IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-05-26

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* benji knows something naughty about's user management.00:05
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CrippsFXokay, I'm back.00:07
CrippsFXbenji: ooh, something naughty?00:07
J1muser ids with upper case letters don't work.00:07
CrippsFXoh ... so I should submit with lowercase?00:07
J1mYou can't submit without a matching id.00:08
CrippsFXoh. So that means it has to be manually added, doesn't it?00:08
CrippsFXbleh. All they had was diet coke ... yuck.00:09
J1mI'm trying to decide that. :/00:09
CrippsFXJ1m: it's either that, or fix the script ;)00:09
CrippsFXJ1m: I can hold off until monday if you can.00:09
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J1mThough it will probably be more like Tuesday.00:10
CrippsFXJ1m: k. Because my work day ended an hour and a half ago ;)00:10
J1mMonday is a holiday here.00:10
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CrippsFXJ1m: ahh. Sounds good. That'll give me some time to fix something small in my patch that I just noticed a few hours ago, and then write some documentation and test it more.00:10
CrippsFXalright then. Well, since no more is getting done today, and I'm not being paid overtime, I'm gonna head off now.00:11
CrippsFXJ1m, benji: thanks for your help, and your patience. I'll be back on monday, so I might talk to you on Tuesday :)00:12
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harobedHi, I would like use bin/buildout to test formdemo but I've this error : [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Syck-1.0-py2.5.egg-info'00:58
harobedI think it's about python 2.5 but I don't know how to say to buildout to use python2.4 and not python2.500:59
pcarduneharobed: I'm not sure about the error (don't know much about eggs) but you should be using python2.400:59
harobedsomeone have a tips ?00:59
pcarduneI guess I just repeated what you said :)00:59
benjiyou must use 2.4 with zope 3 at the moment, re-run with 2.4 and then re-run the buildout01:00
benji(the Python you bootstrap with is the one that'll be used)01:01
pcardunesrichter: speaking of z3c.form, is there a nice way to make a widget just display another form?  rather than having to make a whole new widget?01:01
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emp[1]anyone else here silly enough to be building z3 content types for plone?17:14
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rocky|awayi need to mimick a menu bar with menu's and then menu item's in those menu's ... it seems like using subMenuItem's to map menu's against other menu's should do the trick, what version of zope3 was this introduced into?20:52
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marianomHi everyone. I'm installing Zope 3.3.1 but I keep getting errors when I try "make check" and I'm unable to understand them. Is this the right place to ask how to fix them or you guys think I should ask somewhere else?23:51
benjiit can't hurt marianom; if you don't get a resolution here you can mail the zope 3 users list too23:52
lisppaste6marianom pasted "Trying to make check" at
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marianomI'm trying to install for learning. I hope you can find my problem easy to solve23:56
marianomby the way, thanks for your answer benji23:56
benjimarianom: what version of Python did you use?23:57
marianomright now, the one that comes by default with Ubuntu 7.04: Python 2.4.4 (#2, Apr 12 2007, 21:03:11)23:57
marianombenji: I was warned by the installing that the version might not work. Do you consider I should try another python version?23:58
benjihmm, that should be OK, but the failures look like the kind caused by unknown versions23:59
benjiit can't hurt; I think I have 2.4.4 here I can try the same thing with23:59

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