IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-05-29

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romanofskimoin :)10:00
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CrippsFXgood morning world!14:19
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CrippsFXmorning benji15:53
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* CrippsFX asks benji about the script for uploading ssh keys15:54
* benji denies all knowlege15:55
* CrippsFX goes for another coffee15:55
CrippsFX...actually, I think I *will* go for another coffee ...15:55
benjiJ1m was going to look at it.15:55
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CrippsFXbe back in a few.15:55
CrippsFXyeah. he probably wasn't going to do that until later today sometime.15:55
CrippsFXI'm just impatient/excited (?)15:56
CrippsFXanyways ... coffee.15:56
benjiCrippsFX: Jim says the software is a mess, would you mind choosing a user ID that's all lower case?15:56
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CrippsFXI *could* yeah.15:56
CrippsFXmeans I'll have to re-register, doesn't it? :P15:57
TheuniCrippsFX: for convenience, you can setup your ssh in a way that it uses a different default user name automatically15:57
CrippsFXTheuni: I know, but my account has uppercase15:57
Theuniah, urn. :)15:57
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CrippsFXbenji: I'm on that now ... while I'm waiting for it to finish, I'm getting coffee and cigarette ... be back in 5-1015:59
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CrippsFXalright ... my new user is registered ... Imma try ssh in a few minutes.16:13
CrippsFXJ1m: this is a good thing, right? : debug1: ssh_rsa_verify: signature correct16:14
J1mCrippsFX, I need a new contrib agreement with the new id.16:15
J1mIn th eshort term, you can give me your new id and I'll set you up.16:15
J1mI have to take action before it will work.16:15
CrippsFXJ1m: kk.16:16
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CrippsFXj1m: new id is: acripps   ... I'll fill out the new form and fax it in in a few mins. what was the URL to the form again?16:16
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CrippsFXJ1m: thanks. I'm printing that off. I'll have it faxed in to you in about 5-10 minutes.16:19
J1mThanks. Sorry about all the hassle.16:19
CrippsFXJ1m: no problem, you guys are the ones paying for it ... not getting my code and all :P16:20
J1mThat's the spirit! :)16:20
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CrippsFXalright J1m, the digital representation of my signiature is on its way to you :)16:33
CrippsFXsorry benji, I put Jim's name on it this time ;)16:33
CrippsFXJ1m: not a problem :)16:33
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CrippsFXJ1m: the "passphrase" for the given rsa key should be my password, correct?16:40
J1mIt should be anything you want.16:40
J1mIt is *your* key.16:40
CrippsFXand I enter that passphrase in the form that takes my key ...16:41
* CrippsFX is being hazed again16:41
J1mYou enter your password.16:41
J1mThis is to try to make sure it is *you* who is uploading your key.16:41
J1mThat is not the pass phrase that you use to protect your private key.16:42
CrippsFXJ1m: right. So the passphrase is something local ... guess I'll have to dig around a bit to find that then.16:48
J1mIf you don't know it, then:16:49
J1m- Your private key isn't protected by a passphrase, or16:49
J1m- Your passphrase is in some key chain thing.16:49
J1mIn any case, has nothing to do with it.16:49
CrippsFXyep, that's what I figured.16:50
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CrippsFXJ1m: so, apparently my keys are being accepted et al ... but I'm still getting issues logging in via ssh (or doing svn co svn+ssh:// .....) my output is here: ... care to lend a man a hand? ;)17:29
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CrippsFXJ1m: ah, line 325: debug1: Offering public key: /home/acripps/.ssh/id_rsa  .... my *public* key is /home/acripps/.ssh/id_rsa.pub17:32
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philiKONCrippsFX: you can't log into svn.zope.org17:43
philiKONyou can only do svn and scp17:44
CrippsFX[acripps@shcherbakov ~]$ svn co svn+ssh:// Zope17:44
CrippsFXPermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).17:44
CrippsFXsvn: Connection closed unexpectedly17:44
CrippsFXoh boy.17:45
philiKONthen the key sdon't match17:45
CrippsFXI'm a moron ... again.17:45
philiKONvery simple17:45
CrippsFXphiliKON: myaccount@svn.zope.org17:45
CrippsFXphiliKON: I changed that and now it's getting a writable checkout.17:46
CrippsFXyou got my email(s) ?17:46
CrippsFXmeiner grammar ist nicht richtig ... "es sagen" söllen sein: "es sagt" :P ... ich hat vergesst.17:47
philiKONwhere are you from?17:47
philiKONi c17:47
CrippsFXMy parents are in germany, have been for 4 years, so I've been spending summers over there for the past few years.17:48
philiKONlet us know when you stop by again17:48
CrippsFXyep. This is my first summer since starting Uni. that I'm not over there.17:48
CrippsFXphiliKON: will do, although I don't think it's gonna be happening soon. The parents are moving to Ottawa this year (yay military).17:49
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CrippsFXJ1m: since I've switched everything over to acripps for, can you remove the CrippsFX account?17:55
J1mYou mean the account?17:55
J1mI'll try.17:56
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CrippsFXshould I make a new branch just for this directive, or is there another branch I can just append my work to?18:50
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* CrippsFX shrugs.19:24
CrippsFXI just created a new branch. I have to do some testing on it anyways.19:24
philiKON_CrippsFX: btw, please subscribe to checkins@zope.org19:26
philiKON_(and possibly disable delivery if you don't want emails)19:26
philiKON_we just need your commit emails to come thru19:26
philiKON_alternatively bug J1m about adding you to the whitelist19:26
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CrippsFXphiliKON_: yeah, I noticed thatmessage from checkins ...19:28
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CrippsFXjust signed up for it.19:29
CrippsFXnow to *re* patch the source from my branch ;)19:31
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CrippsFXphiliKON_: installing an svn instance of zope is *just the same* as installing from the tarball (save the retrieving and decompressing stages), correct?19:35
philiKON_a zope 3 checkout is "installed" by simply doing "make"19:36
philiKON_not configure or make install19:36
philiKON_it's always an in-place thing19:36
CrippsFXah. okay, makes sense.19:36
CrippsFXhm: [acripps@shcherbakov zope]$ svn ci viewlet -m"added 'resourceViewlet' directive for zcml."svn: Commit failed (details follow): <newline> svn: Authorization failed19:40
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CrippsFXweird, because working on my LAN with the *other* svn repo I have doing "svn ci -m'comment'" usually works, it looks up the info from the .svn directories ...19:42
CrippsFXphiliKON_: yep.19:42
philiKON_sounds interesting...19:42
philiKON_though i'm not a big fan of zcml directive proliferation19:43
philiKON_i hope you have tests...19:43
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CrippsFXphiliKON_: theoretically it will allow one to register a viewlet *and* it's resource(s) at the same time, thus avoiding the double registration using <browser:viewlet ... /> .... I haven't tested yet, but it's not really done yet either.19:43
philiKON_ah ok. working on a branch then?19:44
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CrippsFXphiliKON_: yeah.19:46
CrippsFXphiliKON_: but svn doesn't want me to commit back to my branch :/19:47
CrippsFXphiliKON_: haha. again, I'm a moron. Wrong terminal session ;)19:48
CrippsFXor not.19:49
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CrippsFXis there anything special I have to do for an svn commit to a branch? I checked it out with "svn co ssh+svn://" and the zope svn FAQ says to just do a "svn commit" but the standard "svn ci <modulename> -m'comment'" is giving me "svn: AUthorization Failed"19:54
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philiKON_that's weird19:55
CrippsFXyou're telling me :/19:55
philiKON_did you check out the branch using svn+ssh:// ???19:55
philiKON_probably just svn://19:55
CrippsFXhad to double check, but yep, svn+ssh://19:55
philiKON_hmm, duno19:56
CrippsFXJ1m, benji : you have any hints for me?19:56
CrippsFX(for above: s/ssh+svn/svn+ssh/g)19:57
* benji is reading the backlog.19:58
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benjiCrippsFX: can you paste-bin the output of svn info on the checkout and svn ci... (including the command line for the latter)20:00
CrippsFXbenji: k. I'll have that in a minute20:01
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benjiCrippsFX: what does svn info on viewlet show as its URL?20:05
CrippsFXbenji: URL: svn://
benjiwell, there's your problem! :)20:06
CrippsFXoh ... that's *not right*20:06
benjiactually, it is right; as right as externals ever get20:06
CrippsFXbenji: ahh ... viewlet is an external ...20:06
benjiin order to support read-only checkouts, externals have to be svn: (not svn+ssh)20:06
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CrippsFXbenji: so my branch has the *wrong* source in it then?20:07
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CrippsFXI have the Zope/trunk in there, but I want to be working with an external ...20:08
benjidon't know about "wrong", certainly "unexpected"20:08
CrippsFXand not having worked with any *complex* svn repos, I'm not sure how to go about fixing this.20:08
benjiI don't know what you're working on (and unfortunately don't have time to at the moment), but I suspect you just need to branch the thing the external is pointing at, svn switch to the branch, check in, then change the external in the branch of the "mother" project and check that in (so you can properly reproduce your working copy via checkout)20:10
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CrippsFXbenji: that looks confusing, but I'll decipher it while you get back to work. Thanks. :)20:11
benjiheh; OK20:11
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* CrippsFX is starting to feel really annoying.20:43
benjiCrippsFX: we love you man!20:44
CrippsFXbenji: well, that helps ;)20:44
CrippsFXbenji: I just decided to remove that branch, and I'm going to make a branch for branches/Zope3/branches/3.3/src/zope/viewlet and plug that into my local source for testing et al.20:45
CrippsFXthat way it'll take up less space on the svn server as well ... but wreaks havoc on the revision numbers ;)20:46
benjisvn copies are cheap; make all you want (within reason)20:46
CrippsFXyeah ... it's easier for me to wrap my brain around svn this way ;)20:49
CrippsFX(it's getting *close* to quitting time ... my brain is getting progrssively more and more fried)20:50
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* CrippsFX beats his head against the wall.20:52
CrippsFXgoing by what I'm getting now, and what I just said, I'm going to wait until the morning to do this.20:52
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CrippsFXhey benji ... when I become a pro, wanna hire me? ;)22:19
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CrippsFXalright ... time for me to go home. I'll see you guys in the morning.22:25
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zenwrylyis kupusupport in zope3org abandoned?  Is there a Z3 widget for kupu anywhere?23:37
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