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projekt01srichter, ayt?03:59
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romanofskimoin :)09:37
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projet01_philiKON, ayt?13:22
philiKONprojet01_: yup13:23
projet01_Did you allready start the win deamon recipt?13:23
projet01_If not I need to write one, but I have no idea where to start and hook into.13:24
projet01_Can you help me?13:24
philiKONi'm a bit busy right now13:24
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philiKONbtw, i saw your branch of the zope3 trunk13:25
philiKONhave you see ?13:25
philiKONi filed that bug yesterday13:25
philiKONanyway, if you want to write a recipe, i suggest the tutorial:
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projet01_I guess the win start recipt is a part of the zope3recipes package13:27
projet01_thanks for adding the issue, I wasn't sure if this is correct or not and I couldn't fix it, I think this is deeper located in easy_install, setuptools because they also lookup for os.env variables13:29
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philiKONprojet01_: i'm not sure what the win start recipe is supposed to do...13:30
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projet01_philiKON, it installes a zdeamon setup including all scripts, but the problem is, that zdeamon doesn't work on win.13:31
philiKONso what you want to install is a win service?13:32
projet01_or just a start script for development whould help for now.13:32
projet01_I can't start my Zope and develop a recipt right now.13:33
projet01_a chicken and egg problem ;)13:33
philiKONhave you tried zc.zope3recipes?13:35
projet01_yes it uses zdeamon, no windows support13:35
philiKONit just uses runzope13:35
philiKONare you sure?13:35
philiKONhave you tried it?13:35
projet01_but generates a bin which uses zdeamon13:35
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projet01_and the runzope used directly doesn't support the -c zope.conf13:36
projet01_hmm too13:37
projet01_I'm lost in eggs space13:37
philiKONi need to go for now, back in the afternoon. will think about this some more...13:37
projet01_no problem, thanks13:37
philiKONto be honest, i'm not a big fan of runzope etc.13:37
philiKONbin/paster works on windows, too :)13:38
projet01_ah you mean the past deploy server13:38
philiKONhave you tried zopeproject?13:38
projet01_I tried paste deploy, it looks good to me13:38
projet01_is it a grok package?13:39
projet01_cool, I take a look on that13:40
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mwhudsondoes the zope.schema model have any support for whole-object validation?14:35
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mwhudsoni can define a schema that says attributes x and y must be >0, but not that x*y must be >0 (for example)14:36
CrippsFXmwhudson: all you really have to do to do multiple checks per data set is define a function that returns True or False ... then do all the checks in the function.14:38
faassenmwhudson: I believe there's something, let me look it up. perhaps the same as CrippsFX means.14:38
CrippsFXfaassen: yeah, it's in the Shema section of Phil's book ;)14:38
faassenthere's @invariant.14:39
faassenyou can do:14:39
faassenfrom zope.interface import invariant14:39
faassenand then:14:39
faassen(on your schema)14:39
mwhudsonCrippsFX: it is?14:39
CrippsFXthere is invariant ...14:39
faassendef thing(obj):14:39
* mwhudson once again curses the crappy index in philiKON's book14:39
CrippsFXmwhudson: yeah. Index isn't usually a good indicator of where to find stuff.14:40
faassen   if x > 0 and y > 0:14:40
faassen      return14:40
faassen  if x * y > 0:14:40
CrippsFXmwhudson: you have to *know* what section to look at more or less.14:40
faassen     raise Invalid("Something is awefully wrong here, x * y should be smaller than 0")14:40
wiggyfaassen: can you associate that with error with a field?14:40
faassenI'm not sure whether you can.14:40
wiggysometimes you want to blame an invariant on a fied14:40
faassennot sure whether that's possible. quite possibly not.14:41
mwhudsoni also only have the 1st edition...14:41
CrippsFXwiggy: well, for invariant, the field will be the one throwing the error, so it'll automagically be associated.14:41
mwhudsonwhere is invariant defined?14:41
faassenmwhudson: Philipp said the 2nd edition is Much Superior.14:41
faassenmwhudson: I gave you the import. :)14:41
wiggyCrippsFX: no, it's per schema, not per field14:41
faassenfrom zope.interface import invariant14:41
mwhudsonoh there14:41
CrippsFXwiggy: ah, right.14:41
CrippsFXwiggy: my bad ... it's early I'm thinkin' field right now, and I'm thinking form field ;)14:42
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ricky-tickyHi, all. Is there inybody, who use ldap based auth with zope3?14:57
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mwhudsonCrippsFX, faassen: thanks15:03
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CrippsFXmwhudson: no problem :)15:11
philiKONmwhudson: first ed or 2nd ed?15:12
mwhudsonphiliKON: i have the 1st15:12
philiKONyeh, the index was much improved in the 2nd15:13
philiKONthough it could probably still be better15:13
philiKONif i knew what you folks were missing, i could add it15:13
wiggythe form chapter was a bit light imho15:14
mwhudsonphiliKON: glad to hear it15:16
mwhudsonis there going to be a 3rd ed?15:17
philiKONwiggy: agreed15:17
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philiKONnow, the 3rd edition will just be a "2nd and a half" edition, really15:17
philiKONtypo fixes only15:18
philiKONbut i'll do a 4th ed next year15:18
philiKONproblem is, publisher wants a new edition now15:18
philiKONbut since we're in the middle of changing to eggs, it really doesn't make much sense15:18
wiggyexcellent timing to add a chapter on CA use in plone 3 though :)15:19
goschtlwiggy: i think martin aspeli writes a book in this direction15:20
philiKONi think wiggy knows ;)15:20
* wiggy may have some knowledge of said book15:21
goschtlgood for wiggy  :)15:22
mwhudsonphiliKON: maybe i'll wait for the 4th before waving the visa card around again then :)15:22
philiKONyes, that's what i'd recommend :)15:22
philiKONif you already had the 2nd ed15:23
goschtlwiggy: another question: is the setup of with ngix and varnish available anywhere?15:23
wiggygoschtl: no15:23
wiggybut I submitted a talk about it for the plone conf15:23
goschtlmaybe a chapter in the book?15:23
wiggythe book will document the varnish setup15:24
wiggybut with apache instead of nginx15:24
goschtlit´s a great perfomance now on plone.org15:24
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baijumHi theuni16:09
baijumtheuni, is running ?16:09
baijumIs it possible to add Python 2.5 also there ?16:10
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baijumNikhil is working in a GSoC to port Zope 3 packages to Python 2.5, so I think a buildbot with Python 2.5 will be good16:11
mgedminfwiw I cannot access
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zagybaijum: I think it is not running – i'll nag theuni if he forgets16:14
wiggybaijum: is he looking at the security machinery as well?16:15
baijum_zagy, ok, thanks16:16
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baijum_wiggy, he started looking at and RestrictedPython16:17
baijum_Today he send me a status report like this:
baijum_I had asked him to send a report to list16:19
baijum_mgedmin, Any idea about this warning from zope.testing in Python 2.5 :16:22
baijum_Not printing coverage data for '<doctest sample1.sampletests.test121.test_x0[0]>': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '<doctest sample1.sampletests.test121.test_x0[0]>'16:22
* baijum_ want to leave now. please reply here, I will check log16:24
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mgedminbaijum_: I think it's a bug in,
mgedminbut when I tried to apply that patch to a local copy of, the warning did not go away16:26
mgedminso I'm not really sure16:26
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edgordonany ideas why i would be getting a configuration error for directives 'permission' and 'class' when loading zope.rdb's configure.zcml?21:17
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srichteredgordon: probably because you have not included the meta.zcml files before or you have chosen the wrong namespace21:27
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edgordonhmm. permission and class would be the zope namespace though, correct?21:28
edgordonand then i would include the meta.zcml file before the actual package include, correct?21:28
edgordoncheck, and check =(21:29
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