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norroHi channel. What would be the best way to define user access for a single folder with zope3?00:43
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norrobtw: 'folder' means zope's folder object, not a file system folder00:52
norroA possible way would be to derive ISpecialFolder from IFolder and defining permissions for this very interface, but that seems a little bit excessive to me. I would have to derive a special interface for every folder I want to define own permissions for.00:54
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dennis_norro look for and friends, define a permission blah.AccessFolder, do IPrincipalPermissionManager( myfolder ).assignPermissionToPrincipal( 'blah.AccessFolder', 'mr_x' )    .. more or less :)01:14
norrodennis_ okay, I will have a look at this. Thank you01:15
dennis_so you dont assign this permission to your principals in the zcml (to the folder _class_) but you do it to the actual folder _object_ you are interested in. If you have philip's book, it's part of the user signup chapter01:17
norroyes, that's exactly what I want to do. So I have to read this chapter again, yet more closely :)01:21
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norrothanks again01:22
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CSWookieDoes an interaction have to be going for events to to work, or can they work without an interaction?01:34
CSWookies/to to/to/01:34
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tjsG'day, I posted recently about getting sites and db connection setup in a thread02:46
tjsI got a great answer, but just having trouble finding where exactly in the zope codebase it does this stuff for threads spawned to respond to requests02:47
tjsHow would I go about finding a db connection for my thread?\02:51
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philiKON_tjs: conn =
philiKON_where db is the database object02:53
philiKON_you can get a hold of it by listening to the IDatabaseOpenedEvent02:54
tjsphiliKON_: so if I want to be in the same context as my parent thread, I would just get the path to the current object, pass that into my thread, get the db , establish a connection, traverse the passed in path, try adapting each object along the way to ISiteManager, and any successful adaptions pass to hooks.setSite02:56
tjswould I need to dummy up a request object for things to work?02:56
tjsbasically all I want to do in my thread is have the Catalog logic be able to find the IInitIds util registered with my site so it can do some indexing02:57
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huajiestupid question, is there anything wrong with the command: svn checkout ?07:13
huajieget a error : svn: PROPFIND of '/': 301 Moved ( :(07:14
tjsjust a random guess07:15
tjsbut I bet something was moved07:15
huajieis it really random ? ;)07:16
huajieyou could at least try to randomly guess what has move where :p07:16
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regebroquick question: I'm I right in assuming the the testbrowser does NOT support javascript? :-)12:02
bigkevmcdyou'll want Selenium for that12:02
projekt01regebro, ask benji, he is working on javascript support for testbrowser12:04
regebrobigkevmcd: No, I don't want selenium at all, thank you. All I want is to know if testbrowser can or can't, instead of wasting an hour trying. :-)12:04
regebroprojekt01: Oh, cool. But that means it's not there now, which is what I needed to know. Thanks.12:05
projekt01I'm not sure about the status12:05
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mgedminbug in RadioWidget: it generates <label><input type="checkbox"/> Message</label>12:15
mgedminthis makes Internet Explorer ignore the label and thus users are unable to click on the message12:16
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mgedmin is curiously empty14:38
mgedminI see a failure in test_buddy_display (buddydemo.ftests.Test) on trunk14:38
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benjimgedmin: it's empty because there haven't been any test runs triggerd; the current buildbot setup was designed before the great satalite migration of '07; the buildbot doesn't know it should trigger a Zope 3 build when one of the zope.* projects are updated14:55
benjire. buddydemo, I sent a message to the mailing list a couple weeks ago about the failure; no response14:55
benjiI suggest we kill buddydemo14:55
mgedminno objections here :)14:56
* mgedmin starts sharpening an axe14:56
* benji prepairs the body bag.14:57
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X-screamdoes this image apply to Zope 3 as well? (besides the ZServer..)19:26
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X-screamwhat happened to ? :(21:37
pbugni ?21:39
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X-screamhmm, no. zope-cookbook was a site for recipes for Zope 321:42
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dennis_grm, I have an object A, and an object B, where A has an attribute which holds a B, i.e. it says  A.b = B()    However when I assign the B to A.b, it becomes security-proxied, with no way to remove it (?) and then picking A gives a can-not-pickle-security-proxy-objects errors.23:00
dennis_*pickling A23:00
CSWookiedennis_: You can unproxy stuff that's security proxied.  Not sure if that would fix your problem though.23:01
dennis_CSWookie yes, but the assignment itself proxies B, so if I say    A.b = <some unproxied object>, the security mechanism will proxy it on assignment23:02
dennis_so doing  A.b = removeSecurityProxy( A.b )   doesn't actually work23:02
CSWookiedennis_: Right.  I don't know what the solution is.  I imagine you're permissions are fubar somewhere.23:03
dennis_unproxying made sense when temporarly storing an object in a session (for a complex setup of multiple forms), but in this case, where I am editing an existing A, it feels like I am doing something weird if I need to worry about this23:03
dennis_both A and B independently work fine23:03
benjidennis_: you would want to first unproxy A, but this is a code smell; it's likely theres a deeper problem going on23:03
dennis_I have APerson (A), and AnImage (B).23:04
dennis_Create an AnImage in a form update, and just say   self.context.picture = MyNewImageObject    (which was unproxied since I just created it)23:05
dennis_additionally, I need to set MyNewImageObject.__parent__ to the "owner", since otherwise permissions are not looked up (traversed to site root) when I need to view it , but I am not sure if that has something to do with this23:05
dennis_benji yes it smells funny :)   not sure where I should start looking though23:06
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dennis_without setting  __parent__ it does work, but now if I access A.b it tells me I don't have <some basic view permission> because it can't look it up23:08
dennis_is there another way around that ?23:08
dennis_(my permission is not standard zope, so it traverses parents until it comes somewhere (my site root) where it finds the permission for my principal)23:09
dennis_let's recap :)23:17
dennis_when I set A.b to B(), A.b becomes a security proxied B, and this so far is no problem, and A does get pickled fine23:17
dennis_but I need to also set A.b.__parent__ to A, so that the security mechanism can look up permissions hierarchically23:18
dennis_this it doesn't like23:18
dennis_either I set b.__parent__ to A,   *before* I assign it to A.b, but then I get a can-not-pickle exception23:18
dennis_or I try to do it after, i.e.   A.b.__parent__ = A, but I don't have permissions to set __parent__ on this new object, since it can not look these up (chicken and egg)23:19
dennis_forgive me if I totally missing the point! :)23:19
pcardunedennis_: you should use the locate function23:21
pcarduneto set __parent__ and __name__23:21
pcarduneand make sure that B implements ILocatable23:22
pcarduneand that your permissions allow access to ILocatable attributes23:22
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dennis_where are ILocatable and locate defined ?23:24
* benji consults ctags23:24
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dennis_so s/ILocatable/ILocation/23:27
* benji consults ctags again and gets the same answer.23:27
dennis_zope 3.4.0a1, zope.location.interfaces does not have ILocatable23:28
dennis_grep ILocatable * -r  has no results23:28
* benji consults his vim history and sees that he checked for ILocation both times.23:29
benjia grep of a recent checkout comes up empty for ILocatable23:30
dennis_that's what I meant I think :)23:30
dennis_if I try to assign permissions to the ILocation interface of B I get:   For: ('protectSetAttribute', ... , , '__name__')23:33
dennis_oh wait thats just a conflict, sorry23:33
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dennis_if I define permission for set_schema=zope.location.interfaces.ILocation I get a ForbiddenError for __parent__, if I define for set_attributes="__parent__" it works23:42
dennis_but then I am just back at not being able to pickle the A object anymore23:42
dennis_i got it to work by removing the proxy from A altogether but I don't like it because I am doing something weird now and will do it again then later :)23:43
dennis_btw  B is just inherited from  so it can't be all that funny23:44
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