IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-07-18

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philiKON_pcardune: i updated
philiKON_pcardune: lemme know if anything's still missing00:46
pcardunephiliKON_: ok, i'll take a look, thanks00:47
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mwhudsoncan someone hit me with the "understanding METAL" stick please?16:30
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mwhudsonor tell me where to find it...16:30
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* benji rifles through his clue stick collection.16:34
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benjiMETAL Specification:
benjiA Zope2 tutorial, but it still applies:
* benji reorganizes his clue stick collection with the Dewey Decimal system.16:38
CSWookiebenji: Dewey decimal system is out man.  I angered the femists and the practicing vaudin.16:40
CSWookieI did too, but I wasn't referring to me, there.16:40
* benji reorganizes his clue stick collection by weight.16:41
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mwhudsonhm, i actually knew what metal was, but not really what it's good for17:38
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mgedminreusing bits of page templates17:44
mgedminin other page templates (or sometimes in the same one)17:44
benjimwhudson: metal is to templates as functions are to code (more or less)17:49
mwhudsonso where are the arguments?17:49
CSWookieMostly less.17:49
CSWookiemwhudson: slots.17:49
mwhudsonseems fairly heavyweight in some ways17:51
CSWookiebenji: Hmmm.17:51
mgedminor you can use the TALES namespace to pass things to a macro17:51
mgedminmind that it uses dynamic scoping17:51
mgedminrather than lexical scoping17:51
* mgedmin wants to change to list all failed tests at the end with a single -v, not just with -vv17:52
CSWookieI was just thingin, could you implement controllable recursion by making the part of the macro that calls itself be in a slot that gets overridden.17:52
mwhudsonmgedmin: sounds interesting, not sure i understand though17:52
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mgedmin<p metal:define-macro="rant">Hey, did you know that <span tal:replace="os"/> sucks?</p>17:53
mgedminthen later <tal:block define="os string:Windows"><p metal:use-macro="rant" /></tal:block>17:53
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mwhudsonmgedmin: i thought i tried something like that and it didn't work17:54
mwhudsoni was probably confused though17:54
mgedminI know I was very confused initially and didn't get macros for a long time17:55
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J1mmgedmin, go for it.18:08
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* J1m wants someone to figure out whether or not we can jump on the nose bandwagon w/o loosing functionality.18:09
benjiI'm sure we can't.18:10
strichterJ1m: "nose bandwagon"?18:10
J1mLots of people seem to like nose.18:10
benjiI'd bet we could add lost functionality to nose, but I'm not sure it's worth it.18:11
J1mI'd be happy to not maintain a test runner if nose is as good.18:11
benjistrichter: it's a test runner.18:11
J1mI don't like being different without a good reason.18:11
benjitell me that next time you say "hysterical"18:11
mgedminI'd be happy to take over the test runner maintenance18:11
J1motherwise, I'd like to promote our testrunner so other people use it instead of nose.18:12
J1mmgedmin, you're on!18:12
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J1motoh, it might be better if you spent time supporting something else and let someone else support test runners.18:13
* mgedmin sees a failure in testrunner-layers-api.txt on trunk, something about '--auto-color' in args getting a non-iterable args18:14
* benji rips his shirt and throws ashes on himself.18:14
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* mgedmin tells benji not to worry18:15
* mgedmin has a fix18:16
CSWookieIs that why all of a sudden my tests are showing their pride?18:16
CSWookieWe're using an auto-color thing, now?18:16
benjiI see a fix too, which of us do you want to apply it?18:16
mgedminI'm not busy at the moment18:16
mgedmin(waiting for a 20-minute test suite to finish running)18:16
benjiCSWookie: your buildout has --auto-color in the default test config18:16
benjimgedmin: thanks18:17
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mgedminJ1m: I'm lately reluctant to take on responsibilities about things I'm not feeling very passionate about18:20
mgedminburnout sucks :(18:20
J1mFair enough.18:20
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benjimgedmin: did you generate a distributtion for the fixed zope.testing?  If not, I can.18:30
mgedminah, no, I don't know how18:30
benjik; I will18:31
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junkafarian_hi *18:58
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junkafarianim having some trouble with getting my ftp view to work18:59
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junkafarianit keeps returning permission denied18:59
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junkafariandont spose this crops up often?19:02
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mgedminpermission errors are sometimes caused by missing __parent__ references19:13
junkafarianwhere would they be missing from?19:14
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mgedminyour objects19:19
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mgedmindo you have a traceback in some error log?19:20
junkafarianits not even getting that far19:21
junkafariani cant seem to log the error anywhere19:21
junkafarianeven the request isnt coming up on the server log19:21
junkafarianthe contained objects initialise __parent__ with 'None'19:22
junkafarianis that incorrect19:22
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junkafarianit only seems to reject the request if the container contains objects19:27
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junkafarian_sorry mgedmin shoddy connection19:36
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junkafarian_does anyone have any other ideas?19:46
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mgedminjunkafarian_: by default the error reporting utility does not log permission errors19:52
mgedminyou can change that by going to the ++etc++site and changing the filter somewhere19:52
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benjimgedmin: if you're looking for more things to colorize <wink>, you could do the output of --coverage; green for 100% coverage, etc.21:32
mgedminI'll keep that in mind21:33
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mgedminespecially if someone figures out how to shut up those spurious "Not printing coverage data for module <doctest ...>" errors21:33
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benjihmm, I haven't seen those21:34
mgedminhm, I don't either---now21:37
mgedminoh, I only see them with python 2.521:39
mgedminNot printing coverage data for '<doctest sampletests.test12.test_x0[1]>': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '<doctest sampletests.test12.test_x0[1]>'21:39
mgedminI remember figthing this with python 2.4, or perhaps even 2.321:39
mgedminit was about a year ago21:39
mgedminand I filed a python bug:
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srichterbenji: did you have a look at z3c.coverage, whcih is Marius' great tool to do coverage reports21:41
benjihaven't had the right combination of time and need yet21:41
benjiperhaps it could be integrated into the testrunner21:42
srichteryou should use it if you care about coverage ;-)21:42
mgedminhey, I should use it too :-)21:42
srichtertestrunner integration: for what I Care, absolutely!21:42
srichtermgedmin: I have to add a recipe for coverage report generation, so it is easier to use for a buildout21:43
srichterright now it is just an entry point21:43
srichteralso coverage does not work well with eggs21:43
srichterit does not cover all lines21:44
mgedminI recently wrote another little script to compare last day's coverage with today's coverage and complain to a mailing list when new untested lines appear21:44
mgedminI run it nightly with buildbot21:44
srichterah, cool21:44
mgedminperhaps I should contribute it to z3c.coverage21:44
srichteryeah, that would be great21:44
srichterman, we really, really need to work more on buildbot, coverage tests, etc for packages21:45
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mgedminsrichter: done21:52
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faassenJ1m: I have this weird problem debugging eggs all of a sudden.23:15
faassenJ1m: in a buildout23:15
faassenJ1m: sometimes the eggs unpack themselves into a temporary directory even though they're zip-unsafe. whether that has anything to do with it I don't know, but pdb doesn't know any line numbers anymore when I dive into eggs.23:16
faassenJ1m: which makes debugging impossible.23:16
faassenJ1m: do you have any clue what could trigger this behavior? we seem to have started this after we switched grokproject over to use zope 3 eggs instead of a classic z3 install.23:17
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON23:19
benjifaassen: I'm not J1m (but I play him on TV); I've always had that problem, if you figure out how you didn't have it before, let me know. :)  What I do is delete all the .pyc files and let them get rebuilt with the actual source file locations in them.23:24
faassenbenji: hm..23:26
faassenbenji: I didn't have the problem but pehraps because I wasn't using eggs so much (I was using a non-egg install for zope 3)23:26
benjithe problem is that setuptools builds the pycs in a temporary directory and then moves them (along with the rest of the files) into the final location23:26
faassenbenji: ah, I see.23:26
faassenbenji: so you delete all .pyc files where?23:27
benjiif you have a shared egg directory, there23:27
benjiI don't know where eggs go if you don't have a shared egg directory23:27
faassenbenji: okay, any .pyc file you find there.23:27
* faassen deletes a ton of eggs.23:27
benjifind . -name '*.pyc' | xargs rm23:28
faassenthat is, .pyc files.23:28
faassenyeah, I did that.23:28
faassenbenji: okay, that did the trick. at least that's a workaround.23:28
philiKONbenji: so it's setuptools who's at fault here?23:29
faassenbenji: why does setuptools not simply create the .pyc files in place anyway if it's going to move them there anyway?23:29
benjino idea23:29
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