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matiusrichter, How can I make plone 2.5.2 detect and read my overrides.zcml ?05:59
matiuor anybody how knows... :)06:00
srichterI know nothing about Plone; never used it06:01
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matiusrichter, What about in zope 2.9.6 ?06:12
matiuI've seen it done, but for me, it is ignoring my overrides.zcml file06:12
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srichterI know nothing about Five or anything over Zope 2.4 either06:16
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matiuthanks anyway Stephan07:03
matiuI figured it out. It's only checking the override.zcml in the root directory of the package and not in any sub dirs07:04
matiueven if we <include package="...">07:04
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* baijum started writing yet another tutorial for ZCA: , comments ?07:41
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CrippsFXgood morning folks14:12
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CrippsFXgg because the b'ys are back.14:17
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CrippsFXI have a ComputerContainer object in my ZODB ... the issue is, through changes in the svn tree (and code refactoring), ComputerContainer no longer exists ... I was looking to remove the object, but "del root['ComputerCOntainerName']" throws an error (goes words to the effect of:AttributeError: 'ComputerContainer' object has no attribute '__parent__') ... is tjere a way to remove this *nonexistent* item without corrupting the rest of the Datab15:09
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xbeanxAnyone know where I can get TCPWatch?18:04
xbeanxtried that, but every page was timing out.....however it must've been something here cause the links seem to be working now18:06
dennis_crippsfx found a solution?18:09
CrippsFXdennis_: no ... not yet.18:13
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CrippsFXhey philiKON18:48
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CrippsFXphiliKON: are you still doing revisions to the WC book?18:49
philiKONi'm planning to, yes18:49
CrippsFXphiliKON: kk. Well, in which case, there's a grammatical error/typo on the top of pg. 170: "Note we are using a yet another subpackage ..." that *should* be: "Note we are using yet another subpackage ..."  :)  if I notice any other small errors like that, I'll let you know :)18:51
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philiKONCrippsFX: cool, thanks. can you write me an email?19:00
philiKONthat i won't forget about that grammatical error19:00
CrippsFXphiliKON: not a problem. The email inside the cover of the book still good?19:01
CrippsFXgood good.19:04
CrippsFXon pg. 180 Example 10.3.1 line 8 there is tal:attributes="href context/++resource++wc/worldcookery.css  .. I understand what ++resource++ does, and where worldcookery.css comes from, but where is the wc at ++resource++wc/ defined at, and what does it do?19:06
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philiKON<resourceDirectory ... />19:07
CrippsFXahh. so if my resource directory is ShipDev it would be ...="href context/++resource++ShipDev/filename.css" ?19:10
CrippsFXcool, thanks. Imma write that down :)19:11
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CSWookieYou there?20:27
benjiCSWookie: yes, yes we ar20:27
J1mbenji, no we ar no20:27
srichterdarn, now I Spoke so the quantum state collapsed20:28
srichteralways those details20:28
* mgedmin moos20:31
benjiSchrödinger's Cow?20:32
srichteror Schroedinger's Marius?20:32
srichterthat's the question!20:32
mgedminto moo or not to moo?20:32
ignas !20:34
srichtermgedmin: well, that depends whether it is nobler to suffer or not20:34
srichtermgedmin: btw, I got the coverage report script released in z3c.coverage today20:36
srichteryou can see how it is integrated in a buildout in z3c.formdemo20:37
srichterI will write a recipe later, so that you can run the coverage of a package or many packages without any options20:38
srichterof course the script also needs a help flag and maybe some docs/tests20:38
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CrippsFXschroedinger's cat is dead.21:01
CSWookieCrippsFX: Shroedinger's cat is God?21:02
* CrippsFX blinks21:03
benjino, that's Nietzsche's cat21:04
mgedmincat is the canonical example of Unix user interface design21:06
mgedminonly nobody's sure if it's good or bad design21:06
mgedminexcept maybe Shroedinger21:06
CrippsFXwhich is simultaneously good and bad ;)21:10
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CrippsFX...anyways ... I have a "ShipDevMacros" classwith a "__getitem__ method that is only one line: return self.template.macros[key]   ... that appears to be called from my StandardMacros(BaseMacros) class, in macropages=('shipDev_Macros',)  ... I get the error:   File "/home/acripps/zope/lib/python/ship/skin/", line 9, in __getitem__ <newline>    return self.template.macros[key] <newline> TypeError: unsubscriptable object ... has21:14
CrippsFX anybody run into this before?21:14
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mgedminmore code, please?21:17
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CrippsFXmgedmin: sorry, I'll pastebin in a moment.21:24
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CrippsFXmgedmin:  ... taken from WC with some var name changes to suit my app ...21:28
CrippsFX(this is the code in my zope instance tree)21:28
mgedminnothing immediately jumps to mind21:31
CrippsFXthat's what I was afraid of :/21:31
mgedminI'd put a breakping inside that __getitem__ and see what sort of thing template.macros is21:31
* mgedmin never uses the complicated macro_pages stuff21:31
CrippsFXwait ... there's an easier way to do it? ;)21:32
* mgedmin noticed that if you define a <browser:page for="*" name="foo_macros" template="" /> then you can always use it with metal:use-macro="context/@@foo_macros/macroname">21:32
CrippsFXinstead of metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/macroname" ....hmmm,.21:33
mgedminthe StandardMacros stuff is for collecting macro definitions from multiple sources into one big collection21:33
CrippsFXthat would come in handy when making one app with multiple sites, correct?21:33
mgedminbtw there appears to be a syntax error in your
mgedmin     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=shipdev.css"21:34
mgedminmissing " after href=21:34
CrippsFXwell, that could be it ... I'll give that a shot.21:34
mgedminif the file cannot be parsed, then template.macros might be None and cause your error21:34
mgedminI might have encountered this error once, I'm not really sure21:35
mgedmin(thank the syntax highlighting of for noticing this :)21:35
CrippsFXit's weird that vim never caight that ...21:36
CrippsFXand, hooray, that appears to be it ... now it's compaining that my css file doesn't exist. Guess I'll make a placeholder and see what happens :)21:36
CrippsFXthanks for the use of your fresh eyes ;)21:36
CrippsFXsimple skin is up and running :)21:38
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rockyanyone know off the top of their head...  if i register 2 named utilities each providing the same interface (IMyInterface) and each with the same name and then do getUtilitiesFor(IMyInterface) ... will it return me both utilities ?21:46
rockyor are they keyed uniquely like a dict based on the name?21:46
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mgedminI would expect a zcml conflict error21:52
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rockyugh, no, no conflicterror, it looks like the second one overrides the first one21:55
rockyprecisely not what i wanted to happen21:55
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