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marianombenji: is there a log file I can check to be sure it's using the version I said. I'm pretty sure but just in case...00:00
benjijust run the python and see what version it reports00:01
marianomin that case that's the version. however, ubuntu comes with python 2.5 so I need to use python2.4 in the terminal to access the right version.00:02
benjiyep, 2.5 isn't supported yet00:02
lisppaste6mariano annotated #41837 with "This is what I get when I run configure" at
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benjiI don't know if 2.4.4 will work 3.3.1 or not, see what the tests give you00:04
marianombenji: sorry, I didn't get the last part.00:05
benjitry 2.4.4 and see what the test results are; if it doesn't work, install 2.4.3 (or I suspect a newer zope3 would work, but you'll have to check it out yourself))00:06
marianombenji: ok, in that case, the make check gave the errors I first pasted. So I will try a newer version of Zope and in case that fails too, install python 2.4.300:07
marianomThanks for your help00:07
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roymHi all.. I'd like to use a BooleanRadioWidget in my formlib; I can say:14:48
roym  IMyForm['foo'].custom_widget = BooleanRadioWidget14:48
roymbut don't see how I can override the default true/false constructor14:48
roymargs (currently they are ('on','off') and I'd like them to be14:48
roym('yes','no'). Short of subclassing my RadioWidget, is there a way?14:48
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