;018:20
CrippsFX* ;)18:20
mgedminbecause otherwise I can never remember how to do that18:20
dennis_ah thats your page, found it earlier already :)18:20
CrippsFXyeah ... I think it should be added in the next revision to the WC book, because currently it's not very clear on the subject.18:21
mgedminI wonder what's the difference between <addMenuItem class="..."> and <addMenuItem factory="...">18:21
dennis_but correct me if i am wrong: this also gives you first the input for the name, and then the rest18:21
mgedminI honestly don't remember18:22
CrippsFXmgedmin: factory doesn't have to be a class, so it can call a factory "method" instead of specifying the implementing class ... makes things more general and allows fgor working without being bound to a specific implementation :)18:22
mgedminI don't think so18:22
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mgedminno, I'm sure of it18:22
mgedminI remember adding a special field to specify the object ID in my add forms18:22 it's the more "Zope 3" way :)18:23
mgedminso when you have a custom view, the default inline container box doesn't appear18:23
dennis_your example doesn't have a custom view though?18:24
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mgedminFruitAdd is the custom view18:24
mgedminthat example doesn't have a custom page template18:25
dennis_ah oops sorry18:25
dennis_see it now :)18:25
mgedminok, now I know what's the diff between class="" and factory=""18:25
CrippsFXmgedmin: oh for frig's sake ... check this out:18:25
CrippsFX 28     <utility18:25
CrippsFX 29         component=".computer.computerFactory"18:25
CrippsFX 30         name="ship.Computer"18:25
CrippsFX 31         permission="zope.ManageContent"18:25
CrippsFX 32         />18:25
mgedminif you specify class="" the addMenuItem directive creates and registers a factory for that class18:25
mgedminwith a made-up name18:25
CrippsFXthat's in my computer/configure.zcml18:25
CrippsFXno wonder it didn't like the view name ship.Computer18:26
mgedmindifferent namespaces18:26
CrippsFXyou sure?18:27
CrippsFXah, yeah.18:27
CrippsFXhm. Maybe I'll just make all my factories classes instead of having factory methods ....18:28
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derek_richardsonif I have a package (plone.syndication) with an ftests directory and I run ./test -fs plone.syndication and there's a test file called in the ftests directory, what's the likely cause (for a newbie to ftests) of no tests running?19:54
J1mderek_richardson, That depends on what ./test does. :)19:55
J1mI'm not familiar with a test script of quite that name.19:55
derek_richardsonthis is the test script in $ZOPE_HOME/bin19:55
J1mIs this Zope 2 or Zope 3?19:56
CrippsFXmgedmin: thanks for that link. My addform now works, although, I had to switch a factory from a function to a Class, and change some other configuration stuff.19:56
derek_richardsonJ1m: 3.319:56
J1mwhere is plone syndication installed?19:57
J1mI'm not familiar with $ZOPE_HOME.  Is that where the sw is installed? Ir is it the instance?19:57
J1mI'm not familiar with $ZOPE_HOME.  Is that where the sw is installed? Or is it the instance?19:57
derek_richardsonah, it's the instance19:57
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lisppaste6derek_richardson pasted "test script in zope 3.3.1" at
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derek_richardsonplone.syndication is in [instance]/lib/python via a symlink20:06
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J1mI don't think a symlink should matter, but I'm not 100% sure.20:07
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J1mWhat is the output of the test runner?20:08
derek_richardsonTotal: 0 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors20:08
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J1mah, do the tests in test_atom use any layers?20:08
* derek_richardson does a cp to test the symlink hypothesis20:09
J1mOr are they straight unit tests?20:09
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derek_richardsonJ1m: not explicitly, but they are ftests, derived from BrowserTestCase20:09
J1mHm, weird.20:10
lisppaste6derek_richardson pasted "" at
J1mI don't see anything you are doing incorrectly.20:13
J1mMaybe someone else can see something.20:13
derek_richardsonreplacing symlink with cp'ed packages didn't change output20:13
derek_richardsonI wish I could at least provoke an error message, that would give me something to go on... :(20:14
J1mDo the tests run if you don't give any arguments (other than verbosity) to the test runner? (e.g. bin/test -vvv)20:14
derek_richardsonyes, that runs my unit tests20:15
J1mDoes it run the test in
J1mDoes ftests have an
*** lurker has joined #zope3-dev20:16
derek_richardsonI do have one failing unit test, but I'm guessing that wouldn't stop it from running the ftests. No, it doesn't run test_atom.py20:16
J1mDoes ftests have an
derek_richardson:( bingo. thanks. got the hard stuff, missed the easy.20:16
J1mPerhaps the test runner should warn about non-package directories that look suspiciously like test directories.20:18
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derek_richardsonheh, that would be nice. but I take full responsibility for missing something easy. and, yes, it does find the test now that I added __init__.py20:18
derek_richardsonthanks, J1m! I'll put a patch for the test runner on my list of things to look at when I have a breather.20:19
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zagyanother unicode bug in zope.testing =)20:31
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samimi salut tt l monde!!!20:53
samimi est-ce que il y'a des aquariophilie???20:54
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CrippsFXall I got from that was "Hello World"21:01
zagyi think he was asking if we had anything todo with fish...21:02
zagyfor instance the zope fish :)21:02
CrippsFXoh. I knew zope was named after something, but I didn't know that it was a fish ...21:02
zagyno, it wan't named after the fish (afaik)21:04
zagyjust a coincidence21:04
benjiyep, just a wonderful coincidence21:04
CrippsFX... sounds like a delicious coincidence ...21:05
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CrippsFXtypo in the WorldCookery book ... pg 170 near the top: "... we are using a yet another subpackage ..." should be: "... we are using yet another subpackage ..."21:21
CrippsFXdamn .. he's gone.21:22
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CrippsFXI registered a (basic) skin in mypackage/skin/configure.zcml and in the interface directive I used name="ShipDev" ... but on the debugzope shell when I run >>> getUtility(IBrowserSkinType, name=u'ShipDev') I get the following traceback:21:54
CrippsFXTraceback (most recent call last):21:54
CrippsFX  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?21:54
CrippsFX  File "/opt/Zope-3.1.1/lib/python/zope/component/", line 207, in getUtility21:54
CrippsFX    raise ComponentLookupError(interface, name)21:54
CrippsFXzope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType>, u'ShipDev')21:54
CrippsFXthis makes no sense to me since I should be *manually specifiying* everything here ... what does this traceback say to someone more experienced than me?21:55
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CrippsFXI'm also getting this traceback on bin/debugzope or bin/runzope : ... which also doesn't make any sense to me since I'm following the directions in the WC book, and there's not even a place for me to deviate yet.21:57
mgedminit would appear that you have not defined a skin named shipDev21:58
mgedminor at least you are trying to use it before it is defined21:58
CrippsFXmgedmin: that's what I'm gathering too ... oh .. snap ...21:59
CrippsFXmgedmin: I forgot the <include package=".skin" /> in my ship/configure.zcml21:59
CrippsFX... I really need a nap ;)21:59
CrippsFXmgedmin: precisely. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Man am I glad that the workday is almost over.22:01
CrippsFX... and I've needed a smoke since about 10 am ...22:01
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mgedminneeed foooood...22:02
*** SteveA has quit IRC22:02
CrippsFXnah, I'm good for food ;)22:02
CrippsFX...until after naptime anyways.22:02
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