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jpfariasgood evening04:15
jpfariasI'm having this weird hurry.query behaviour04:15
jpfariasa query is returning some objects with __parent__ being None04:15
jpfariashow is that possible?04:15
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jpfariasbenji_: ping04:19
benji_jpfarias: pong04:21
jpfariasI'm having this problem with hurry.query04:21
jpfariasu think u can help?04:21
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jpfariasa query is returning some objects with __parent__ being None04:21
* jpfarias using grok04:22
benjiI have never used grok or burry.query; sorry04:22
jpfariasu used catalogs?04:22
benjinot enough to help someone else with them04:23
srichterhurry.query is cool :-)04:23
jpfariashow could a search return objects with no parent?04:23
benjijpfarias: srichter just volunteered to help04:23
jpfariasthat is just weird04:23
jpfariasbenji: yeah :-)04:23
srichterbe I do not knwo grok at all either04:23
jpfariasjust trying to figure why a search returns objects with no parent04:24
jpfariasthe search should return 293 objects04:24
jpfariasbut returns 60504:24
benjiI suspect they had no parrent to start with; I doubt the cataloging is messing with them04:24
srichterthere is no requirement in the catalog or query framework that returned objects must have parents04:24
jpfariasall others (605 - 293) have no parent04:24
srichtercatalog does absolutely nothing to objects04:25
benjigotta go guys; see you tomorrow04:25
srichterin fact it deals with ids of objects04:25
jpfariasok, c ya benji04:25
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jpfariasI'm wondering04:25
jpfariashow come the query find the objects if they are not hooked to the application?04:25
jpfariasif they have no parent04:25
srichteryour subscriber probably picks up more objects than you expect04:25
jpfariasI dunno what it means if they have no parent04:26
srichterdid you check what objects are being returned?04:26
jpfariasthey don't belong to anything04:26
jpfariasjust weird04:26
jpfariasthe objects seems fine04:26
jpfariasjust don't belong to anything04:27
srichterare they of the right type04:27
jpfariasand worst yet is04:28
jpfariasas they don't belong to anything04:28
jpfariasI can't remove them from zodb04:28
srichterare those object location proxied?04:28
jpfariashow do I know?04:28
jpfariasthey should not be04:28
srichterchecking the type04:28
jpfariaslemme check04:28
jpfariasthey are of the expected class04:29
jpfariasI can't see even how they can exist04:30
srichterI would put a trace at your object event subscriber that creates the int id for the object04:30
srichterthen trace back where the object is created04:31
jpfariasthey were created already04:31
srichterok, repeat the pattern then04:32
jpfariasI did this weird thing too04:32
jpfariasI had the catalog04:32
jpfariasthen wanted to change it04:32
jpfariasso I changed it in code04:32
jpfariasthen restarted zope04:32
jpfariasand made a new app04:32
jpfariasto register the catalog04:33
jpfariasthen unregistered and deleted old catalog from old app04:33
srichterI don't know what "make new app" means04:33
jpfariasit a grok application04:33
jpfariasit like a separate site04:33
jpfariasin same zope3 instance04:33
jpfariaswith own site manager04:34
jpfariasmakes sense now?04:34
srichterok, so you created a new instance of your site04:35
jpfariasand copied new catalog from new site04:35
jpfariasto pre-existing site04:35
jpfariasthen registered it on old site04:36
jpfariasgot it?04:36
jpfariasand finally deleted new site04:36
jpfariasthat I created just to copy the catalog04:36
jpfariasI dunno what is correct procedure to change a catalog04:36
jpfariasthat is my way04:37
srichteryou should check out the configurator04:37
srichterit allows you to setup any object repeatedly04:37
jpfariaswhat is configurator?04:37
srichteralso, generations might be what you are looking for04:38
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Crippsheya folks. Who's usually around here for the next 9 hours?05:39
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WebMavenCripps: well, in a few hours the folks in EU will start getting up.06:21
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CrippsFXWebMaven: good to know ... I'll be ready for them ;)06:50
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CrippsFXgood morning Europe :P08:20
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CrippsFXso, assuming I'm using session based authentication (instead of the cookie-based authentication outlined in Phil's book), how would I get " any ... IBrowserFormChallenger plugin to redirect to wclogin.html instead of zope's standard form" (or in my chase shiplogin.html)?09:07
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CrippsFXhm. So apparently the way to change this via the sitemanager is to go to http://host/site/++etc++site/mypau/sessionplugin/@@edit.html   ... how would I change this programatically? doing site.getSiteManager()['mypau']['pluginName'].Loginpagename = "mylogin.html"; but this isn't reflected in the edit view for the BrowserFormChallenger.09:32
CrippsFXwow, that last sentence made no sense. I tried doing (insert the previous python command here), but it was not reflected in the aforementioned edit view.09:33
CrippsFXahh, I checked the introspector ... apparently the correct attribute name is "loginpagename" not "Loginpagename"09:42
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romanofskimoin :)09:58
CrippsFXromanofski: moin :)09:58
CrippsFXwie geht's, meinen freund?09:59
CrippsFXach so. Mir auch ;)09:59
romanofskiVielen Dank der Nachfrage. Gut und Dir?09:59
CrippsFXromanofski: I'm about two steps away from having a working Authentication system for a demo of the app we're working on.10:02
CrippsFXgo me!10:02
romanofskiCrippsFX: W00t! w000t!10:20
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CrippsFXmorning jinty10:24
jintyCrippsFX: moin10:24
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CrippsFXgood morning philiKON10:32
CrippsFXphiliKON: I'm about 10 times closer to having the authentication completed than I was when we were chatting yesterday afternoon :)10:34
CrippsFXyep ... I *did* have another question, but it got answere by reading the section for the Authenticator plugin again :)10:35
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CrippsFXphiliKON: I'm starting to understand the way local authentication works .. and I must say, it really is pretty slick :)10:49
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CrippsFXokay .. I have the PasswdAuthenticator plugin registered, and I have the loginform set to shiplogin.html ... when I use site/@@shiplogin.html I am returned to shiplogin.html regardless of whether or not I enter valid login information (according to the passwd-like file). I'm pretty sure this means I am missing something. Additionally: how do I assign roles to the principals located in the passwd-like file?12:31
ignasand what happens when you enter the address of some other view that requires you to be authenticated to access it?12:36
ignasare you redirected to the login form?12:36
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CrippsFXignas: no, I get the popup box for global authentication.12:43
ignassomething is broken then ;) and your utility is not being used for authentication12:46
CrippsFXignas: so it would seem. I've followed (to the best of my ability) Phil's book, except instead of using cookie-based credentials, I added and registered a session-based credentials utility to my siteManager programatically on site instantiation12:47
ignasmay i suggest you doing it by the book, making sure it works and then changing it to what you need12:48
ignasso you would know which change breaks stuff12:48
CrippsFXignas: sounds reasonable.12:48
CrippsFXignas: I'll go by the letter of the book, and if I have any troubles afterwards I'll report back.12:50
spythonhi, I'm kind of sketching a security policy in my head here..  any ideas guidelines on achieving: "a principal is only allowed to edit a Foo if it was created by himself"..12:54
spythonI'm suspecting you need to do some check in python code as well, or maybe zcml magic? :)12:55
spythonhmm, what if i define these roles: "bar.EditOwnItem" and "bar.EditItem"..   and when a user tries to edit an item it is allowed if the principal has the EditItem role, if it has EditOwnItem i do further checks..12:59
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spythonbut that leaves me wondering what permission i write for the item.. meh13:00
* spython thinks out loud13:01
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CrippsFXspython: you *could* just use the "EditItem" role, but use annotations for the items you only want the creating user to edit ... i.e. if the user in question is the one who created the item, they're allowed to edit it, else, access denied.13:04
CrippsFXwait ... that does somewhat the opposite of what you're trying ... but a similar method could be used ... if the creating user of an item is not the current user, then the current user is not allowed to edit it.13:05
ignasspython: iirc there is such a thing called grants13:05
spythonI think I'm overcomplicating this :)13:05
ignaspersistent information stored on objects about what roles/permissions does someone have on some object13:06
ignasthough - it is not nice when you delete a principal, then create a new one with the same username, and tada he has all the permissions the old user had13:07
ignasunless you cleanup13:07
ignasschooltool was using grants prior to migrating to a different security policy13:08
ignaswe just decided that storing access information as a state in the database is not cutting for us13:10
spythonhow does it work now?13:11
ignasshiny magic13:11
ignasand pixie dust13:12
spythonwhere can i download, or is it still beta13:12
spythonyeah, it's a joke13:13
ignasit's not packaged to work without schooltool13:13
ignasat the moment13:13
ignasthough anyone skilled with zope could do that in a day13:13
ignasand it's GPL13:13
ignasis the how it works part13:14
ignas - info about code repository13:14
ignasif you want to try using it13:14
ignascredit for the idea goes to SteveA ;)13:18
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CrippsFXhey srichter ... did you email my boss yet?16:10
srichterCrippsFX: yes16:11
CrippsFXsrichter: how did that go ... has he replied yet?16:12
srichterno response yet16:12
CrippsFXhe may take a few weeks to even consider it ... we're coming up to the beginning of the school year, which is ├╝ber busy.16:13
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CrippsFXdoes anybody know why I might be getting a system error with "ForbiddenAttribute: ('cookie_name', <ship.cookiecredentials.CookieCredentialsPlugin object at 0xb47b21ac>)" for http://host/site/++etc++site/mypau/cookie/@@edit.html when I followed the examples in chapter 22 of phil's book?16:17
CrippsFXI know it *must* be an error somewhere ... but I'm having a hard time thinking of where the error could actually be.16:18
CrippsFXmypau is the name of the PAU, and cookie is the name of the Cookie-based credentialplugin16:18
afdCrippsFX: maybe you're missing a class declaration...16:18
CrippsFXafd: any ideas where I should start looking for that missing class definition?16:19
afdor the CookieCredentialsPlugin is missing it16:19
CrippsFXafd: I copied the CookieCredentialsPlugin right out of the book.16:19
afdForbiddenAttribute usually means that you're trying to edit an attribute for a class that doesn't have security assertions for that attribute16:20
afdusually a <require> declaration inside the <class>16:20
CrippsFXthe require declaration should be inside the interface, correct?16:20
afd<class class=".app.Cookie"><require set_schema=".interfaces.ICookie" /><require interface=".interfaces.ICookie" /></class>16:21
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afdsomething like that...16:21
CrippsFXyeah, it's in there :/16:21
afdinside each of the requires you need a "permission='zope.Something' "16:21
afdrequire permission for attributes...16:21
afdCrippsFX: then it's odd, make sure that cookie_name is covered by those declarations16:22
CrippsFXafd: yeah the "required=True" is in the schema attribute for cookie.cookie_name16:22
CrippsFXor, rather, for CookieCredentialsPlugin.cookie_name16:22
CrippsFXafd: heh ... I'm a dumbass ... I totally missed the site-level configure.zcml ... I was too busy comparing my code to the site/browser level code ;)16:26
CrippsFXafd: although, had you not mentioned the <class> declarations, I wouldn't even have thought of it ... thanks :)16:26
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CrippsFXalright. Now I get redirected to the login form when I try to access something I shouldn't as an unauthenticated user :)16:39
CrippsFX... now ... how do I assign roles to principals that I specify in the passwd-like file?16:39
afdCrippsFX: try to use the Grant ZMI page16:44
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CrippsFXafd: I'm actually looking for a way to do it programatically.16:57
instantfooisn't it done programmatically in the book?17:02
CrippsFXinstantfoo: the passwd file is populated programatically, but roles aren't assigned programatically.17:03
instantfoo22.3.6 -> row 41-4417:03
CrippsFXinstantfoo: well I'll be damned. I guess that's what I get for wanting to skip the sign-up stuff.17:04
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CrippsFXhm ... there appears to be something wrong with the grant page. My traceback is located here:
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spythonCrippsFX: did you solve it?18:52
spython"token" refers to some local var that hasn't been bound, obviously :)18:55
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