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tjsare zcml directives processed sequentially ?02:50
tjsI have a custom directive that provides a url, and the directive handler calls zapi.getUtility() to get a utility that has been configured using a regular utility directive a few lines up in the configure.zcml file02:51
tjsso my configure.zcml file goes: <utility> to register the utility, then <myDirective> after to stick some more arguments onto it02:52
tjsmy unit tests (which use XMLConfig()) to run these zcml files works02:52
tjsbut when I run them in the wild my custom directive handler call to zapi.getUtility() raises a ComponentLookupError02:53
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romanofskimoin :)09:35
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drzoltrongood morning, I'd like to edit the fields of contained objects from the container's edit form, any ideas for an approach ?10:21
zagydrzoltron: check out zc.table10:26
zagythere's a way to edit multiple objects in a table10:26
drzoltronzagy: thanx, will have a look10:27
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projekt01drzoltron, checkout z3c.formdemo.spreadsheet11:21
drzoltronprojekt01: will do that :)11:23
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arnarlI see that you can mark instances as providing one or more extra interfaces and that this is stored in the the __provides__ attribute. How are the interface (class) references persisted? Can ZODB store code?14:38
arnarlI'm really wondering if it is possible to dynamically generate interfaces based on the contents in ZODB14:39
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mgedminclass references are persisted as a tuple (module name, class name), iirc14:53
mgedminso when you move/rename classes around, you must still make them importable under their old name from the old odule14:53
ccombHello, I've a problem with base href14:54
ccombI'm viewing an image as xxx/yyy/image.jpeg14:54
ccombthen I have no base href14:54
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ccombwith xxx/yyy/image.jpeg/   I have the base href = xxx/yyy/image.jpeg14:55
ccombbut this have no effect on the generation of URLs in the browser14:55
arnarlmgedmin: thnx14:55
ccombThe menu items of the context appear as if they were registered for the parent14:56
mgedminarnarl: there was once an attempt to store code in the ZODB, but it wasn't finished and is now removed, iirc14:56
mgedminwhy would you want to dynamically generate interfaces?14:56
arnarlIt is a bit special system. A content management driven topic map engine.14:57
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arnarlWe want the user to be able to create new types14:57
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arnarlbut would still like to be able to use the Zope 3 component architecture14:58
arnarlSo I'm looking for a way to "mark" instances not just with their python class, but also their topic map type (which is another instances of the same class14:58
ccombI think the base href should end with a slash14:59
ccombI've tried to add a '/' in publisher/ and now it works as expected14:59
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ccomb(Ive send a mail to the list instead)15:00
benjiarnarl: you might like z3c.baseregistry15:16
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Crippsis there a howto somewhere for the z3c.pdftemplate package?16:47
bigkevmcdhave you read the doctest?16:48
projet01_Cripps, did you see the 144 samples16:48
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Crippswell ... I was thinking more like: "where do I put it in my existing zope installation?"16:49
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Crippsprojekt01: should it be in Zope/lib/python/z3c/  ?16:55
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projekt01I guess yes if the /python/ folder is the location which contains 3rd-party python packages.16:57
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Crippsprojekt01: which is the default directory for 3rd part python packages in Zope? ... or is it supposed to be done in my Python install16:58
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projekt01Cripps, I don't use a default setup. I use my own setup, Sorry, I can't tell you that.16:59
Crippsprojekt01: okay. Well ... I'm a few steps closer to understanding *exactly* now ... I'm sure I can figure out something that works :)17:00
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projekt01Cripps, but you can put z3c into the same folder which Zope3/src/zope is located. Or I guess the python folder if you use a instance.17:01
dennis_cripps to try it out:  instances/yourinstance/lib/python   .. assuming you have a fairly vanilla install17:07
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Crippsdennis_: I'm trying to make it available across all instances, so for now Imma try out Zope/lib/python/z3c/pdftemplate (where Zope is the Zope install)17:08
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dennis_yes, either yourzope/lib/python , or system python site-packages17:09
xbeanxCripps: just put it in your zope skel..  not your instance but your base install17:13
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edgordonanyone know of any z3 developers in the Atlanta area?17:29
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drzoltroni try to get an attribute from a view but get a proxy object, what is the proper way to unproxy it ?17:33
drzoltroncurrently I use removeSecurityProxy() which feels like hacking17:34
benjidrzoltron: it often is, especially when I use it :)17:34
drzoltronbenji: good, then we are 2 ;)17:35
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pcardunedrzoltron: make that 317:50
drzoltroni just tried to add a permission set_attributes="..." but it does not help17:51
drzoltronthe chance that philiKON sees my code is little .. so not a problem ;)17:52
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xbeanxdrzoltron: try adding the attribute to your interface declaration18:16
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drzoltronits there18:19
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xbeanxDoes anyone here use cxoracleda ?  I'm just wondering how stable it is, considering its only version 0.119:24
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drzoltroncan I add  edit widgets to an edit view without a corresponding attribute in the class ?19:25
benjidrzoltron: yep19:30
benjiit works differently depending on what form generation package you're using19:30
drzoltronI use formlib19:31
drzoltronbut it does not work with it19:31
benjiyou can do it with formlib; I don't recall the details off the top of my head19:31
benjiI'm sure it's in the docs19:32
drzoltronbenji: I am generating my edit widgets myself19:32
drzoltronand the form.action's data dict is empty then19:32
benjiI don't really know enough about formlib to advise you, other than to state confidently that whatever you want do do is possible <wink>19:33
drzoltronbenji: well I hacked my way around it, but it looks very bad :)19:34
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mgedminnot a bad idea:
mgedminI always missed a function for quoting strings for insertion in javascript in zope320:14
mgedminthink tal:attributes="onclick string:somefunc('$var')"20:14
benjimgedmin: cool20:15
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srichterhi all20:29
srichterI am getting this error when using eggs:20:30
srichterNameError: global name '__loader__' is not defined20:30
srichterI get this for several eggs, including:20:30
srichter  File "/opt/zope/sr/z3cForm/trunk/packages/z3c.formdemo/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0a1-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/persistent/", line 5, in __bootstrap__20:30
srichter    del __bootstrap__, __loader__20:30
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