IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-05-28

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CSWookieIs there a way to get second-best adaptation for some arguments?00:10
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benjiCSWookie: why do you want to do that?  If it's because you want to do something like an adapter "super", then I can tell you how to do it (if I can find the last place I wrote that code)00:42
CSWookiebenji: Pretty much.00:42
benjilet me see if I can find it00:42
CSWookiebenji: I want to write a traverser for our test stuff that is a generator.00:42
CSWookiebenji: So that I can start a test by saying, I will open this in the browser.00:43
CSWookieAnd then step by step show the thing traversing through the parts of my code, and what it does.00:43
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benjiCSWookie: found what I was looking for, but don't think it'll help in your situation because it doesn't get the "second-best" adapter, but gets the most general adapter for a particular interface01:08
CSWookieHah.  Durn.01:09
CSWookieWell, I'd still like to see that code.  Maybe it could be tweaked to get the second best.01:09
benjinot really, here's what it's doing: say you have an adapter that can copy objects of a particular interface (say IA) and another that wants to be registered to copy IB but defer some or all of its implementation to the copier of IA01:12
benjiin the __init__ of the IB copier, you could get the copier for an arbitrary object and pull out it's class to get the arbitrary adapter (this assumes the adapter is a class and not a different callable)01:13
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benjithe code would be this: self.generic_adapter = IObjectCopier(object()).__class__01:14
benjiafter writing that code I convinced Jim that we needed a facility to get the actual "super" adapter, I don't think he's implemented it though01:15
CSWookieI'm not sure I'm following why that works.01:17
CSWookieI don't know what an IB copier is either, so maybe that's why.01:18
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CSWookieWe are both defining the "super" adapter to be the adapter that would have taken place, had this adapter not been registered, correct?01:19
benjiit'll work for any adapter, this one is just for adapters for copying objects01:19
benjimy version is a hack though, it assumes two things: that the adapter is an instance and that the interface hierarchy is only two levels (that there is nothing between IA and IB)01:20
CSWookieThat's what I wasn't getting.01:20
benjiif you're /really/ interested in this you could take a shot at adding the feature01:21
CSWookieWell, I would definitely like to have that.01:23
CSWookieI'd also like to have 2.5 support.01:24
CSWookieBut both of those things look like things that are over my head to do right now.01:24
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CrippsFXmorning folks16:15
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CrippsFXhey philiKON ... in the WC book, chapter 10, there's a section where we write the wc macros file, and then later refactor it for viewlets, but when I try to load it now it complains to me about self.template.macros[key] not being a subscriptable object ... is there something I missed that I have to change to get the new macros template working?17:58
philiKONthe ZPT is likely not well-formed18:00
CrippsFXokay. I'll take another look at it, and compare it  to yours then.18:00
philiKONor just copy the friggen template :)18:00
CrippsFXphiliKON: *could* do, except I'm going by example and modelling a custom site after yours.18:02
philiKONwell, run the template thru xmlint18:03
CrippsFXphiliKON: wow, cool. I didn't even know about that tool, but it did find some errors. Guess I should clean those up a bit :)18:04
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CrippsFXhey benji18:10
CrippsFXhow's it going? Enjoying your Memorial day weekend?18:11
CrippsFXphiliKON: is it unusual for xmllint to not like the tal and metal namespaces?18:12
CrippsFXbenji: have a beer for me, will ya? ;)18:12
benjiHow 'bout a sweet tea? <wink>18:13
CrippsFXhahaha. I'll settle for one of thyose if there's no beer on hand ;)18:13
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philiKONCrippsFX: you need to declare the namesapces18:24
philiKONusing xmlns:tal="..."18:25
philiKONi usually do that anyway18:25
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philiKONthe book shows it too18:25
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philiKONimo the cost of having to type these is far smaller than the gain you can get from standard xml tools like xmlint or nxml-mode18:25
CrippsFXphiliKON:  yeah, they are defined as in (following your example): <metal:block xmlns="" ... />"18:26
CrippsFXoops, yeah, that's what I have :P18:27
CrippsFXoops, no, that's not what I have.18:27
* CrippsFX is a moron sometimes.18:27
CrippsFXphiliKON: score ... I fixed that, and realized that I had four other opening tags that were in the format of <directive ... />   and then closed again later.18:31
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CrippsFXso, I've fixed that, and now I just have to fix my *other* problems :)18:32
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CrippsFXI win.19:06
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CrippsFXphiliKON_: out of curiousity, is there any reason why you decided to register viewlet css resources with the browser:viewlet directive instead of the browser:resource directive? Wouldn't they do the same thing, more or less?20:17
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xbeanxCrippsFX: viewlets are not necessarily resources22:25
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xbeanxresources and viewlets are essentially different22:25
CrippsFXxbeanx: yes, I'm aware, but when a resource for a viewlet is used, it's registered via the "viewlet" directive ... why not just use the "resource" directive and call the resource *from* the viewlet?22:26
xbeanxit makes interchanging the viewlet for another one more difficult22:27
CrippsFXhos so?22:27
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ignasyou might want to use the viewlet in some other application22:29
ignasso having a viewlet that only depends on the viewlet manager or interfaces is better22:29
CrippsFXignas: yes, but the viewlet will call the same resource regardless if it's registered under "viewlet" or registered under "resource"22:30
ignasthan having a viewlet that has "you must register resource 'foo' if you want to use this viewlet"22:30
CrippsFXeither way, the resource has to be registered.22:30
ignasCrippsFX: yes, but different sites have different resources22:30
ignasnow if you want to use the same viewlet in more than 1 site22:30
ignasyou will have to register the resource for all the sites, or you can just register it with the viewlet and it will just work22:31
CrippsFXignas: right ... you'd have to change the viewlet code instead of just configuration code.22:31
CrippsFXignas: if the viewlet resource were registered under "resource" and you wanted to use a different resource on a different site, using the same viewlet, you would have to tweak the viewlet code instead of just registering a new resource under the "viewlet" directive, right?22:33
ignasmaybe, though i was talking about the same resource even22:34
ignasdifferent sites have different sets of resources iirc22:34
ignasso if you have foo.jpg registered in site 122:35
ignasit is not available in site 222:35
xbeanxor may not be the same foo.jpg22:35
ignasso if you want your viewlet in site 2 - you would have to register foo.jpg for site 2 as well (unless you are using the viewlet specific resource)22:35
CrippsFXignas: yeah ... but names are always changeable (slash, inter-changable) because of the whole configuration thing.22:35
CrippsFXanyways ... my brain is toast. It's home time. Then nap time.22:36
CrippsFXI'll be back in 15 hours. Cheers :P22:36
xbeanxme too22:36
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