IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-05-25

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fairwindsHmm. running into a strange problem distributing eggs to pypi. Anyone there to help?05:39
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fairwindsWell, sorta quiet. I guess I'll leave this for tomorrow.05:43
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CSWookieGwen Stefani doesn't generally make any since.06:40
CSWookieThat shit is bananas, after all.06:40
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projekt01please try again11:06
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projekt01dobee, ayt?12:03
dobeeprojekt01: in 10 minutes12:03
projekt01Do you know what the following means:12:03
projekt01ValueError: I/O operation on closed file12:03
projekt01no problem12:03
projekt01Raises in test setup (probably test layer changes?)12:04
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projekt01dobee, as-tu du temp?13:21
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dobeeprojekt01: ayt14:05
dobeeprojekt01: there was a change somewhere on the trunk, we still didn't find the reason for the error and therefore switched to our own branch, lovely-lb14:07
dobeethis is the only reason right now we switched away from trunk in our projects14:08
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CrippsFXsrichter: are you also on the KErnel-Janitors mailing list?14:24
srichterCrippsFX: no14:34
CrippsFXsrichter: ah. There's someone on there with the name of "Stefan Richter" ... merely a coincidence I guess :)14:36
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projekt01srichter, did you recognize that all our tests are broken in different projects because of a test setup problem.16:57
projekt01also dobee told, they switched to a branch because it's broken there too.16:57
projekt01Also the z3c.sampledata tests are broken.16:58
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projekt01srichter, any idea?16:58
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dobeeprojekt01: the only way i see is to have a look on the diffs of the 2 branches17:00
dobeeit is deep down inside17:00
dobeeprojekt01: the tmp file of the FileStorage gets closed somewhere17:01
projekt01I switch forward and backward with my trunk but still couldn't find the changing revision.17:01
srichterno, I never noticed17:02
dobeeprojekt01: the problem is, that the packages are externals now17:02
projekt01dobee, I guess I'll need to take that time17:02
srichtersounds like one of Jim's refactorings did not go well17:02
dobeesrichter: we talked with jim about it, he also hat no clue at first sight17:02
srichtermmh, strange17:02
srichterso which tests fail?17:03
dobeebut i think it is zodb code17:03
projekt01Or a very dumb event subsciber17:03
srichterwell, sounds like it if the FileStorage closes too early17:03
srichterand that's a good candidate too, because Jim worked on it heavily17:03
projekt01which commits it's transaction after a DB close event ;-)17:04
srichternothing else in the core changed much recently17:04
projekt01Ok, a good nightly task for the weekend ;-)17:04
projekt01I'll let you guys know if I find something17:05
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dobeeprojekt01: good luck ;-) and thx in advance17:07
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projekt01I hope that it is true; An Pfingsten geht's am ringsten.17:09
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CrippsFXsehr viel späss haben :P17:11
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CrippsFXhm ... here is a feature request ... is it possible to add a new option to the browser:viewlet directive to avoid having to register resources (i.e. viewlet *.css) more than once?17:21
srichterwell, that would be a new directive17:24
srichterwith people hating seeing new directives this is unlikely17:24
srichterthe directive could be "resourceViewlet" or so that registers the resource and the viewlet17:24
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CrippsFXI think the new directive is a good idea ... I can understand why people wouldn't like seeing new directives, but it's better than taking directives away ...17:39
CrippsFXthis way people could have the choice between registering once or registering twice (of course with the Unofficial standard being Registering once)17:39
projekt01I love now directives ;-)17:39
CrippsFXprojekt01: me too ... if they're needed ;) ... and I think that this one is :P17:39
projekt01Yes, it's a good idea write one directive where you always use two of them for solve one use case.17:40
projekt01Does anybody know this oid '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00'17:42
srichterprojekt01: yes, the root OID17:42
CrippsFXgood to know I actually have useful ideas once in awhile ;)17:42
CrippsFXhow would one going about writing this directive, or should I leave it for someone more experienced than myself?17:42
srichterCrippsFX: it's pretty simple17:43
srichteryou really just copy the viewlet directive17:43
srichterbut instead of returning one action you create two, one for the resource and one for the viewlet17:44
projekt01srichter, thanks17:44
srichteractually the resourceviewlet directive would also need a file attribute17:44
CrippsFXhm. That doesn't sound too bad ...17:44
srichterit should be pretty simple17:44
CrippsFXyeah. I might work on that afterlunch.17:45
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CrippsFXzope is up on subversion, right?17:53
CrippsFXah ... nvm, got it17:54
projekt01mgedmin, ayt?17:57
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CrippsFXtrunk is where all the major work is being done, right?18:01
CrippsFXah, nvm ... I can just make a local copy and make a patch using that ...18:02
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CrippsFXsrichter: my next question is: where are browser directives defined?18:04
CrippsFXlib/python/Products/Five/viewlet/  ?18:08
CrippsFXis that the right place for it?18:08
srichterFive is Zope 2 stuff18:09
srichterin Zope 3 they are in, I think18:09
CrippsFXI see that now18:10
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CrippsFXhey Paul.18:10
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CrippsFXso, to make a 'resourceViewlet' directive, in rootFolder/lib/python/zope/viewlet/  I should have a copy of as, and I should have a copy of IViewletDirective, or I can just do IResourceViewletDirective(IViewlet): ... and then I would have to add support for resourceViewletDirective to ... correct?18:25
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CrippsFX... or would I simply expand on zope.viewlet.viewlet.ResourceViewletBase ?18:43
* CrippsFX pokes the room18:43
CrippsFXsrichter: ping18:44
srichterno, don't copy viewlet.py18:44
srichteryou only work in meta.zcml and metaconfigure.zcml18:45
CrippsFXwhat about the second question about viewlet.ResourceViewletBase?18:45
CrippsFXahhh. kk.18:45
srichteryou only want a new directive that combines two18:45
srichterso you don't need any new base classes18:46
srichterbasically you want a minidirective that does:18:46
srichterdef resourceViewlet(...):18:46
CrippsFXso just make a new directive in that combines the two ...18:46
srichter  resource(...)18:46
srichter  viewletDorective(...)18:46
srichterdon't copy any code18:47
srichterjust reuse the existing directive handlers18:47
CrippsFXjust do that by using *inheritance* ?18:47
CrippsFXer ... inheritance.18:47
srichterin fact, the schema to your new directive will look probably like this:18:47
srichterclass IResourceViewletDirective(IViewletDirective, IResourceDirective):18:48
srichter  pass18:48
srichter(note that I am not sure about the names)18:48
srichterand since the handlers are functions, you just call them18:48
srichterwith the arguments they expect18:48
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CrippsFXokay ... I understand now. Yeah, that does look ridiculously easy ;)18:49
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CrippsFXI think the IResourceDirective is actually: IContentProvider ...18:50
CrippsFXoh, nope.18:51
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CrippsFXsrichter: hm. there is no IResourceDirective :/18:54
CrippsFX...the way the current viewlet works is that it calls a class that takes care of *returning* the resource.18:55
srichterprobably it is called IResource in then18:55
srichterforget all this18:55
srichterthat is nto of your concern18:55
srichterall you want to do is combine directives, not any functionality18:55
CrippsFXnah, I'm in there too ... there's only IViewletDirective, IViewletManagerDirective, ITemplateContentProvider (which takes *.pt or *.html), and IContentProvider ... I don't think the last two are what I need.18:57
srichterline 24618:58
CrippsFXahhh. OKay, I can add that in then. Thanks.18:59
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CrippsFXsrichter: do I have to worry about the manager= stuff in the IResourceViewletDirective schema?19:04
srichteryes, pass that argument to the viewlet directive handler function19:04
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CrippsFXwhich other arguments should I pass? Just **kw ?19:10
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o hazmat19:14
CrippsFXah. I get the arguments required ...19:15
CrippsFXI should probably add one that says "location=None" as well ...19:16
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srichterwhy do you need location?19:36
CrippsFXI don't. :)19:40
CrippsFX(I know that now)19:40
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CrippsFXsrichter: who should I send my patch to?20:00
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pcardunesrichter (or anyone else)  do BTreeContainers check constraints before adding object?  I looked and it looks like they don't but this seems wrong to me?20:32
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mgedmindoesn't the setitem helper that is used by __setitem__ of BTreeContainer check containment constraints?20:36
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CrippsFXpcardune: it depends if you set the constraints in the schema, or if you set them in the field.20:37
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pcardunemgedmin: no... that is where I was looking20:38
pcarduneCrippsFX: which field?20:38
CrippsFXpcardune: sorry, "" is wat I meant ... if you're using custom fields/custom widgets.20:38
CrippsFXpcardune: if you set the constraints in the schema of an object, *nothing* can set an incorrect value.20:38
CrippsFXooh, I'm a dumbass ...20:39
mgedmin*nothing* is a strong word...20:39
CrippsFXmgedmin: true that ... but I've tried.20:40
CrippsFXpcardune: if you set the container to only take object x, and have the constraint set in the schema for x, you don't have to worry about it.20:40
mgedminthere's a property you can use when defining your content class that can enforce schema constraints20:40
mgedmin(for attribute assignment)20:40
mgedminI don't remember what usually enforces containment constraints20:41
mgedminah, IObjectCopier/IObjectMover adapters explicitly check for those20:41
CrippsFXsorry, yeah, using schema constraints and FieldProperty in your content class makes everything happy.20:42
CrippsFXhey mgedmin do you have svn wrote access?20:42
mgedmin... kinda20:43
CrippsFXhaha. is it possible for you to apply/submit a patch that I wrote? it's located here:
J1mmgedmin, is authorized to memorize the repo.20:43
CrippsFXmemorize ?20:44
mgedminyou know, in case an earthquake destroys the server20:44
CrippsFXas in commit every file to memory? :P20:44
mgedminsomeone will have to sit down and type everything in20:44
CrippsFXjust get some dictation software :P20:44
mgedminre: the patch -- I think the committer's agreement doesn't allow me to commit code that I didn't write myself20:45
mgedminJ1m: am I right that the committer's agreement doesn't allow me to commit code that I didn't write myself?20:46
CrippsFXbecause I *definitely* don't have write access ... so, I'm wondering how I'd get this *upstream* for someone to look at/merge20:46
J1mmgedmin, That's correct.20:46
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mgedminCrippsFX: talk to J1m :)20:46
CrippsFXJ1m: so, what would it take to get my code reviewed?20:46
J1mmgedmin, well, it isn't truly that specific -- but it should be.20:46
J1mCrippsFX, you could get write access, check the code in on a branch and ask someone to review the branch.20:47
J1mAlternatively, you could make an local branch with SVK and ask someone to review that.20:48
CrippsFXJ1m: I see. And how, pre-tell, would I end up getting write access?20:48
J1mThen you'll need to get someone frmom ZC to check it in -- which woould annoy them. :)20:48
J1mYou fill out and submit:
CrippsFXyeah, I know about the annoyance factor ([Kernel-Janitors])  :P20:49
J1mI suggest sunmitting it by sending me a scanned copy or faxing it.20:49
J1mDo any of the existing committers know you?20:50
mgedminthe end result is an appearance that the zope 3 project doesn't want outside contributions very much :(20:50
CrippsFXbrb ... printing, and then going for a smoke.20:50
J1mmgedmin, why?20:50
J1mThe appearance should be that the z3 project is careful about IP.20:51
J1mIt isn't all that hard to get repo access.20:51
mgedminit's an additional step20:51
mgedminone cannot just attach a patch to a bug and say "take it, it's yours"20:52
J1mI don't think it's atypical in any way.20:52
J1mIs it easier to contribute to Ubuntu?20:52
* mgedmin remembers almost having to sign a contributor's agreement to get a 10-line patch into Cygwin20:54
* mgedmin thinks you don't need anything that formal to get a patch into linux-kernel20:54
mgedminotoh the IP situation is different there20:55
mgedminok, you win :)20:55
* mgedmin loves tests20:56
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smsurely a small patch can be accepted without the agreement21:01
smI think even the FSF does that21:01
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srichterI am much more worried about situations where someone cannot sign a committer agreement, because both sides are too restrictive21:02
srichterlike Jim Washignton's case21:03
srichterwe really loose a very important contributor this way21:03
pcarduneI was on the phone so I couldn't respond to your helpful responses earlier... But what do you have to do to get BTreeContainer to handle containment constraints/21:03
srichterpcardune: do it manually21:04
srichterpcardune: usually IAdding is doing it for you21:04
pcardunewhy is this the case?  should it not do it automatically?21:04
pcarduneoooh, i see21:04
srichterI think the point is mood21:04
srichterit's like saying, should a interface-defined method always be implemented by the implementing object?21:05
srichterthere we say no, because of stub implementations21:05
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CrippsFXJ1m: None personally, but I have been hanging out here for a few weeks (or is it going on a month and some now)?21:15
CrippsFXJ1m: would you care to message me the fax number so I can send this off to you?21:15
CrippsFXJ1m: and to Whose Attention it will be, for the CoverLetter21:16
CrippsFXk, I have the number. Now who's it going to?21:17
J1mIt doesn't matter.21:17
CrippsFXIt'll be on the way in a few minutes.21:17
benjiI think today's faxes are being handled by Billie Joe Bob Bubba Jeb Earl.21:18
J1mthe 3rd21:18
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CrippsFXhahaha. Well, it was sent off to the Attention of Benji :)21:27
J1mHe's looking for it.21:27
CrippsFXgood good :)21:27
* benji looks under his desk.21:27
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CrippsFXso now there's 3 copies of that agreement ... one for you, one for me, and one for my employer :P21:29
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CrippsFXhm. How can I share "my page" on with a friend?21:46 is asking for login ...21:48
CrippsFXnvm ... found it.21:49
* benji looks in his email and finds a digital representation of a piece of paper with CrippsFX's signature on it.21:50
CrippsFXbenji: do you like what you see? ;)21:50
benjias long as I don't have do do anything with it, sure :)21:51
benjiJ1m does the contrib. agreements21:51
CrippsFXhahaha. Beautiful :P21:51
CrippsFXas long as J1m doesn't hate me then, I'm good ;)21:51
* benji enjoys typing J1m's name and seeing all 4 of J1m's screens flash in unison.21:56
benjiCome on everybody!  Join in!21:57
CrippsFXJ1m ?21:57
*** gumpa has joined #zope3-dev21:58
J1mCrippsFX, an email was sent to your z.o registered email with insctructions for uploading your public key.22:00
CrippsFXkk. Thanks J1m22:00
J1mThanks you!22:01
* srichter thinks benji is evil and J1m in getting probably really annoyed by now... did I write "J1m" in this line already? :-)22:01
benjithank you for the compliment22:02
J1mI like having my screens flash. Keeps me awake.22:02
*** edgordon has quit IRC22:03
CrippsFXJ1m: what, no coffee or cigarettes?22:05
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev22:06
CrippsFXI take that as a no.22:06
*** naro has quit IRC22:09
CrippsFXfor uploading ssh keys, doi they have to have the type of key they are?22:15
*** edgordon has joined #zope3-dev22:16
*** redir has quit IRC22:17
*** Newfie has quit IRC22:17
*** meatballhat has left #zope3-dev22:18
CrippsFXdammit: Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).22:20
CrippsFXI added *.pub from /etc/ssh/22:20
J1mCrippsFX, you gain write access, you have to prove your worthiness by fuguring out how to upload keys despite the horrible key-upload application.22:25
J1mI'll give you a hint: make sure that when you copy-paste the key, you don't corrupt the data, for example, by pasting extra new lines.22:26
CrippsFXhahaha. Yeah ... that *is* a horrible program.22:26
CrippsFXhm. so it want's the key type on the same line as the key itself.22:27
benjithat's entirely because it's written in PHP and is no fault of our own, at all22:27
J1mexactly what's in the key file.22:27
J1mWe could give you a file-upload widget, but that would make it too easy.22:27
CrippsFXit sure would ;)22:28
J1mThen *anyone* could be a contributor.22:28
benjiit's a hazing ritual22:28
CrippsFXyeah, and we wouldn't want that to happen :P22:28
benjimake sure you have your underwear on your head when you click "OK"22:28
CrippsFXoops ... forgot those at home today.22:29
CrippsFXgrr. space or no space between ssh-rsa and the key?22:31
CrippsFXah. nvm.22:32
* CrippsFX punts svn22:35
J1mCrippsFX, exactly what is in the file.22:37
CrippsFXssh-rsa <long string of key-ness>22:38
CrippsFXall one line ... it *really* doesn't likeme. but, I can't blame it ;)22:38
CrippsFXssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA6lNtx+hIaS+aRY5TrBdlLiKlcYuQJuJRK9BCc8R4EowKn0PqMxN5cIPJhgik9PRNvqyiB938I09k/StpS/q1PTYZYTFeWa+EDym99/OSDaSO+pMM6a/XHP7T3FuhehUhED2KqRxKT+xLWypt+u7Ab0ahHeijoFOfgLOecHp0tDHRQObjbsWQNm5qeZrC7YP33/4N8ep6nuRlkDZdomAe9nmlirbBrgZbs6CUj4LPONLnpHC8YGslDy4quPA0PNVU8r+tHn/pe+ri5kahf+qORP9zL734Z2Z6Y+sgBhYpHxrM/jDfXH3H2IJEL8RxAJE4bzFKPohhiLAeEyMbN8aNZQ==22:39
faassenoh you're hazing CrippsFX?22:40
CrippsFXfaassen: it would seem to be so ;)22:41
faassencool. :)22:41
benjiCrippsFX: isn't there something after the "=="?22:41
faassenthat thing NEVER does it right with keys.22:41
faassenI mean, I haven't heard of a case yet where it takes the key information right the first time.22:41
faassenit always take a couple of tries randomly varying stuff.22:41
faassenso if I type J1m..22:42
faassen4 screens blink in unison over there?22:42
faassenthat is cool.22:42
CrippsFXbenji: a newline character.22:42
CrippsFXfaassen: hahaha22:43
* benji moves his desk away from J1m so he doesn't have a seizure.22:43
CrippsFXno wait, that's a space.22:43
faassenbenji: you know, you shouldn't tell me those things.22:43
faassenbenji: I can't resist it now.22:43
* faassen grins.22:43
benjiCrippsFX: sorry, I'm out of ideas.22:43
* J1m basks in the extra photons22:43
J1mdo it again!22:44
faassenah, j1m needs the photons..22:44
J1mdo it again!22:44
J1mdo it again!22:44
J1mdo it again!22:44
* CrippsFX beats his head against the photons22:44
faassenno, no, this torture is too much for me!22:44
faassenthis is some kind of scene where the guy being tortured is crazier than the torturer.22:44
benjiyou should hear the maniacal laughter22:45
CrippsFXI'm glad that I can't :P22:45
faassenme too.22:46
faassenCrippsFX: are you sure you still want to be a contributor?22:46
CrippsFXfaassen: no, not really ;)22:46
J1mMaybe after CrippsFX becomes a contributor, he can contribute a new key-management app. :)22:48
faassenCrippsFX: the cheers of multitudes will greet you!22:48
CrippsFXwritten in C :P22:50
CrippsFXyay CGI :D22:51
* benji has written CGI apps in Fortran22:51
*** alecm has joined #zope3-dev22:57
CrippsFXdammit ... Imma beat this thing sometime ... but not before I go outside for another smoke.22:57
CrippsFXfaassen: what do you mean by randomly varying stuff?23:11
faassenCrippsFX: that key upload just persistently refuses to do the right thing, I don't know how to make it work.23:13
faassenCrippsFX: I think I removed the == at some point. I don't know whether that has any effect.23:14
faassenCrippsFX: I just know that whenever I've seen someone upload a key it never worked the first time.23:14
faassenCrippsFX: don't know why.23:14
faassenCrippsFX: you can always ask J1m to put in the key for you directly, I think.23:14
CrippsFXyeah, I think that the input widget is b0rked.23:14
J1mI've never had to do that for anyone.23:14
faassenJ1m: really? anyway, it's never worked the first time I ever saw it used.23:15
J1mEverybody figures it out eventually.23:15
faassenJ1m: it should be documented on that page. :)23:15
J1mIt should be replaced.23:15
CrippsFXin my file I know that I have a space and a newline character after the "==" part of the key ... but the widget won't allow whitespace on the end of a line.23:15
J1mCrippsFX, what OS are you using?23:16
CrippsFXer, sorry, it won't allow spaces on the end of a line23:16
CrippsFXJ1m: *nix ... specifically, Mandriva.23:16
J1mk, is emacs installed?23:16
J1mdo you use emacs?23:16
CrippsFXno, but I can install it.23:16
CrippsFXno, I use vim.23:16
J1mwhat editor do you use?23:16
J1mwell, open the public key in vim.23:16
J1mI assume that when you copy in vim, it also copies to the clip board.23:17
CrippsFXno, but that's not hard to set up.23:17
J1mselect the contents of the key file and "copy" it, however that is done in vim.23:17
J1mThen go to the input widget in the browser and paste.23:18
J1mI predict that that will work.23:18
J1mOf course, when you try to use it, you have to use your user id.23:19
J1mThat may be different than your *nix id.23:20
CrippsFXhmm ... imma have to grab gvim.23:21
dennis_isn't the == just the padding of a base64 encoding?23:23
benjiCrippsFX: while I wholeheartedly support the use of gvim, and editor that puts content in the selection should work; open the file, select it all, paste into the field23:24
benjidennis_: it expects the whole content of the file23:24
CrippsFXbenji: yeah, I usually use vim on the command line.23:24
CrippsFXbut, uh, yeah, using the select all and copy from gvim and pasting it still does not yeild to expected results23:25
CrippsFXor, rather, it yeilds the expected results, just not the wanted results.23:25
dennis_benji yeah I meant it as against the point of removing them :)23:25
benjiCrippsFX: try svn ls svn+ssh://
CrippsFXsame results: Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)23:29
benjiCrippsFX: can you paste-bin the results of ssh -vvvvvvvvv svn.zope.org23:29
J1mssh svn.zope.org23:29
* benji begins to believe that CrippsFX doesn't have his underwear on his head.23:30
faassenoh, is that what I did to make my key pass?23:30
faassenI forget, it was too long ago. :)23:31
CrippsFXhaha ...23:32
CrippsFXit's looking for my public key in /home/me/.ssh  ... but my keys are stored in /etc/ssh/ ... so, I guess I'll make a symlink and see if it likes me then ;)23:33
*** jfroche__ has joined #zope3-dev23:34
CrippsFXhm ... nope, not that. gimme a min.23:34
*** pbugni has quit IRC23:38
*** gumpa has quit IRC23:38
CrippsFXhm. looks like it doesn't think I have an rsa key ...23:39
CrippsFX.. but why would it fail on keyboard-interactive?23:39
J1mCrippsFX, can you ssh anywhere else?23:40
CrippsFXJ1m: yep.23:40
CrippsFXJ1m: I'm ssh'd onto my home machine right now.23:41
CrippsFXdebug2: key: /home/acripps/.ssh/id_rsa (0x8099d68)23:42
CrippsFXdebug2: key: /home/acripps/.ssh/id_dsa ((nil))23:42
CrippsFXoh .. nvm ... I can't read.23:42
CrippsFXI thought the second said rsa :P23:42
J1mCrippsFX, what is the command line you are using?23:43
CrippsFXfor home: ssh -vv shcherbakov.homelinux.net23:43
J1mfor svn.zope.org23:43
* benji prepairs the $2000 invoice to send to CrippsFX for user management.23:44
CrippsFXfor zope: vn co svn+ssh:// Zope23:44
CrippsFXbenji: my work better be paying for that :P23:44
CrippsFXwell, this is good: debug2: key: /home/acripps/.ssh/id_rsa (0x8099d68)23:46
CrippsFXthat's for ssh -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv svn.zope.org23:47
zenwrylyIs there anything in the pure zope 3 world serving any of the needs that GenericSetup satisfies?  Any import frameworks?  Persistent configuration frameworks?23:47
J1mJust for the heck of it, try now CrippsFX23:47
CrippsFXJ1m: yeah, I was just thinking that ... unfortunately, it didn't go again ...23:48
CrippsFXImma try one more thing.23:48
*** jfroche_ has quit IRC23:49
J1mwait a sec23:50
*** b52laptop has joined #zope3-dev23:50
CrippsFXhere's the new bad stuff ;)
J1mCrippsFX, hold off a sec23:52
CrippsFXJ1m: k.23:52
CrippsFXI'll be back in a few minutes, Imma go for a coke and (another) smoke.23:59

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