IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2007-06-24

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dennis_pcardune thats great! thank you! i love blogs like yours01:18
pcardunedennis_: thanks :)01:19
dennis_and z3c.form is also exactly why i needed to change these things01:23
pcardunedennis_: me too :)01:26
pcardunethe z3c components I've been discovering lately are very cool01:27
dennis_what are your faves?01:27
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pcardunedennis_: well I haven't had a chance to use that many of them in depth, but z3c.traverser is pretty nice01:30
pcardunelets you do really crazy traversal stuff easily01:30
dennis_have to check that out, have some ideas that might be good for01:32
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mgedminuh, did anybody ever try to use the ++etc++process/ZODBControl.html to pack the database which happens to be managed by ZEO?20:29
mgedminit's a fun experience20:30
mgedminthe zeo is quietly packing the db in the background, and in the meantime all the ZMI views stop working20:30
mgedminwith UndoError: Undo error None: Undo is currently disabled for database maintenance.20:32
mgedminwhile trying to see whether to render the "Undo!" menu item20:32
mgedmin(this is zope 3.2, btw)20:32
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dennis__i am trying to use subforms per the formdemo example (addressbook), but why are my subforms not validated (main form is) ?22:52
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norroHey zopies. I have a problem and hope, someone of you can help me.23:47
norroFinally i pulled myself together and had a look at zope3 skins today. I used phillip's book and tried to do everything analog.23:47
norrowhen requesting my test view with the skin, I get a ComponentLookupError for getMultiAdapter (see
norroI don't know, what this Traceback wants to say. What does that 'h' mean?23:47
norroso the error is: ComponentLookupError: ((< object at 0x886916c>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:9673/++skin++norro/test>), <InterfaceClass zope.interface.Interface>, 'h')23:49
drzoltronit also says: - Warning: Macro expansion failed23:50
drzoltronso maybe you should start with some macros23:50
norrodrzoltron what does that mean?23:52
drzoltronno idea ;)23:53
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