IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-06-23

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huajieanyone knows where I can find some documentation on the zcml syntax ?05:02
pcardunehuajie: it's just xml?05:05
pcarduneif you are looking for what attributes go with which directives, use apidoc05:06
pcarduneas in, run your zope instance, (make sure devmode is on) and go to localhost/++apidoc++05:06
huajiehow to set the devmode ON ?05:06
pcardunehuajie: I think it is on by default05:07
huajiethx I check now05:07
huajiepcardune, it is off by default on my instance's etc/zope.conf file (just to let you know)05:09
pcarduneoh, that's good to know05:09
huajiepcardune, that what I was looking for, thx05:13
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dennis_when using z3c.pagelet and z3c.template, what is the pattern to replace the title in the rendered page?23:32
pcardunedennis_: I think you would create a macro with the title inside a slot23:33
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pcarduneand then fill that slot in the template attached to the pagelet23:34
dennis_but i don't have my standard_macros etc anymore, should i still have those?23:37
pcarduneyou need to use z3c.macro23:38
dennis_ah i do23:38
dennis_will check that out, thanks!23:38
jeffkbuildout newbie question: is there a recipe/part for building a dedicated python into zope3 apps? How do people usually manage their non-system python(s)23:40
pcardunedennis_: I tried to write a little about that here:
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