IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-06-25

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tjsso using zope.formlib.form (well I'm trying to work out some existing code) and I notice to give a form a button, you decorate the handler callback with @form.action('button name')06:46
tjsthis seems like it would make conditional buttons kinda hard..06:47
CSWookietjs: Yes.  Formlib hates you.06:47
tjsam I supposed to conditionally decorate the method in my __init__?06:47
tjsCSWookie: cheers, extreemly helpful06:53
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huajiemoin romanofski :p09:47
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romanofskihowdy huajie09:54
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faassenJ1m: hey :)16:11
J1mdidn't rob start the call?16:12
faassenJ1m: yeah, he did but jodok is missing, and so are you. :)16:12
faassenJ1m: so we haven't started yet.16:12
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bohdanHi! I want to use zc.relationship package, but there not browser support to make ralations. Are there some other packages tha provide this functionality?17:02
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* huajie wonders which documentation to read to reach the conclusion that we want to use a package 17:09
J1mbohdan, zc.relationship isn't intended to be an end-user facility.17:12
bohdanok, but is there any some end-user facility based on zc.relationship17:13
J1mThat I don't know. :)17:13
J1mI'm sure there are.  I don't know what they are.17:14
bohdanI saw plone.relations package but it has the same low level.17:15
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huajiebohdan: how to get information on the available package ?17:18
srichterhuajie: pretty much all new packages have a README.txt which gives a very detailed description of the package17:19
srichterfor example:17:20
huajiebohdan: I see so we have to have a look from view-svn before cheking-out ?17:20
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J1mbohdan, here's da man, gary_poster17:21
huajieso no way to search for a package dealing with menu but checking them all ?17:21
srichtersome packages are also at the cheeseshop, so you can search through the packages there17:21
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huajiesrichter: cheeseshop ? cheese mmmm.... ;)17:22
srichterwell, Zope 3 comes with a menu implementation, but it is slow17:22
srichtereven if you had all the descriptions in a searchable way, you would not read about using zope.viewlet to do menus ;-)17:22
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huajiehehe my firefox does not like cheese :(17:25
benjiI'm hungry.17:25
pcardunehuajie: there is also z3c.menu17:25
bohdangary_poster:I am interested in end-user facilities for zc.relationship. Are there any?17:25
srichterpcardune: good call! :-)17:26
gary_posterHey bohdan.  What end-user :-)17:26
gary_posterplone.relations *might* be what you are looking for17:26
srichterpcardune: I had totally forgotten that Roger released some opf our menu code yet17:26
gary_posterIF you want a web interface, then no17:26
bohdanbrowser widgets, views implementation for Relations17:27
pcardunesrichter: it's good stuff :)17:27
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pcardunesrichter: I'm using it for zcontact17:27
gary_posterNo.  schooltool.relationship (might be getting name wrong)has that stuff I believe17:27
huajiepcardune: I checked that one :) but it seems as simple as the standard one17:28
gary_posterAs long as you only want two-way17:28
* huajie has not test yet :s 17:28
srichterhuajie: is much more flexible than the standard menu implementation17:28
srichterin fact we have done very complex menuing with it17:29
huajiesrichter: good to know. I will go for it then17:29
bohdanthis may feet my requirements. Where can I find it?17:30
srichtergary_poster: schooltool.replationship does not have ZMI support either, as far as I can remember17:31
bohdansorry, bad english: not feet but fit17:31
gary_postersrichter: doesn't it have schema fields?  I thought that was part of the idea17:31
gary_posterbohdan: I got the name roght, it appears: I would google for it, like I started to ;-)17:32
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runyagaJ1m, hit that assertion error again,
J1mrunyaga, great :/23:28
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